Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's The Day

tonight at 6:30pm.....
Shane finishes school forever!!
As soon as I am done getting my hair cut, we are going to celebrate!!!!
Wanna join us?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Rundown

So we had a fun/busy/crazy weekend. I didn't end up taking any pictures (silly me). Here is how things went.

Friday night:
Shane and I went out to some real authentic Mexican (hard to find in Canada) at the Salt and Pepper.
We went and looked at bikes and I told him that the only bike I wanted was a cruiser, not a mountain/road bike. I loved the bells on the cruisers.
Jaden (Jamie and Aden) came over to have smores in our new firepit
We stayed up waaaaayyyyy too late and still had to shower, oh well.

Both up before 8am... yes on a Saturday
I ran all over Calgary looking for flowers
Had to choose wedding pictures and print them (good 30 minutes)
Shane took the scouts hiking
Shane took my cell phone accidentally, kinda funny
Got to the church for the reception
Helped with the finishing touches on the decorations
Talk to everyone at the reception and tell each person why Shane wasn't there
Take down of all the decorations
Talk for a good long time with in-laws
Pizza at the park with the new Mr. and Mrs. Gallup
Home and up waaaayyyy too late again

Up early due to attending a ward that starts at 10am
Rush out the door and speed like crazy to make it to church
Enter a packed chapel, happy to see so many familiar faces
Travis' talk is great, happy to have him home
Leave for the farm
Eat, Eat, Eat, get anxiety/claustrophibic, Eat, Eat, Eat
Hold baby Sarah, get told a bazillion times she looks good on me
Slip away for a nap
15 minutes later Shane comes to get me for a family picture
Visit with the family
Head home.... feeling sick
Pick up the truck... praying I will make it home
7:30 in bed
Sleep all night

Wake up at 6:40
Shower/ get ready
Stop at ATM, pick up McDonalds
Get to work
Start feeling REALLY REALLY sick
9:27am Tears start, I'm headed home
Stop at the grocer for a PT
Get home, take PT, negative.... Thank Heavens!!!!!!!
Sleep ALL day with a bowl in bed, just in case
5:30pm get up and clean, watch some tv, decide I was exposed to way too much foreign food and ate something wrong
Clean yoga studio
Eat spaghetti for dinner 10:25
Talk to family in Utah
Bed time

Pretty much sums it up. As far as this week goes...

Shane finishes school forever tomorrow :) :) :) :)
VT tonight, as well as Presidency meeting
Haircut tomorrow
Yoga somewhere in there
Thursday is a day off :) Hooray for Canada Day!
Looking forward to a fun summer.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dr. Mac

So in March I started seeing Dr. Mac on a semi regular basis.  This man has worked wonders with my life and the person I am today.  He taught me who I really am, and has taught me to aspire to so much more.  Today I was "discharged" as one of his patients.  Our appointment went really well, here was how it ended

Dr Mac: So now what?

Mindy: I have come so far, you were just what I needed.

Dr. Mac:  There are some people who come and see me that have a lot of money, and come just for someone to talk to.  Those appointments are the one's I dread the most!  You have been a delight to work with, you have taken all of the tools that I have given you and ran with them.  It is like I give you some pliers and you use them for everything.

Mindy: Thank you for your help.

Dr. Mac: Know that if you ever need me, I'll be here.

Mindy: Possibly in the dark loooooonnnnnnnngggg winter here in Alberta I might, but I'm hoping not.

Dr. Mac: Make sure to check out the lights on our website.

Mindy: I am for sure getting a light.

He saved my life and found "Mindy"  His real name is Michael MacLean, my mom and Shane asked me if he sang to me.  I owe him big, aside from paying him $180 an hour (worth every penny).  Maybe I will send him a forgotten carols cd

In other news, a big shout out to Chloe Taylor for becoming our first blog follower.  She is my twin, honestly!  I will dedicate an entire post to her soon :)

Her and her man Matt.

Peace, I'm going to go and use my pliers now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We'll Do It In July

"We'll do it in July,"
that is the phrase I have been getting from Shane for the last week on everything I ask him to do. We have been pretty much spouseless for the last week solid. He is finishing up his final courses and
June 30 is the final exam of his life. We are both very much looking forward to that day being over.
I told him yesterday that he better plan something completely amazing for us to do on July 1st. (for my American friends, that is Canada day = to the 4th of July, but not really). More on that later.
This week has been crazy busy for me as well, I can't believe it is Wednesday, my Tuesday slipped right away from me. I suppose that is how life is, right?
None the less, I am looking forward to July!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting a little crafty

So I have been getting a little bit crafty lately.  My brother in law had me do the flowers for him and his date for his graduation celebration (it's like senior. cotillion but with a date).  His dates mom asked me to do some more flowers for another graduation her daughter was going to.  The meaning of all this rambling is that I ended up buying a hot glue gun.  It cost me like $4 but I was so happy I couldn't even stand it.  

I made a fun summer wreath for my door, bought too many stamps, and have had quite a fun time with all my new craft things over this last month.  My mother in law gave me a beautiful sewing machine for my birthday, and I am sad to report that it is still in it's box.  I have found the project and as soon as I can get the pattern and the fabric, my little singer will be sewing away to make me this...

Isn't it the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Future Fathers Day Feast

Today was a lovely Sunday.

The weather cooperated and we had the Hirtles over for a lovely

"Future Fathers Day" BBQ.

It was yummy and included







and chocolate cake...

I really love this cake plate, and this is the first time in 2 years that I have used it.

My Father-in-law works shift work and wasn't home today :(

We had a fabulous fathers day, did you?

This weekend Shane has spent over 15 hours on homework, I took a small trip to Michaels and spent WAY too much money, but all on lovely things, and I decided I am going to have a

Scentsy Summer Kickoff Party

If you live close to me, will you come? Please?

If you don't live close to me, would you come if we didn't live a bazillion miles away?


Friday, June 18, 2010

On Being a Perfectionist

Perfect, no one is perfect, but by dang my mind thinks my life has to be. Some days I struggle with being a perfectionist. The one down fall to all of this is that everything has to be 100% or 0%. It's black and white, no inbetween. This leads me to be pessimistic and we all know that is no fun. So I have a hard time with goals, because one small misdemeanor and I'm out, it isn't 100%. I have decided that I am going to do better, and that each day is the start of a clear slate.

My goals for this weekend are:
  • go through the canned food that we have, donate the stuff we won't use, throw out the other stuff that is expired
  • plan our menu for the week
  • organize the basement
  • make a fun room out of our backroom

My goals for the next week are:

  • wake up each morning at 6:30am
  • make myself pretty, not just thrown together
  • read my scriptures before going to work
  • go to yoga 3 times
  • make dinner every night

P.S. Fathers day on Sunday

What are you doing for the fathers in your life?

I am making my father-in-law a super yummy chocolate cake with the best chocolate buttercream frosting!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Astro Camp

I was talking to my mom tonight and she mentioned how she saw my favorite teacher in school while she was a Lagoon mom this year.  Mr. Hillier inquired about how I was and mentioned how much he enjoyed me as a student (7 years ago).  It took my mind back to my love for science.  Yes, I just said love for science, Mindy loves it.  My mind went flooding back through where my love for science began... Astro Camp in Utah.

I was a girl scout growing up and as a reward for selling girl scout cookies, our troop got money.  The money came in and we were able to go to cool things like Astro Camp.  I remember how nervous I was to go, how homesick I would get, and the amazing experience and passion for science and space that it gave me.  We did so many cool science games, flew mock missions, made rockets, had flag ceremonies, chanted our cheers, and bonded as a team.  I wanted to be an astronaut for years, can you imagine.  Too risky for this girl or else I may have followed my passion.

The Space shuttle I was once the pilot of

The switchboards, dialogues, and control boards we used


Can you say sick?  We had to try and throw bean bags at each other to demonstrate what gravity was

I was telling Shane about it tonight.  He says he is super jealous, as he should be.  I will TOTALLY be sending my kids to Astro Camp (if it is still around).  Oh, those were the days.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This cold weather is good for 1 thing.
It makes me look forward to this...
90 minutes in the "Bikram Torture Chamber." Stretching, pulling, breathing in 105 degrees F.
It makes me feel soooooooooo good!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Life of Christ

I am teaching lesson 11 today, The Life of Christ.  I am the new Relief Society secretary and am so thrilled for my calling.  I love the sisterhood that Relief Society gives!  In preparing for my lesson, I found this :)

This goes perfectly with the first section of my lesson.  How I love my Savior Jesus Christ!  I praise His name.  He truly is the Son of God.  I really look forward to my lesson and think that the spirit will be there due to the sacredness of the topic.  I will let you know how it goes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Springs Perfume

The smells in my neighborhood are HEAVENLY

Here is our front yard...  Of coarse I had to bring some into our house

PURRRRRRRRRRFECT!!!!!  Lily loves them too :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

It's hard to hear friends back in Utah talking about going to Lagoon and such. It is supposed to be summer, yes indeed. Filled with the swamp cooler running on high, swimming suits on, and taking every chance to play in the water.

We are playing in the water here, it's just RAIN! It's no wonder I feel stuck in April when the weather has been in the low teens (celcius) and it looks like this...

That's right. It was a torrential down pour as Shane and I went to pick up Michael and Tasha's critters. They sure are cute though. TOTALLY worth the crazy drive.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back To Lily

Wow, what a wedding!!!!!  We are currently sitting in the YVR (Vancouver) international airport and wishing it was really Calgary time so we could be getting ready to  board our flight, not sit here for another hour and 45 minutes. I would post a few of the lovelies from Michael and Tasha's big day, unfortunately our sim card was in a different place and the pictures are on Shane's laptop.  I will post them soon.  Here are a few of my favourites.

Ferry over to the resort

Definitely a LOT of weddings happen here

The one picture we have of the wedding on our card

Exhausted on our way to the airport!  

So the minutes of this trip include:

5 days

2 sunburns

2 hotels

6 people and 1 tiny bathroom

5 modes of transportation: Plane, car, tandem bike, ferry, and train

l wedding

1 new sister


To check out the resort we stayed at and the wedding took place go here.  The views are absolutely breath taking!

I really hope Lily survived  days without us as our house is still in one piece.  I have missed her lots.  I look forward to seeing her as well.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello from Vancouver

We're having a lot of fun, can't you tell?  This was us visiting the Cleveland Dam.  I keep telling Shane that it feels like we are on our honeymoon again.  Oh how I love vacations with my husband.  Vacations where we fly somewhere, it is unfamiliar, and we spend hours deciding what we are going to do.  A list of what we did today:  flew from Calgary to Vancouver (shortest flight on the planet), got our rental Dodge Charger, went to the market, had fresh fish and chips for lunch, saw beautiful things, went to Cleveland dam, then finished off at the Lynn Valley suspension bridge, checked into our hotel, and I checked out at the night... at 5 pm :)

Maybe next time we go on a fun, romantic trip, Shane will surprise me with something like that!

We're off for more fun adventures!  See you soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Prophet Said To Plant A Garden

So that's what we'll do.  Tonight Shane and I finally got our garden in.  It consists of: 2 types of carrots, lettuce (we will continue to plant for the next couple of weeks), onions, beans, and peas.  I know it's small and does not consist of any squash, but we live in Canada and the growing season is just too short.  Not to mention that it snowed on the 30th of May.  I will be excited to see what we sow and what we reap. One day I will have a garden that looks like this...

With lots of flowers among my vegetables.

As for now, I need to pack my bags as the hubby and I head to the West Coast for his brothers wedding. (it's been 13 months in the process... he popped the question last May in Central park.... soooooooooo romantic)!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So today had to be the most unproductive day at work that I have had.  There is one reason for this...   That's right!  I came across this story on Monday and ever since have been completely addicted to this woman and her amazing story.  She is such an inspiration to me!  I look forward to finishing the 1000+ posts that she has posted (I am over half way).  I want to strive to live my life like her each and every day.  She has truly been an inspiration to me.  I want to meet her.  I want her to be my neighbor :)

As for this evening.  I came home and was exhausted due to Elder Travis Gallup making it home from his mission in Phoenix Arizona.  I took a 20 minute nap and then was making dinner for the missionaries.  Shane was running late and I was a little frustrated.  The missionaries showed up and it was a blessing that Shane was late.  The elders waited on the porch as I frantically finished setting the table and cooking.  We had breakfast for dinner... YUM!  

As I have been learning from Nie to enjoy the cooking and cleaning up after it, for womanhood is my divine destiny and purpose in this life.  I jumped at Shane's request that I mow the lawn while he did his homework.  I took Lily to get gas for the lawn mower and Shane helped me get the law mower ready.  Unfortunately the lawn mower needs a bit of work, but thinking of Nie, I stayed calm and took the opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful yard that we have this time of year.  

It smells heavenly!

and while I'm at it, I couldn't help but get a picture of this.  I love our cat Lily.