Monday, June 29, 2009

Hair Cuts All Around

I decided that it was time to touch up my highlights and so Shane and I talked about it and agreed that I could go to a new salon and get my hair done.  My intentions were to keep it the same, just to touch up my roots... I came out with a little different hair than I intended.  Shane had been growing out a beard because I wanted to see what he looked like with one.  Not only did the beard need to go, but his hair was ridiculously long.  Funny that it was the same week that we both had drastic changes to our appearance.  We have just been going around telling people that we are tying to go incognito.   :)  Life is great!  The Calgary Stampede is just around the corner (see President Monsons talk in the last priesthood session for any questions regarding what it is).  Jonathan and Sabrina are coming up (as long as Sabrina's passport gets there in time), Scout camp, Girls camp, and weddings, weddings, weddings!  Summer is fabulous isn't it?  We sure think so with our new cuts!  Let us know what you think!

My new hair

Shane Before

Kip.... he he he... We had a LOT of fun, there's just not enough room for all of the pictures.  Check facebook!

The finished product, all the hair (head and face) and our sweet kitchen floor!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Sun

Shane and I have had a lot of fun playing outside in the sun on the weekends that have been warm.  We have golfed, skeet shot, branded cattle, went for walks, hikes, and much more.  It has been a lot of fun!  The first sunburn of the year happened when we were rounding up the calves and branding them.  I was on the Belle (the horse) who I love!  We got home after an exciting day with the scouts and I was red red!  Two weeks later we went to Shane's dad's company party which entitled the whole day in the sun golfing and shooting.  I was tied with my father in law Garry for the first few rounds of skeet.  I was really pround of myself.  Needless to say I got a TERRIBLE sunburn!  I figured I would share the picture.  I should have listened to Shane and put sunscreen on.  I mentioned that many times and promised I would not complain, nor draw attention to me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Weeks

Today was my 4 week mark at Concorde Entertainment Group and all I can say is that I LOVE MY JOB!!!  I have been trained by Jennifer and she is so great.  She is 13 years older than me, looks 9 years younger than me and has become a true and dear friend to me.  I have been sick with various this since I started my job:(  She always has the answers and will do things like take me to the drug store during lunch to help me be comfortable.  She is also pretty interested in what I have to say about the church.  She is not 100% or anything and is as stubborn as a bull, but I think one day it just may strike her right.  As far as the C-Train (lightrail transit) comes I have let it be my friend and not dreaded it lately.  I was all fine until a girl threw up on it and then I got sick and yeah...  I find that I can take the 5 minutes I would spend on doing my makeup in the bathroom on something else.... the C-Train is the perfect place to do it.  No bumps!!!  Also as an update, I am lying in my bed typing on my new laptop that I won from AVON and it FINALLY came!!!  I really like it and Shane probably likes it more than I do.  He is really looking forward to having it to use at school.  Things are going great around here!  We have had some great summer adventures already and look forward to the many weekends of summer fun left to come!