Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turbo Jam is here!!!!

So my turbo jam DVD's made it in the mail today.  I am pretty pumped to get my workouts done... not to mention that it is going to be freezing within the next couple of weeks.  Today is super warm and better than running outside, I can exercise before I go to young womens in the comfort of my own home... does it get any better than that?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our first "Emergency Bill"

So this morning I made my way to work as usual using public transit.  I was at work going throughout my typical Monday routine when I get a text message from Shane that reads "I crashed my bike and broke my tooth.  I am okay just scraped up.  I will call you when class is over love you!  I already called the dentist."  What a rush of adrenaline that put through my body!!!!  I was pretty worried and wondered why in the world he would go to class with a broken tooth!  We got him to a great dentist in our ward who got Shane all taken care of.  

Living in Alberta is great because we don't have to have medical insurance for doctor visits and what not, the government pays for it.  That has been a big blessing to us... none the less... you still have to pay the full amount for prescriptions, dental bills, and optometrist (eye doctor) appointments full price unless you get insurance!  We don't have insurance... Shane has some school insurance that we are hoping may cover part of this bill.  If not, we are grateful that we had the money to pay for it and that Dr. Evans could get him in so fast!  His tooth looks amazing!  We are so blessed!!!