Sunday, July 5, 2009

Canadian Ways

For some of you who may not know.  Here are a few things that are spelled/ pronounced/ just are different here in Canada:

Anything that is spelled with an "ag" is pronounced like "aig".  Such as:  Flag, Fag, Bag, Sag, Tag, etc....

Anything the is spelled with a "or" is spelled "our"  Such as:  Labour, Flavourite, Colour, Honour, etc...

If you are writing out a check for money up here it is spelled cheque.

There is no big celebration for the birth of our Country here.  Canada Day is just a lame day that everyone gets off work.

The flag is not something that you pledge allegience to here.  You don't put your hand over your heart or anything.

The Calgary Stampede is the biggest event of the year and everyones excuse to be wasted drunk for 10 days straight.

Thanksgiving is in October and there is a turkey and some football, but it's nothing like the huge celebrations that are in the States.

The biggest shopping day of the year is called Boxing Day and is the day after Christmas.  Christmas shopping does not start until December here.

There is one Stautory holiday (meaning you get the day off work and paid for it) monthly.  For months such as August they make up some name for it and everyone gets a long weekend.

Legal age for anything up here (drinking, smoking, gamblin, etc) is 18.

There are no such thing as indians here, they are called natives.

When walking downtown you may pass 10 asians who are all from different countries. 

Calgary is a melting pot, referred to as a mosaic.

Cold is not just Cold.  There is a HUGE difference between -30 celcius, and -40 celcius = to -40 Ferinheight.

Contrary to popular belief we do not get huge amounts of snow accumilation over the winter, that lasts 6 months.  

Restrooms are called Washrooms here.

There are only 30 million people in Canada versus 300 million in the States.

Cell phones are RIDICULOUSLY expensive due to the smaller volume of people.

There is no such thing as flipping the bird here, it is called fingering.

The church is still true here!

There you go, if you ever plan to visit us in Canada, now you have a heads up.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Playing Mommy

Oh how I look forward to being a mommy and having one of these for my own!  Since Wednesday night Shane has been at scout camp and I have been all alone at home :(  Work has been really busy since he left and I have caught up on my zzz's.  Today I have the opportunity of watching our best friends baby Jacob while his dad is working and his mom is selling some of her hand crafted jewellery at the farmers market.  Once Jacob got here I realized how much our floor needed to be swept and vacuumed.  I took care of all of that and have enjoyed having him with me.  This picture is of him sleeping on our bed.  I don't dare leave him alone for more than 30 seconds for fear he will roll off.  I think it is such a wonderful blessing that Heavenly Father has given us to be parents and to create children.  I am grateful for my fabulous husband and look forward to the day we too can be parents!  The gospel is so wonderful!

Isn't he so cute?