Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flower Market

I found the greatest little flower market... well was told about it and have loved going the last 2 weeks. It's amazing what I have been able to get for so little. It's a hobby of mine that I am glad I discovered.
Week 1:

Take this for example... I probably spent $6 on the flowers and $4.80 on the vase pronounced vuh-'long A'-se. In my floral class we learned how to price these things out. It would retail for over $60.
Week 2:

This one the flowers cost $4.75 and the vase came with my valentine arrangement that Shane sent to me.
It has been neat to discover this talent that I have. I really look forward to the next 2 courses that I will be taking in this. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

We celebrated Valentines day on Saturday the 13th and had a fabulous day. I woke up and went to the gym. I went to the mall afterwards and picked up my V-Day present from Shane. (Vancouver 2010 gloves). I got home and jumped in the shower and afterwards to find that I was quite grouchy! I thought back on the past 24 hours and realized I had only had 2 bananas. We made navajo taco's and then took a nap. We went to the Calgary Tower for dinner. I have felt kinda sick the last couple of days. DEFINITELY not myself. Shane and I spoke in church today. It went really well. I enjoy our new ward. I did feel a bit intimidated as the patriarch is in our ward and served in the 70... not to mention spoke in general conference twice!!!! His son who is now in the 70 was presiding. Quite the pressure. Thanks to modern day prophets and all they do. They sure helped me with my talk.