Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge

So... I am in serious need of losing some weight, therefore instead of sitting around and wishing it would go away (like I have done at times) I am making my self do it!  I have loved Turbo Jam since I I was introduced to it while living at the Marshall's.  It is a great workout and works your entire body... focusing mainly on your abs.  It's amazing!  I figure I should get my "figure" in shape now that Scenstsy is in Canada and I am one of the reps :)  I need to give everyone something to look forward to seeing... not to mention I don't want to be ridiculously huge when we go to have kids and especially after.  There is my rant!  

My workout buddies

The Turbo Fan... My love!

Huge me exhausted after a workout!

Like I mentioned in my last blog... we did end up scoring VIP tickets to the Collective Soul Concert.  We had a lot of fun.  Here are some of the pictures from that night as well.

Us at the concert

"Heaven let your light shine down."  Possibly not the song to this photo, but they are great... better recorded than in concert.  It was like watching a teenage band practice and you could just hear bass from where we were, but it was still fun to watch... the price you pay for VIP suite and room to breathe :)

Ta ta for now.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

C of Red

Tonight the owner of the company that I work for gave me 4 tickets to the Calgary Flames game.  Typically Shane and I are so high in the nose bleeds you can hardly see the jumbotron, but not tonight.  We had great seats and were able to take our friends Jason and Ali with us.  It was fun to see the players so close.  I think of all the sweet perks that I get from my job.  I get to be VIP at any event that I would like to that we are putting on.  Shane and I will hopefully be going to the Collective Soul concert at one of the venues that Concorde owns... VIP style.  We will see.  Here are some pictures of the game.  It was a great way to spend a Friday night date!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turbo Jam is here!!!!

So my turbo jam DVD's made it in the mail today.  I am pretty pumped to get my workouts done... not to mention that it is going to be freezing within the next couple of weeks.  Today is super warm and better than running outside, I can exercise before I go to young womens in the comfort of my own home... does it get any better than that?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our first "Emergency Bill"

So this morning I made my way to work as usual using public transit.  I was at work going throughout my typical Monday routine when I get a text message from Shane that reads "I crashed my bike and broke my tooth.  I am okay just scraped up.  I will call you when class is over love you!  I already called the dentist."  What a rush of adrenaline that put through my body!!!!  I was pretty worried and wondered why in the world he would go to class with a broken tooth!  We got him to a great dentist in our ward who got Shane all taken care of.  

Living in Alberta is great because we don't have to have medical insurance for doctor visits and what not, the government pays for it.  That has been a big blessing to us... none the less... you still have to pay the full amount for prescriptions, dental bills, and optometrist (eye doctor) appointments full price unless you get insurance!  We don't have insurance... Shane has some school insurance that we are hoping may cover part of this bill.  If not, we are grateful that we had the money to pay for it and that Dr. Evans could get him in so fast!  His tooth looks amazing!  We are so blessed!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I love girls camp!

So... I should be getting ready to go out to dinner in 45 minutes... but I am just so pumped about the trip that I just went on called girls camp!  We went backpacking for 3 days and it was the most amazing thing EVER!!!  I am so proud of all of the girls in my ward, they did so amazing!  We did over 30 kilometers (18 miles) up and down some ridiculous mountain passes and passed some beautiful things!  I should have taken more pictures but I didn't, I just feel like the pictures couldn't capture the beauty.  It was so much fun and I now have a new favourite hobby... Shane and I are going to backpack often :)  (next year when we get my stuff).  Here are some photos.

Getting ready to leave Thursday

Heidi and I... we were REALLY smelly!

The beautiful waterfall towards the beginning of our 13 kilometers today.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking Care of Business

So... I had to set our account to private because we have a blog stalker, and I have NO idea who this person is. He left a creepy comment about how he recently came across our blog, that he enjoys reading it, and will visit often. I have been a little freaked out, but now have everything under control. While I was adding all of the people who are allowed to view our blog, I also added Shane as an administrator. I am really excited to see what he has to say about our life on here! I love him so much and am so grateful for him! Life is great! Now you know what is up!

Monday, August 10, 2009

While I'm at it

I went to china in our bedroom

Us pulling like the clydesdales... we're buff... we love the stampede

This is how we show our patriotism!  Dang straight!

Partay at the chuck wagon races... STAMPEDE

Paparatzi... Shane didn't like it too much

Shanes sad sad sad ankle after scoring the game winning goal... maybe not, but close enough

I had ALL the mia maids over at my house for an overnighter... My land lady wasn't too happy, but we had fun!

These are the happenings around the Gallup residence.  THE END!

Back to AVON

So this summer has been a bit crazy and I have been slacking as far as AVON goes. Tonight I got back into it and dropped a bunch of brochures off to my ladies. I am gearing up to start doing some marketing for it, and I cleaned out our back room of my AVON stuff. It is a lot of fun and is not all old lady business. They keep up with the trends and have something for everyone. Shane always teases me about it, but he is happy that I have a "hobbie" and that I enjoy doing it. He says as long as it is not costing us money, and I am happy, more power to me! I also have lost my mind and everything else today. I am not able to find my camera cord to post pictures. It's driving me crazy. I've lost it, but I'm happy, and Shane is fabulous and has found the camera connection. Hooray, here are the photos.

You will often find things like this and ....

this... around our suite

and always, the AVON lipstick pen. I rock! Mindy's back!!! Woot woot!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Labour Day 2009 = Utah!

I just want to let everyone know that I am arriving in Utah at 6:40pm on Thursday September 3, and am departing Mondy September 7 at 1:20pm.  If you would like to see me, please come to my parents house since this is going to be a theraputic, family oriented vacation for me.  I will not be making a trip up to Logan.  I hope to see everyone!  Love you all!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Today is a holiday here in Canada.  I was doing my mother in laws hair today and she was explaining why we have this holiday.  It is because summer is so short up here in Canada, therefore there was need for a long weekend in August so people coul go somewhere with their families, or whatever, none the less, we have been enjoying our day off!  Next, thank you for all of your prayers... I am doing better!!!!  No more worrying in my behalf!  Finally, everyone needs to come to Canada to experience my life up here, or just see what it's like!  It's amazing!  I love being at Shane's parents where I ride horses, brand cows, round up the cows, drive the tractor, play with the dogs, ride on the "quad" (4 wheeler), hike all around for over an hour and still be on their property, sit in the beautiful open, drive old trucks, EVERYTHING!!!  I love it!!!!  Please come visit?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Canadian Ways

For some of you who may not know.  Here are a few things that are spelled/ pronounced/ just are different here in Canada:

Anything that is spelled with an "ag" is pronounced like "aig".  Such as:  Flag, Fag, Bag, Sag, Tag, etc....

Anything the is spelled with a "or" is spelled "our"  Such as:  Labour, Flavourite, Colour, Honour, etc...

If you are writing out a check for money up here it is spelled cheque.

There is no big celebration for the birth of our Country here.  Canada Day is just a lame day that everyone gets off work.

The flag is not something that you pledge allegience to here.  You don't put your hand over your heart or anything.

The Calgary Stampede is the biggest event of the year and everyones excuse to be wasted drunk for 10 days straight.

Thanksgiving is in October and there is a turkey and some football, but it's nothing like the huge celebrations that are in the States.

The biggest shopping day of the year is called Boxing Day and is the day after Christmas.  Christmas shopping does not start until December here.

There is one Stautory holiday (meaning you get the day off work and paid for it) monthly.  For months such as August they make up some name for it and everyone gets a long weekend.

Legal age for anything up here (drinking, smoking, gamblin, etc) is 18.

There are no such thing as indians here, they are called natives.

When walking downtown you may pass 10 asians who are all from different countries. 

Calgary is a melting pot, referred to as a mosaic.

Cold is not just Cold.  There is a HUGE difference between -30 celcius, and -40 celcius = to -40 Ferinheight.

Contrary to popular belief we do not get huge amounts of snow accumilation over the winter, that lasts 6 months.  

Restrooms are called Washrooms here.

There are only 30 million people in Canada versus 300 million in the States.

Cell phones are RIDICULOUSLY expensive due to the smaller volume of people.

There is no such thing as flipping the bird here, it is called fingering.

The church is still true here!

There you go, if you ever plan to visit us in Canada, now you have a heads up.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Playing Mommy

Oh how I look forward to being a mommy and having one of these for my own!  Since Wednesday night Shane has been at scout camp and I have been all alone at home :(  Work has been really busy since he left and I have caught up on my zzz's.  Today I have the opportunity of watching our best friends baby Jacob while his dad is working and his mom is selling some of her hand crafted jewellery at the farmers market.  Once Jacob got here I realized how much our floor needed to be swept and vacuumed.  I took care of all of that and have enjoyed having him with me.  This picture is of him sleeping on our bed.  I don't dare leave him alone for more than 30 seconds for fear he will roll off.  I think it is such a wonderful blessing that Heavenly Father has given us to be parents and to create children.  I am grateful for my fabulous husband and look forward to the day we too can be parents!  The gospel is so wonderful!

Isn't he so cute?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hair Cuts All Around

I decided that it was time to touch up my highlights and so Shane and I talked about it and agreed that I could go to a new salon and get my hair done.  My intentions were to keep it the same, just to touch up my roots... I came out with a little different hair than I intended.  Shane had been growing out a beard because I wanted to see what he looked like with one.  Not only did the beard need to go, but his hair was ridiculously long.  Funny that it was the same week that we both had drastic changes to our appearance.  We have just been going around telling people that we are tying to go incognito.   :)  Life is great!  The Calgary Stampede is just around the corner (see President Monsons talk in the last priesthood session for any questions regarding what it is).  Jonathan and Sabrina are coming up (as long as Sabrina's passport gets there in time), Scout camp, Girls camp, and weddings, weddings, weddings!  Summer is fabulous isn't it?  We sure think so with our new cuts!  Let us know what you think!

My new hair

Shane Before

Kip.... he he he... We had a LOT of fun, there's just not enough room for all of the pictures.  Check facebook!

The finished product, all the hair (head and face) and our sweet kitchen floor!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Sun

Shane and I have had a lot of fun playing outside in the sun on the weekends that have been warm.  We have golfed, skeet shot, branded cattle, went for walks, hikes, and much more.  It has been a lot of fun!  The first sunburn of the year happened when we were rounding up the calves and branding them.  I was on the Belle (the horse) who I love!  We got home after an exciting day with the scouts and I was red red!  Two weeks later we went to Shane's dad's company party which entitled the whole day in the sun golfing and shooting.  I was tied with my father in law Garry for the first few rounds of skeet.  I was really pround of myself.  Needless to say I got a TERRIBLE sunburn!  I figured I would share the picture.  I should have listened to Shane and put sunscreen on.  I mentioned that many times and promised I would not complain, nor draw attention to me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Weeks

Today was my 4 week mark at Concorde Entertainment Group and all I can say is that I LOVE MY JOB!!!  I have been trained by Jennifer and she is so great.  She is 13 years older than me, looks 9 years younger than me and has become a true and dear friend to me.  I have been sick with various this since I started my job:(  She always has the answers and will do things like take me to the drug store during lunch to help me be comfortable.  She is also pretty interested in what I have to say about the church.  She is not 100% or anything and is as stubborn as a bull, but I think one day it just may strike her right.  As far as the C-Train (lightrail transit) comes I have let it be my friend and not dreaded it lately.  I was all fine until a girl threw up on it and then I got sick and yeah...  I find that I can take the 5 minutes I would spend on doing my makeup in the bathroom on something else.... the C-Train is the perfect place to do it.  No bumps!!!  Also as an update, I am lying in my bed typing on my new laptop that I won from AVON and it FINALLY came!!!  I really like it and Shane probably likes it more than I do.  He is really looking forward to having it to use at school.  Things are going great around here!  We have had some great summer adventures already and look forward to the many weekends of summer fun left to come!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Birthday girl with her birthday cake

Us at Lake Louise

Shane and I on our Johnston Canyon hike

Flowers from Shane for our anniversary

New Job, Anniversary, and Birthday!

So as you can tell we had a crazy week all rolled into one.  It was a lot of fun though!  I went and interviewed with a company called the Concorde Entertainment Group.  It is interesting how the Lord has His hand in all things.  They are a company who own many restaurants and I happened to apply to their head office in my mass sending of resumes.  I had 2 interviews and was told that they would get back to me.  I hadn't heard so I phoned them and a couple of days later received a phone call back.  I got the job!  I started 2 days later Thursday the 7th.  

Shane's parents always go away for their anniversary, and Shane feels like we need to do the same.  I am TOTALLY fine with that!  He picked me up from work downtown and we headed up to Banff National Park.  It was so much fun!  It was nice to just be able to relax and enjoy not working or doing anything for that matter.  I love the TLC channel so much.  We don't have it on our t.v. but they had it in our hotel, so I spent my fare share of time watching the different shows on there.  The next morning we woke up and it was our anniversary!  I can't believe that it has been a whole entire year that we have been married.  It has been absolutely blissful!  We went to McDonalds for breakfast and then we headed up to Johnson Canyon.  We hiked and saw some waterfalls.  It was a really fun hike!  We really enjoyed ourselves.  After the hike we went to Lake Louise.  It is a very famous attraction in Canada.  It was pretty, but still frozen and had a bit of snow around it (we live in Canada people).  After the Lake we headed back and went to lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  YUMMY!!!!  We shopped for a bit and then it was back to our hotel for a nap!!!!!  It was great!  We went to a late dinner at the Keg.  It was absolutely delicious!  We woke up Sunday and went to the Banff Branch.  It was really small, but we were grateful that we could go to church!  It was a nice anniversary weekend to say the least.  

I am finally 21!  Not that it means anything up here because 18 is "legal!"  The night before my Birthday we went shopping and got me some new clothes.  I got some really cute things.  The best part about my job is that it is part time.  I work from 10-3 with a paid lunch.  It is great!  I can sleep in until about 8:30 and then get ready to go.  Work was fun on my special day.  They had cake for me and sang to me and everything!  What a great office!  I came home to my AVON order and sorted it and got things all ready.  That is my life every other Tuesday and I love it!  Shane came home with Pizza Hut Pizza.  It was what I had asked for!  It was really yummy.  He then made my birthday cake.  Fun Fetti cake with Rainbow chunk icing (I am really picky about cake to be honest).  He did a fabulous job!  Needless to say, a relaxing day all for me!  

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Week

So yesterday we were invited over to the Evans house for dinner and to congratulate Holly and Tyler... (FINALLY)!  None the less, I was talking to Cheryl and they are looking for someone to work in their office.  Long story short, I gave Tom my resume this time and will phone them tonight to find out what is going to happen.  The reason for the phone call to them tonight is... this morning the job that I interviewed for downtown called me and asked if I could come in for a second interview tomorrow.  HECK YES!!!  But, it is only part time and is downtown.  We'll see how it all goes.  I dropped Shane off at school at 1 and went out and dropped AVON books in a community one of my ladies recommended.  We'll see how it goes.  I ordered WAY too many books and need to get rid of them anyways.  I also went and dropped books to my ladies.  I am trying to shy away from dropping them off at church and what not.  Today has been a good day.  I am headed up to do some more avon.  What a day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to Calgary with a new diet :(

So I am still trying to recover from my trip to Utah. It was pretty draining and really emotional (enough said there). I have been sleeping quite a bit. While I was down there I went to an herbalist. It was really neat all of the things that she was able to teach me. I was really impressed with her knowledge and just how screwed up my body really is. None the less, I am taking a bunch of supplements and also on 2 diets that allow me to have just about NOTHING :( I am on the Epstein-Barr, and Candida/Yeast cleansing diets. Basically this is what they say I can't have: no food high in fats: red meats (pork is a red meat); deep-fried foods such as chips, french fries, donuts; thick fatty icing made from shortening or lard; high-fat dairy food like ice cream, cheese, and whole milk; Ranch, French, Blue Cheese-type dressings (use canola or olive oil, vinegar and spices); chocolate. No potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers (hot peppers are Ok) and eggplant. No foods with bakers yeast such as breads, donuts, and pastries. No foods that are aged which iclude cheese, wines, liquors, sour cream, blue cheese-type dressings, etc. No refined sugars. Substitute raw honey, pure maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, or pineapple juice. No foods that are "moldy" or "fungus-y"; mushrooms, peanuts, peanut butter, leftovers more than 2 days old. No fruits that have a skin, high in fiber content, and or are very sweet to the taste such as apples, grapes, blueberries, pears, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, etc. Citrus fruits and pineapple are acceptable if you do no test allergic to them. I can also have grapefruit. Does ANYONE feel bad for me??!!! I DO!!! It is pretty tough to find foods that fit under this criteria. :( I will let you know what my total weight loss is when I am done. The intent of these diets is NOT weight loss and that is NOT the reason that I am on them. My body just reacts to these things :( Anyways, Shane and I are happy to be home together and are headed to the grocery store for my special diets.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

So... I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!  Having moved to Canada I thought that we would have to make the trip to the Stake Center to watch it.  I was completely wrong!  Having a computer genius husband, and the internet, and modern technology, we participated on the internet.  So we watched some serious conference.  After conference on Saturday, we fed the missionaries.  The funny part about this was that we were supposed to feed them Sunday and we screwed up... anyways, the food was good and they got a ride to priesthood out of it.  I went with Ali to the LDS bookstore to the womens night there.  It was fun, Shane had told me not to buy anything useless, and since I have no job as of Tuesday, I didn't get anything.  I did however really want the Jessie Clark Funk cd, but it was 22 dollars and I was NOT paying that kind of money.  I leave for Utah and can get it way cheaper down there.  I got home and threw some bags together full of AVON brochures and off to the neighbors house I went... dropping bags.  I can't believe how many neighbors that I have.  I am going to make up for that in my next order and get them all a book.  Anyways, that wrapped up Saturday.  So today we woke up and I threw some blueberry muffins in the oven for Shane and headed in to watch conference.  After the first session I got really bored and irritated and we decided we should go for a walk.  We ended up taking the recycling over to the bins and then saw the GIANT lake in our back alley.  We decided to dig a trench and let the river of water flow out of it.  The best part was when the second session of Sunday conference was over, Shane went out to take pictures to see what had happened.  It was cool because the lake was gone.  Our landlady went out and got stuck in our trench!!!  HA HA HA HA HA!!  We boobey trapped her!  JK, but she has put us through alot so it was kinda funny.  She called AMA (it's like AAA for those in the US of A).  It was great some guys just pushed her out.  What a waste of a call and time.  Oh well, it serves her right for going out on Sunday to shop.  Good times.  We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner YUMM YUMM, my favourite!  It was great! Life is good!  I am married to the most wonderful man in the world!  Utah in 2 days!  I can't wait!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


This morning both Shane and I were up by 6:45am.  It was a bit exhausting!!!  I have had to be to work at 7 every morning this week.  Me, not being a morning person + early mornings all week+ training the most ADHD person of my life+ little sleep= A DISASTER!!!!  I was in training Kelsey today( for the final day).  She did really well.  Shane and I were laying in bed this morning and he was so cute telling me about how I was during the night.  I woke up at around 3 for a bathroom run and from then on I was pretty active during the night from what he said (It's no wonder I have been so tired today).  I finished work and rushed home to my husband and waiting in-laws.  Shane and I got changed, pulled the pizza out of the oven, packed it up and off we went.  We went down to our cousin Benjamin's baptism.  This is a really special day in our family because Grandpa Pedersen and Uncle Rob (Benjamin's dad) are not memebers of the church.  Benjamin was so cute as he was ready to be baptized.  I played the piano.  Christopher, Benjamins 4 year old brother sang I am a Child of God.  It was so sweet!  When I was done playing the first verse, he looked at me like "what in the world are you doing?"  I asked him if he wanted to keep singing (having been instructed he only was going to sing one verse).  He looked at me and said nope, and sat down.  It was a very spiritual experience.  It took me right back to the feelings I have every time I am in the temple, and especially when I was making my eternal covenants in May.  It is such a great feeling.  We all went to Grandma and Grandpa Pedersens house for Easter dinner, since I will be in Utah during Easter.  It was such a fun time.  I ate so much food I was extremely uncomfortable!  The drive home went well.  I forgot my purse and realized about 10 minutes into the drive.  I was happy to get home!  

Shane has been really really REALLY busy with school and work!!!!  It is getting to be a bit crazy.  I am heading into my widow part of the semester.  It happens after midterms, until finals are over.  Shane is so so busy!!  He is working on programming a golf simulator game and what not for a company in Red Deer.  He has been contracted to work with them since last summer.  It has been a lot of waiting for the program to get here from Germany.  The company that he is working for had a contract with a speed radar company to coincide with this golf simulator.  The contract ended this month and there is another company putting up some competition for the radar rights.  Shane is anxiously working to get this all done so that his company can get the rights and the other company is out of luck.  He is so smart and such a hard worker (his company should be very happy to have him).  He is almost done with it all.  We have been promised a part of the company and all of the earnings for when this goes through.  Who knows, maybe this could be our big break and we will be millionaires (wishful thinking is always fun).

Anyways, that's what is going on with us.  Also, I have re-discovered my love of nail polish.  I got my nails done a month ago.  They have MASSIVE grow out, but I am not wanting to get them done again.  I have been coming up with creative ways to paint the area of the growout.  Last week was a line and polka dots, this week is a zig-zag line across the clear and white nails.  What a party!  It's time for all my creativity to come out!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I sent in my AVON order last night.  I am really excited about this one.  Once everything is said and I done it looks like I will make about $200.00.  I think it is really a blessing that I can do this.  It is amazing what money there is to be made in it.  It's just a matter of time.  I really like sharing these wonderful products with ladies.  I have them share with me how their proucts work and how they feel about them.  Maybe I will start a blog and ask ladies to share...  maybe that's pushing it a little too far, but none the less, I am going to have a big order show up at my house next Tuesday.  I am going to have to hustle to get it all out.  I am leaving to Utah 1 week later.  I look forward to time on my own.  Shane has been so sweet!  Last night was his last hockey game and of coarse I had to go (wouldn't any wife)?  It was a lot of fun except for the fact that the heaters weren't working and I FROZE the whole time.  I got some good shots of him though, so it was all good.  I also got 27 pages in the Ensign read, which is also a good thing.  We got home and after showers we were in bed after 1am.  7 came quick.  Cash was a bit stressful this morning!!!  I was so exhausted and we were out money, not to mention it took us FOREVER to finish.  We will see how tomorrow goes.  Shane was really sweet to comfort me and to take time for me.  I am grateful for our marriage.  It is such a wonderful feeling to be number one in someones life!  He is so wonderful!  We are looking forward to Shane's cousin Benjamins baptism.  Shane is going to confirm him, which I think will be really neat.  Life is good!  We count our blessings on a daily basis!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So yesterday I took my letter into Earls saying that I am quitting my job.  I was there early in the morning training Kelsey and then I just dropped it off since Angela nor Renata were there yet.  I am going to go in today and talk with them to see how it all went over.  It probably wasn't the best idea to take the letter in the day before my day off, but I needed to give them a full two weeks and that was why I took it in yesterday.  Anyways, my last day will be April 6 and then my trip to Utah for a week.  I am going to go to the gym in the mornings and also I am going to spend a lot of time reading.  Our bishop has asked us to read the Book of Mormon by May 25.  I am going to do it so it will be nice to have time to myself to do that.  We went out to dinner with Shanes family yesterday.  It was really nice, we went to Red Lobster.  I converted his whole family to the jumbo coconut shrimp.  I really like it a lot.  I rushed to my visiting teaching appointments.  It is really good to have that spiritual time visiting with sisters.  It's amazing just how much I get out of it when I am there.  I love Lindsey my partner.  She is great and always has such good input.  Anyways, I was so nervous and stressed about my job.  When I get really stressed I go into shut down mode.  I slept for most of the day yesterday just so I wouldn't have to deal with how I was feeling.  It was like I was ending a relationship (which I guess in a way I am).  Shane is so good to comfort me and to tell me that I am doing the right thing.  He is so perfect for me.  A true blessing in my life!  Anyways, today is going to be a good one.  I am sending in my avon order tonight.  It's already over $500.  Presidents club apprentice, here I come!!!!  I am going to start looking for people to build my team.  I think it will be great to have so much time off of work to do things like spend time in stores talking to women about avon, or even going to strip malls and handing out catalots.  I really like doing avon, I think it's a great stress reliever.  Not to mention I will have time to deliver my products whenever AND lots and lots of evenings to spend with Shane!  Well, enough with my rambling.  I will post how my talk with Angela goes later.

Monday, March 23, 2009


So after reading Crystals blog, I figure that I need to do better at blogging what is going on in our lives.  My life has been a bit crazy lately and as a result, I have not exactly been wanting to share what has been going on.  I started working a lot more.  I mean a LOT more.  I work from 9-5 everyday!  It is a little rough, but I am getting used to it.  Angela and I decided that it is time for me to take a break... This means... a trip for me, but where!  Shane and I talked and since we both can't take a trip down to Utah until December, we decided that it would be best for me to take a trip down to see my family now.  We talked about driving and decided that it definitely was not safe for me to do... not to mention how long and tedious the drive is.  So... I spen a bit of last week looking at flights and decided that it would be a good idea if I flew, Shane agreed.  So, we booked my flight and I am going to be gone for a whole week. I decided that I would take the day after I get home off as well since I land at 12:04am and still have to go through customs and get back home from the airport.  I think it is going to be great!  Shane is doing well.  This semester is a lot easier on him.  I do have to admit, I am quite jealous of his computer, it gets all of his time doing his homework. :(  So feeling a little down yesterday, I called Shane from work and asked him if we could go to the temple (this is a 8-9 hour process).  He said he thought that would be a good idea.... so, we jumped in the corolla after I got home from work and had an amazing temple session.  The closest temple is 3 hours away in Cardston.  On the way home I was telling Shane that I want to write a letter to President Monson and thank him for the temple soon coming to Calgary (2.5 years).  Shane and I decided that we will go to the temple 1 time a week.  I am so grateful for the gospel in my life.  Church was  a bit crazy today.  We got stuck trying to get out thanks to the foot and a half of snow that fell last night.  We did drive home in the storm :(  It was pretty funny.  We were 1/2 an hour late due to this and missed the sacrament.  It is not a fun way to start off the week for sure!  Anyways, tomorrow is Monday... PAYDAY Monday and I am incharge while Ange is gone.  Wish me luck!  2 Weeks and 2 days until Utah.  HOORAY!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Starting My Own Business

So today I officially signed up as an avon consultant.  I am really excited about it.  I think I have a good shot with my 3 main networks: work, church, and the only womens gym that I go to.  The lady who I met with Pauline was so nice.  She had quite a few questions about the church.  I think it's a good missionary opportunity if nothing else.  She is a neat lady!  I can't wait to introduce the gospel more.  She said that every mormon she knows is really happy! :) it's true!  So I am going to be handing out books and making my clientel, probably the hardest part... getting started.  I look forward to the money though.  It will help.  We are going to put it towards a trip to Mexico! :) (Good incentive to get me going).  Well Calgary... HERE I COME!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day!

So yesterday was our first Valentines day being married!  Shane woke up first as I wanted a few more minutes of shut eye.  I woke up, threw on my gym clothes, and was off to the gym.  I love the Kickboxing Combo that they have on Saturday mornings at 9:15 AM!!!!  I am totally paying for it today, but it was worth it.  I came home to do the typical Saturday morning routine (laundry, dishes, etc...)  Shane and I exchanged gifts, a gift card and season 4 of the office.  We went shopping and were preparing for our date that evening.   I had googled the Keg and called and set up a reservation for us.  Yesterday, to find out that we were headed to the other end of town.  We decided to take the C-Train and went downtown.  It was MINUS 14!!!  It was a really cold 5 block walk!  We were seated and enjoyed the BEST steak I have ever had.  It was fabulous!  Not to mention the best part... it was FREE because we had a gift card!  Needless to say, the coldness was worth it!  We came home plenty full and are happy to have each other!  Tomorrow might not be as pretty :(

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ok, so after swearing off blogging because I didn't want to be a "typical Utah girl," I've decided that it's a lot easier than keeping a journal, so here I go.  It's crazy that it is February already!  We are running at full force here at the Gallup home.  It is fun being a newly wed and rejoicing when our friends get engaged, or pregnant, etc.  It is sounding like we have a summer of wedding ahead of us, and we are ok with that (ours is done and over with)!  Shane is bak in school again and looking forward to next week, READING WEED = 1 whole week off of school!  I am happy, but I will be working like crazy doing marketing at Earls.  At lease he will have some time to do things that he really enjoys.  We are looking forward to Saturday... Valentines day!  Woot woot!  Surprisingly enough, working in a restaurant, I have the day off :) :) :) :).  We plan on going to the Keg, a nice restaurant (where we have a gift certificate, thanks to Shane's Christmas Bonus)!  That is if we get reservations... I should get on that.  Anyways, we are looking forward to that!  "Time flies on wings of lightning, we cannot call it back."  Amen to that!