Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zumba Temple Dishwasher

So... don't get confused, this is a blog about 3 separate things. The first of which... ZUMBA! The motto is "Ditch the workout, join the party!" Which is exactly what it is. I called my gym on Thursday night at 7:21 exactly with no hope of getting into the class the following day at 6pm. The class opens 24 hours before it starts and you have to reserve your spot. I had been trying all week to get into this class and had missed signing up... the kind receptionist let me know that the class of 45 fills in up a matter of 20 minutes usually. I was thrilled to be told that I was the last person to get in! I went straight from work up there and was super stoked. I had watched this class twice envying the people who had got in and knew I was in for a real treat! I was greeted as I walked in by the instructor who told me she had thought about me recently and was glad I was a member at the gym again. The class is a latin dance mix! It is a party and you shake what your mama gave you! I have been SO sore from it... my entire body! I can't wait for the Tuesday class!

Next, yesterday we went to the temple to see my friend Chloe take out her endowment. She and I have the exact same birthday, year and all. I am 9 hours older than her. It was so wonderful to be in the temple and feel the spirit that is there. It was something that I really needed. It brought back a flood of memories to be there and see her... especially when we were all in the celestial room, I am super stoked for her wedding next week. They are so in love and look so beautiful together! I will be really sad when she moves 6 hours away for Matt to finish school :(

Finally... we have a one tub sink so it makes it nearly impossible to do dishes! We found a dishwasher online for free and picked it up a few weeks ago. We brought it home, got it installed, and to our dismay, it ran once and that was it. It would fill with water, but wouldn't run the cycle. Shane pulled it apart and was able to fix the wires and now it works! It is great! I have been so excited to have a dishwasher... to live in a house by ourselves... LAUNDRY, DISHES, BAKING, DANCE PARTIES, BLASTED MUSIC, ANYTHING WE WANT!!!!!!!It is great!!!! There is an update on us.

P.S. I learn how to make boutonnières and corsages tomorrow in my floral class :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick Day

So last night was a little rough here at the Gallups house. Things are never good when I am tired! I woke up this morning and went to work. Shane and I were texting back and forth and it became apparent that I needed to be home with him. I brushed my teeth and hadn't eaten anything which normally makes me sick, not to mention that my emotions were running high. I arrived home to the surprise of Shane and we worked everything out. He is such a good husband to me. I look around and see everything that he has built or bought because he loves me. I took a nap and then went and got my hair done. Needless to say, I think taking a "sick" day was the best thing that I could have done... it makes me sick to think about having to go back to work with a new hair do after I left early, but... tough! I have the best husband in the world!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Watch this movie... our cat is ridiculous!!!!

Floral Design

I have been taking a class at one of the local universities in Calgary.  It has been a lot of fun to learn how to design flowers.  I have to admit it is quite intimidating when I watch my prof taking a block of floral foam and then within 5 minutes something beautiful has come out of it.  I impress myself each class.  I thoroughly enjoy every second of it.  It is a lot of fun to create and design and I can't wait until I can pick the flowers that are used and the vases they go into.  For the amount of money I paid for the class I have to say I am a little disappointed at the product we have been getting.  I guess it could be that my teacher is a little out dated... she probably started working in her dads floral shop before I was even born.  Today was class 3 of 6.  I acquired my first wound from cutting the stems and what not.  We worked with some woody foliage and it's a bit tougher to cut than flowers.  Oh well, it is minor and just a reminder that I am no pro... yet ;)  There are 3 classes to get your floral certificate.  I am hoping to get mine and start my own business.  We'll see how things go.  

Work has been good, Shane is in his second to last semester, we are in a new little house that we are renting and are still finishing up the work on it (pictures of the finished product will be posted soon).  We purchased our own bed, and will soon be getting our love seat.  MAN, I feel like a grow-up.  40 hours a week and life decision come at you fast!  

The weather up here in Canada has been really warm for January.  I find that I don't need my big heavy coat when I am outside.  It has been in the 40's Fahrenheit range the last little while.  It sure is nice to be on the positive side of the 40's and not the negative side like we ought to be for this time of the year.  We are hoping to make a little get a way in February when Shane has reading week (A.K.A Spring Break).  The thing that I love about Canada is that we have a paid day off each month. :)

P.S. Lily is the new addition to our family... she gets into everything... including my flowers.