Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm a Dino

I dropped off over 50 pages worth of course outlines this morning to finish my registration process.

Things I am looking forward to:
  1. New school clothes/shopping for them in UTAH
  2. Walking around campus/familiarizing myself with U of C
  3. Learning about people and how they work
  4. Attending lectures
  5. Expanding my knowledge
  6. NO MATH (stats instead)
  7. Meeting new friends
  8. Study groups

September can't come soon enough... hopefully they get those course outlines processed fast! I am hoping to finish registering for my classes as soon as I get back from Utah. Both of my jobs have offered that if we can work out scheduling, I can work part time.

Things I need to do between now and September:

  1. Lose 10 pounds
  2. Read all the fun books to my hearts content
  3. Read up more on Sociology
  4. Spend time with Shane
  5. Get my house in ship shape.

Other miscilanious things I'm excited about:

  1. Our trip to Utah and everything that brings with it
  2. Fall time
  3. The holidays will be here before we know it
  4. Lily loves me again
  5. Drafting up a plan for my red, back/spare room

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Collage of July

So I am a little slow with the times, but have recently figured out photobucket. I created an account in September and now, nearly a year later am figuring out how easy it is. So here is my first collage of what our recent happenings have been.
We are stoked to be leaving for utah in T-33 hours and 48 minutes.
Shane and I went on a run last night... I did 5k, yep, 3.2 miles for Mindy running the entire time, averaging a 5 minute k :) I was really pleased with myself. I have a serious charly horse that I have had since just before 3k, hoping it will relax.
Here is a quick glimpse at what we have done the last several weeks.

from top to bottom, left to right (me just home from a run, Lily who has turned evil lately... she does whatever she wants, bbq with some friends from our ward, Shane's older brothers Birthday party at our house, Cardston temple session, journey to Cardston, Bon Jovi concert, Scentsy Party, we buzzed Shane's head, doesn't he look great?.

As for the party, I was sad with the turn out... why didn't you come? Lily freaked out in the middle of it and I have about 10 clawmarks in my face. I am wondering if maybe she needs to be put down instead of fixed... Something snapped in here recently.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There are days like today where the Holy Ghost is continuously with me and filling my heart. Reminding me of the love of my Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father have for me. I am grateful for the plan of salvation and for all of the miracles performed daily all around me. I know that He has a plan and that everything happens according to that plan. My life was spared 9 years ago after a 4 wheeling accident. Things like these stories gently remind me why we live on this earth and why we must love and live life to the fullest.

Some people come in your life for a reason, season, or lifetime.  Make each moment count... life can change in an instant.  

Monday, July 26, 2010


This morning all that I could think as I was trying to snooze was last night was rough, last night was real rough. Like I said last week, Sunday nights I freak out. I don't know whether it's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that the weekend is over, or the work week ahead. None the less, Sunday nights are rough.
Last night I held myself together better than usual. The reason last night was rough was because it was hot (finally), but it makes it really hard to sleep when your room is hot. I opened all the windows in our 525sq ft home and left our bedroom door open to let the mountain breeze blow through. The downfall to leaving our bedroom door open is that Lily thinks she needs to sleep in our bed with us. That isn't the real problem, the real problem is that she only sleeps for a little while and then uses Shane and I as a pin cushion or tries to sniff up our noses (she's weird). I didn't sleep very well and morning came far too quickly.
Our weekend was fun! We spent evenings lounging on our back patio, bbqing, enjoying the sun. We lifted a 400lb axle with a transmission on it into our truck and hauled it to the dump. The lady at the dump when we paid for our load was quick shocked. We had nearly 1,000 pounds. Yeah, the guys at the dump were pretty impressed that Shane and I lifted that axle. We chaperoned the youth dance, made some new friends, ate late at Denny's, went to the flower market, napped, played the wii, laughed, cleaned, and played with the Harkers. Fun, fun, fun.
I realized this weekend I haven't done the post I was tagged in. I will try to squeeze that in this week. I've got a busy week and won't bore you with the details.

Have a great last week in July!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tell A Friend Friday

Hello friends, I would like to thank the radio for the title this morning. Here we go into Friday ramblings/thoughts/desires.

This is my brother, isn't he a looker? He has WAY more than looks to offer. He is funny, fun, smart, committed, spiritual, frugal, a planner, sensitive to others, caring, intuitive, honest, romantic, and so compassionate. He will be a great find to the girl he will marry, and in return, she better be so good to him, or else!!! Jonathan and I have a special brother sister relationship. When I was in the accident that nearly claimed my life, at 17, he began fasting and praying for me immediately. Waiting outside my hospital room, checking in on how I was doing, praying, praying, praying. We drove to and from University 4 days a week together for a semester and that brought us even closer. I was there when he went through one of the hardest times of his life, and was grateful as he kept telling me that he wouldn't want anyone else to be with him during it but me. I love him a lot, and want a girl to love him even more than I do, and for them to be madly in love, and married in the temple for eternity.

This is my sister, she is so swanky! I love her lots and lots too. Whenever a boy asked me to send a picture of me, I was always hesitant to send a picture with her in it, for fear they would think she was way better looking than I was. She and I shared a room for 17.5 years. We had many fun times throwing underwear, shirts, and other random things into our fan, laughing, and being told many times that we need to be quiet and go to bed. She is spiritual, beautiful, honest, giving, upfront, and when she puts her mind to it, can do anything! With her, I want her to be a sister missionary! She has wanted to go on a mission for the last 7 years and I am just waiting for her to take the plunge and go for it. If she does decide to go, I look forward to sewing her fashionable missionary skirts, shopping, packing up her room, and getting everything else taken care of. I'll take the time off work, school, whatever I need to in order to be with her.

I wonder why they all got the looks, talents, and why it skipped over me! NOT fair! I do have 5 other siblings as well. They will be featured here in future dates, as well as my parents.

This computer at work is super slow!!!! Especially when I am trying to print something.

Shane and I are Utah bound 1 week and 7 hours from right this very instant! Oh the sunshine!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Neither of us can!!!!!

It is another dreary day here in Calgary, shocking, I know. The view out the wall of windows to the left of me is beautiful! It is like something someone would photograph and sell for a lot of money. That is the one perk to the change in weather. That being said, the grey makes me think of fall/winter, which makes me think of Christams, and as a result, I am listening to Christmas music right now, and someone just popped popcorn, which helps the feeling as well. The weather IS supposed to clear up this afternoon and sunshine is all that is in the forecast for the weekend. Praise the Lord!

I feel like I am being robbed of my summer. With Shane in school the entire month of June, I missed a month of summer, and with July being as ugly as it has been, I am feeling really discouraged. August better be beautiful!!! If my wishes are grantid, Shane and I will take to the mountains every minute that we can! I want to use my new backpack I got for my birthday and carrying around a framed packpack at school will look a bit silly.

Our weekend plans look as follows: chaperone youth dance, take a load to the dump, give Lily the attention she has been begging for, yoga class for me Sat morning, church, Inception viewing, hopefully a run together, and hopefully marble slab again! I love the stuff, lots and lots! (not in that order of coarse)

Does anyone know how to use Twitter? I set up a personal, and a work account, and have very little clue about how it all works. If you send tweets regularly, please help me?

Happy Friday! Have an amazing weekend, because we will for sure!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tin Grin, Railroad Tracks, Metal Mouth, Brace Face... all apply

That's right...  This afternoon I went from this...

to this...

gross!  I look like I'm in Jr. high again.  Oh well... only 2 months and then a perfect smile.  Friday Ramblings to come on Friday.

My Plea

This is my desperate plea!!!! So here's the deal. If I don't get $200 in sales before next weekend (July 31) I will be terminated as a Scentsy consultant. I have had a lot of speed bumps, but I don't want to bore you with the details (ask me if you really want to know).

I need your help!!!!!!!

This is a fabulous product, I truly love it! I have had my warmer for 2 years and have never had to even change the light bulb in it. They are 100% safe, lead free, smoke free, never get hot enough to burn you (wax or warmer), made of parafin wax which is used to can food and is 100% safe if a pet, child, or husband decides they are curious. My favourite part is that you can leave it on all day long whether you are home or not. The worst thing that is going to happen is that the lightbulb will burn out. The bars are very fragrant (the woman could smell it upstairs and it went throughout our whole basement suite) and last for 80+ hours. Best of all, they are only $6. You can change them whever you feel like it, a great candle for only $6. That's less than a fast food meal, and far more staisfying, not to mention calorie free.

Order before Monday and I will give you 10% back in free product. Great for baby or wedding showers, graduations, weddings, get wells, congratulations, anything!

Come to one of my parties... Canada, or Utah for great eats, memories, prizes, and fun!
Already have Scentsy... check this out for some sweet scent recipes! Awesome!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Announcement Please

My big announcement is....

I am looking into starting an Etsy shop online. Living in Canada and all there are only a few in the whole country. I have been talking with Shane about possibly starting our own host website (similar to Etsy) for Canadians to sell their crafts. I know several people who make fun things (jewelery, tutu's, vinal, etc). If you live in Calgary and are crafty and make fun things, Please contact me with your interest If there are enough people who want to do this, we will seriously pursue this dream.

I will sell cutesy things like the following: (stolen off of the internet since I haven't had time to take pictures myself and I know you don't want to wait until tomorrow for it).

While I'm at it... 2 Scentsy parties coming up:

July 28th 7-9pm at micasa
August 3 at my madres casa (Utah)

You can order online, or just browse the product at:
Please come?

Monday, July 19, 2010


I'm ready for it! Summer in Alberta has basically been non existent. The current temperature today on July 19 at 4:07pm is 59 degrees f folks. That's right... It's JULY HELLO!!!!! It's supposed to be over 100 f and I'm supposed to be in my swimming suit somewhere. It sure has made for a downer. The thunder is starting as I type this.

Shane and I went for a run on Saturday night and saw the damage on some of the neighbors cars from the wicked hail we got last week. Thankfully neither of our vehicles were home. I have been told time and time again, this is not typical for Alberta. This is my 3rd summer up here and yep, it's been the same every year. The gray gloomyness makes me feel slow and groggy. Therefore I am looking forward to fall. I am looking back in my memory to fall in Utah. The beautiful colours, the fabulous fall smell, the stale afternoons, the harvest, Halloween where people actually go trick or treating, Thanksgiving in November. You know, that fall. Instead we experience yellow leaves and black trees. Nothing else. It stays dead here from October to May. Pretty depressing.

Falls are always great to me. They are so forgiving. It is like starting fresh. In my mind, the new year should be September 1st. I love back to school, and the change in everything. I love the new friends, new clothes, getting the sweaters out (not me, they've been out all year. I'm wearing a sweater today and had the space heater on at work, can you blame me?). I look forward to the football games, college homecomings, and chili. Wow how I miss everything about it. I think getting ready to go back to school also helps this feeling inside me.

Also, check out my new button. Yep, I made sure I ordered my copy of A Holiday with Matthew Mead. Last year we didn't have much of a Christmas. We had been evicted (for having my scentsy going) and were inbetween houses last year. I was heart broken and distraught. No tree, very minimal baking, no time for shopping, nothing. It was a sad sad year. I am going to go all out this year!!!!! You bet your boots my house will be decked from head to toe (that is if we aren't moving again). We have been talking about Christmas in Mexico, but I think I want to reconsider and do Mexico either in January or March for Snow and cold at Christmas is normal, happy, and tolerable.

I have a big announcement coming soon.... Tonight if I can muster up the energy after my time at the yoga studio. I love you all, I really do. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ready To Lose It

It is Sunday night and Shane would prefer that I was in bed with him, however, I am sitting on the couch fuming, and sleep is the last thing on my mind. Our cat is in heat AGAIN and is driving me crazy, I have no patience right now and her constant throaty meowing is driving me through the roof.

The real thing that sent me over the edge is trying to register for my courses this fall. I can't get into most of the classes that I want because I have to submit all of the course outlines (syllabus) from those classes. I had to mail in 4 different transcripts, meet with a counselor, and now all of this!!!!!! It is so hard for me to even being this whole process again since in my mind, I was supposed to graduate in May from USU and instead, I am practically starting over in Canada. It is moments like this that I question if moving to Canada was really worth it (I know that marrying Shane was the right decision. Maybe I just needed to be selfish and demand we live in Utah). There have been so many struggles like immigration, homesickness, work visas, culture, economy, in-laws, money, just to name a few.

I like to think that I knew who I was and where I was headed with life. Sure in 2008 I was a 19 year old university student headed towards a degree, not sure which one yet, but working on getting there. Obviously the Lord had different plans for me. I would be lying to say this was a great weekend. Sure parts of it were wonderful like spending the evenings with Shane, eating marble slab ice cream, and watching one of my favorite movies and having Shane like it too. We went to the temple on Saturday and as I was praying about if school was right, I had a very different feeling than the one I expected. We have been praying for months to know if it is right that we have a baby, and the answer for me has been a definite no. So I figure that I am supposed to go back to school. As I was asking my Heavenly Father if this is what I was to do I had somewhat of a discouraging, empty feeling. The LAST thing that I wanted. In utter frustration in the car I asked Shane what he thought I was supposed to be doing. It feels that every way I turn I am stuck. I have been told to be a mom, to get an education, and why does none of it feel 100% (more on that here). Why can't it be easier???

None the less, Shane and I have decided that me going back to school is a good idea, and what can it hurt to have more education? I have toyed with the plan of attaining a business degree for years and years. After meeting with a councelor at the University of Calgary working on my application, she suggested I applied for a program that my gpa would look great in. I did so thinking that I would just register for business classes. As Shane was going over things with me tonight we were looking at the program that I am in and it dawned on me. The program that I originally applied for is actually the classes, career, and lifestyle that I want to lead, not one as a grouchy business person. The business world is harsh!!!!! My guess is that you are curious as to what I am going to major in....

I will be finishing my post secondary education in
Be proud of me ok? Getting to this point has been a rough, long road, but I am going to do it!!!! I am going to finish strong..... Now I will wipe my tears, brush my teeth, wash my face, and put my pathetic self to bed.
Thank you for your love and support! A MUCH better post will come in the morning.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Ramblings

It is becoming a trend, Fridays I ramble on about random everythings... Maybe it will change, but I will probably continue on with my Friday ramblings for a while. It's just the way that Fridays feel, it's just so Mindy, right? So without further adieu:

You know when your mascara is running out, there is still some, but your eyelashes don't look nearly as good as when you have a new tube? That is the point I have been at all week. As I put it on my eyelashes I tihink to myself, I really need to go to Wal Mart and get a new tube. Random, I know, but true.

Shane and I leave on vacation in T minus 14 days. Saturday July 31 we will be pointing the Corolla south headed to Utah for a fun, warm break. We have a lot of plans. Lagoon, 7 Peaks, hiking, trip to Logan, considering glitter toes (Crystal you in?), boating, possibly 2 Scentsy parties, shopping, relaxing, playing games with the fam, visiting, on and on. I know I am looking forward to it. We are also going to be picking up Shane's graduation present.

Presenting the newest memeber of our kitchen:

We're both pretty excited. He's ordering it today to be picked up. I also get to pick up my new dress
I would ask Jamie Harper to take pictures of us, but I will have braces on my teeth at that point, so I will wait until they are off. My face is finally clearing up, my 11 day "time of the month" finally left... Longest EVER!!!!!!!!! and I'm feeling good. Trying to figure out how to tame my mane. I know, I really need to post a picture... I will take some this weekend, promise!!!!
Wow how I miss all of the fun shops in Utah. The dress above ordered from Shabby Apple, my 2 amazing swimming suits from Lime Ricki, both shops in Utah. Calgary just doesn't have the same creativity. I have been talking with Jamie Hirtle (who's parents live just down the road from mine in C-town) and we say we should create a crafty, fun boutique like you find in Utah. We'll see, maybe one day.

I think Lily is in heat, again! It's really annoying, I'm just scared to send her in for surgery, but I think it's getting to be about time.

Zumba tonight, I thoroughly enjoy it.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Always Say A Prayer
that's what the billboard at community church around the corner from work said not too long ago. They always have some kind of catchy slogan to make you think. I really like this one and think of it each time I pass the church on my way to work even though it is not still on the billboard. I love having the true gospel in my life. Do you not know what I believe? Go here.

As far as prayer goes, hopefull I will get to hear "Livin on a Prayer" tonight at this concert. Oh the joys of Stampede.

(Jon Bon Jovi)

Shane has a slight obsession with his music meaning, we have every single one of his songs on our computer in about 3 different versions. So naturally when I heard he was coming to Calgary back in January, I asked Shane if he wanted to go. He said it sounded cool. A couple of weeks ago he was tossing the idea of buying tickets around and then let it drop. Sunday night before going to bed I asked him if he wanted to get tickets and he said no. So yesterday went down like this via email.

Shane: What do you think about going to the Bon Jovi concert? I am still thinking about it...I don't know.

Mindy: I think you really want to go. I would enjoy being with you, plus who knows when he will come again. I say lets go :)

So my sweetheart bought us tickets, arranged how to get us into the park, and we are headed to go and listen to him tonight. This morning as I got to work I may or may not have found the Stampede guide that comes in the mail in my purse, encouraging me to figure out what we want to do before the concert starts. That boy makes me smile.

I have been tagged in a fun tag describing my house, watch for that tag, my weekend project may or may not be in there...

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to being a student again... I brought a book to work today and look forward for long days spent in one of these...

Oh the hours I will spend in a small coffee shop... drinking steamed milk or herbal tea pouring over pages of text whether for school, or pleasure, typing away on my laptop, loving every second of it.

My mornings will start out like this...

I will get ready, head to a day of school, hopefull work 3 short shifts a week at some retail store, and enjoy every second of being a student.

I look forward to it, a lot!

In the mean time, remember these guys?

Trust me, you'll enjoy listening.

Monday, July 12, 2010


So, my blog has received yet another facelife. I don't know about you, but I have hated the new design templates in blogger!!!! They are terrible!!! So, last night before bed I asked Shane if he would help me with our blog. He is super smart at HTML coding and understanding how everything works with computers and writing programs, websites, etc. He is my little genius... ALL MINE!!! I love him! I did a fun project this weekend... I will post on that later. Yoga tonight, we'll see if my cramps will cooperate, maybe just cleaning the studio...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

First off... generall speaking women in aviation have very strong willed personalities which often includes not having husbands, not very many friends, and the ability to offend ANYONE. Amelia Earhart anyone??

It's time to take charge of a full body makeover... I have the perfect haircut and some amazing accessories made last weekend to go with it (pictures to come soon). It's time to slim down this body who is on the verge of outgrowing my 2nd pants size in 2 years :( I have started using proactiv on my face that hasn't been zit free in a year. July 21 I get brackets on my teeth as I am in my last invisalign tray to finish giving me the perfect smile. Once they are off bleaching please??? It's time to make me pretty, use some self tanner lotion to give me a natural glow, and set my inner spirit free.

I don't appreciate arrogant people, we all came from the same place and are headed there after life. If everyone were treated equal can you imagine how great the world would be? World peace???? I'm in.

The sun is finally shining and I'm ready for some summer fun! I wish I had more energy at the end of the work day to put into something fun and exciting, generally speaking I am out of gas once I get home and unless there is some activity going on, I'm just hanging around... no energy to clean, cook, or do anything.

My house also needs a bit of a crafty facelift, my sewing machine is crying and so sad it is still in it's box.

What should Shane and I do tomorrow?? Here are some choices: go to the temple, trip to the family ranch (riding horses, quad, hiking, driving the tractor, etc...), movie and shopping, be REALLY spontaneous and ask the hirtles if they want to go camping tonight and spend the day in the mountains, organize the house, go to the farmers market, go to the Calgary Stampede, yoga, workout, lounge around... the list could go on forever.

Being assertive is one of the keys to happiness. I was confused at what the definition of assertive was. I thought it meant knowing your surroundings and the comings and going of that. It actually means several things but to me the big part of the meaning is to state your needs. I was feeling quite frustrated and upset with my job... I know, surprise surprise... I took it into my hands and expressed what was going on, it's amazing what doing that leads to. I was able to resolve all of the issues I was having and look at things from a new perspective. AMAZING!

I want glitter toes

The end.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Yep, it's been one of those days!!!!!! One where you are practically counting the seconds on your hands because it is going so incredibly slow. I think the fact that I had a 3 day weekend makes it even worse. The things I was asked to do today eg (figure out how to format binder spine inserts, copy like a bazillion papers on our printer, etc...) drove me about up the wall! Come on people, I DO HAVE 2 YEARS OF POST SECONDARY EDUCATION BEHIND ME!!!!! I am not a fool and I don't want to do the meaningless jobs that you would prefer not to do. Yeah... it made me think, do I really want to do this any longer? Shane tells me on a regular basis that I don't need to work here any more. Is it too much to ask to have a work environment that I enjoy and keeps me busy? Honestly! So that has been my day.

I am definitely planning on taking a yoga class tonight as well as cleaning the studio ... I need to get this irritation out and that is the best way to do it...

Quit, or not??????