Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh, By The Way...

"Did you know you are speaking in church on Sunday?"

"No, but thanks for telling me... what am I speaking on?"

Yep, that's how the conversation went with the RS president as she was dropping me off at my house after getting her car high centered and waiting to be bailed out by her husband.

Always how you want your Wednesday night to end...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Delta Monopoly

So, to fly into SLC round trip it costs around $600...

To fly into Las Vegas round trip with a layover in SLC costs around $300

To get off at your layover in SLC and then end up in Vegas to come home = once you're off in SLC THE REST OF YOUR FLIGHT IS CANCELED!!!!!!

BOGUS!!!! Delta has SUCH a monopoly on the Calgary to Salt Lake flights.

Therefore... I will not be making it down to fulfill my mission in Utah this week :(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

On A Mission

After I bawled my way though a good hour of church today, I told Shane I REALLY REALLY needed to go to Utah to recharge my batteries.

After I checked Delta for their flight prices and found out I could leave tomorrow or Wednesday and not return until February for 1/2 the price I normally pay to go for a visit, Shane was a bit more convinced

After a phone call to Delta airlines tomorrow to confirm my plan (to get off at my layover in SLC and then head to Vegas around the time I come home, since it is a flight return Calgary to Vegas), I will be almost there

I need to hang with these peeps... (sans missionary Sabrina)

and hopefully some of my other peeps

Eat lots of yummy home cooking... visit Cafe Rio MULTIPLE times... shop for CUTE, YOUNG LOOKING maternity clothes (yes I am getting a bump)... watch some siblings in basketball games... you know... the usual...

and once I've had my fun in Northern Utah, I will head for the beautiful red rocks of Southern Utah to visit the grandparent folk and soak my bones in the sunshine!

I have a feeling this mission is going to be a success!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


As I sit here in the beginning of my SECOND TRIMESTER (started today thank you very much) I can't help but feel so blessed. For the events of today include: (in no particular order)

  • Pouring over the love of a sister to another read here
  • Listening to my husbands singing voice pour out of the shower in various hymns and other songs.
  • Laughed my way through my SOUR quinoa southwest salad that Shane suggested we put in tortilla shells, and next time eat on top of fish.
  • Had a wonderful, spiritual visit from my faithful visiting teachers on the foundations of Relief Society and charity... find the article here
  • Babysat and visited with one of my first friends here in Canada
  • Had lunch with friend mentioned above and sister-in-law
  • Cleaned the yoga studio
  • Visited with sister-in-law
  • Did the dishes
  • Made banana chocolate-chip muffins
  • Giggled more with Shane while listening to ridiculous songs on youtube
  • Visited with my mom on the phone who informed me that baby has been purchased presents as well as a snowsuit that is absolutely DARLING she swears by (we just continue to hope that our gut instinct that baby is a boy holds true)

Man I love my life! I feel so blessed!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


There have been some days this week that have found me with a heavy heart. I have had the opportunity to be serving a family in our ward who is in a difficult situation. The husband has been diagnosed with cancer and given a short time to live. I spent 2 days with the couple this week and had my burdens lifted. It has been such a gift for me to be a listening ear and to do simple things like fold the laundry, or load the dishes. I am truly grateful for the Lord in my life and KNOW he is over all.

As I continue to get to know new friends and old friends better, I am blessed by their stories, their trials, their inspirations. I have a firm testimony that the Lord is in charge of all things. He is the one who decides when the time is right for everything. I have had my dark moments, I have had my times when it feels like the Lord has forgotten or abandoned me. Each of us spends time in our own Gethsemane, many are going through theirs now. The Lord is there! He loves us and is conscious of us and our struggles in those times more than ever. Pray to Him, He is the only one who can heal a broken heart, He performs miracles, He can do anything. All that is required of us is the faith to turn our lives over to Him.

I am grateful I was able to have my bucket filled today at church, I hope you were too!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Love Flowers!

Shane's brother who is just under him in age was married over the holidays. I was flattered to be asked to do the flowers for the wedding, and then again for the reception. It was so much fun to put everything together. I was so caught up in it that I forgot to take pictures of the flowers at home... and forgot my camera (along with several other things) as we rushed out the door to their reception Saturday, so when I get a hold of the pictures I took, I will post them. Wouldn't having this many flowers around your house make you happy?

I can't forget to name my trusty assistant. She has a very precise touch and those roses really needed a good trim and drink in her opinion.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cold Wintery Day

I woke up this morning to a gloomy, mushy day outside. I got myself ready and headed for the University of Calgary to sell back my old textbooks. I was a bit disappointed with the results, I spent over $600 originally for the books and got around $130 back today. I figured it's better than the books sitting unread, unopened, forever on my book shelves. I went to the bank to deposit a cheque that showed up from my old job yesterday. I look at all of the little things like that and feel so blessed. It is such a wonderful world that we live in, and I know that my Heavenly Father is looking out for me and blessing me for the good things that I do. I did a bit of shopping, and couldn't help but think, oh how I wish I was in Utah and could shop and JoAnne's fabrics, and eat Cafe Rio. I know all things happen for a reason, and that we are needed in Calgary at this point in time. I called Shane at work to see if his boss was in today. We have decided we need a vacation and the deals are just too good to be true right now. I am looking forward to sunshine and a trip down to Utah when I can get around to it. Isn't life wonderful! That is what I am saying today!

Living for today, and looking forward to tomorrow!