Monday, February 28, 2011

Surprises Around Every Corner

4:30-10:30AM... Baby is doing fine... Needless to say, we've been trying to catch up on our sleep...

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Love To See The Temple!

Cardston, Alberta

Bountiful, Utah

Salt Lake City Utah

These 3 Temples all have very special meaning to me. Today in Alberta, we celebrated Family Day. It has been way too long since Shane and I have been to the temple together and we decided we would make it happen today. We drove and got through Calgary quicker than we have ever made it. All of the sessions today were BIG, I was glad to make it for the last session. I love the blessings the Temple brings, and I love that I get to go inside, like I used to sing about when I was a little girl. What a wonderful way to start off the week :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Aftermass

Yesterday was a wonderful BUSY day around our neck of the woods. I started off the morning getting our house in tip top shape. As I was talking with my mom on the phone I decided that chocolate dipped strawberries would be a fun surprise for Shane when he got home. We had decided over the weekend to push our Valentines dinner off for a few days, since we had meetings and what not (more details on that later in the post). So I rushed to the store, got some yummy strawberries, and headed downtown to Crave cupcakes to get one for Shane. I ended up paying $5 for parking to buy 2 $3 cupcakes, but what gives, it's Valentines day right? So I got home and to my dismay, the cupcakes got smashed in my attempt to bring them in the house :( I knew I was on a time limit so I started the water boiling for my homemade double boiler and started melting the chocolate chips for our delicious strawberries.

The strawberries dipped beautifully! I finished getting the house ready, a shower and myself ready, and I was out the door. We went and MET WITH A MORTGAGE BROKER. I know, how romantic, but really, it's a big deal. We talked with him about financing, and then the builder about purchasing a home. We picked a lot (not so sure we're going to go with them, but required to get approved for the mortgage). It was an exhausting process. Needless to say we spent 4 hours working over housing details and what not.

On the way home I thought I was going to barf... Tiny was MAD that I hadn't fed him in so long. We ordered Pizza and rushed home (the 25 minute drive). I picked up the pizza and Shane saved the night when I walked into our house and he was lighting candles on the table. A last minute romantic, candlelit dinner. It was perfect!

After stuffing our faces, we watched Wipeout, PERFECT Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On Call Vet

That's right, I have a new "title." I felt like Thursday could have very well been one of my busiest/ most stressful days lately. I am the counselor in charge of the the midweek activities. We had one on Thursday night and it was a wonderful success! We made sandwiches for the homeless shelter and then spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other. I was touched by the gratitude of the sisters in our ward, the ward didn't have to buy anything! The time we spent getting to know each other was a lot of fun too!

Shane being the wonderful man he is delivered the sandwiches for us. As I was on my way home, I called to see how he was doing and if he was home. He had to cut the phone conversation short because his family was calling in on the other line. When I got home, Shane informed me that there was a mama cow who needed our help! We packed our stuff and were out the door, dinner on the pan right out of the oven and all.

It took us about an hour to get out the farm, and his mom was very relieved when we got there. I know not everyone has as strong of a stomach when it comes to the details, so I will spare you. My job was to hold the tail and Shane and his mom went to work. Within about an hour a cute little black calf was born. The mom was a fiesty one and made it hard to help her. The calf was pretty limp and the first thing out of my mouth was "is it alive?" To back up a bit, I was talking to my mother in law around 4:30PM and this mom cow was in labour, here we were 8 hours later getting it out.

I was instructed to run across the field and get some water from the trough. As I got back I tried to walk in front of the mom... well, NEVER walk in front of a cow with a new calf. I got a shower of cold water to say the least. We splashed the calf in the face with water and left the mom and calf to do their thing once the calf was ok.

I went out the next morning as we checked the cows. The mom had calmed down, and the calf (Percy as I named him) was fluffy and cute. He was premature and a tiny little thing. I could SO live the life of a rancher, just in case anyone was wondering.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Funny Story

Last night as I was having my personal "bonding" time with the baby after my prayers I was thinking of names. Now, I personally am not one to pick a name before and share it with everyone, I think I need to see the little one first. Anyways, I really think this little one is a boy and as my mind was thinking last night, it drifted over to girl names. The name that I thought was so pretty was Olivia Megan... and then it hit me... Her initials would be


for YEARS... I just don't think I could put a child through that... it made for a good laugh :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Open 24 Hours

I find myself here on the couch enjoying indigestion/heartburn, with a sad heart. I often think to myself life may be easier if my heart weren't so big, as in I didn't care so much about people. Shane and I were going to bed and I bawled and begged him to move me to Utah. I miss everything about that place... the people, my family, the weather, stores being open 24 hours, the culture, the food, the speed limits, miles instead of kilometers, everything that was once mine and oh so normal to me.

I really should think of all of the blessings that are mine, but it's hard so late at night, after a long day. I talked to my mom on the phone tonight, she just had a rough surgery on Monday and tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be the most painful. I have never heard her in so much pain before (my mom is a trooper, she had 8 kids, remember?). My heart aches to be home taking care of her, watching my siblings grow up, going to their sporting events, being around friends my age, in a similar situation to me, eating yummy Mexican food, and soaking up the spirit my childhood home has. Soon I tell myself, I just have to get through Sunday and next Thursday, then I can plan an extravagant looooooooonnnnnngggg stay in Utah to celebrate my moms big 5-0 and love up my younger siblings.

I have a lunch date with some friends from school at noon. I never thought that I would say I miss my experience at the U of C, but tonight it came out. I don't miss the school work load, but I sure miss feeling "normal." Being pregnant at 22 in Canada = NOT normal by regular standards.

I'm going to cry a few more tears, eat some more tums, and hopefully be able to fall off to dreamland.


Don't be frightened, this is how most mornings, no, days look at the Gallup house. I sit in my bathrobe, needing a shower, hair a mess, until I need to leave somewhere. I wear makeup maybe once a week (if I'm speaking in church or something important like that), and my house is in desperate need of a clean. I think to myself as I sit pouring over my daily reads "I really should fold that laundry in our room, put away the extra dishes from Sunday dinner, and do the dishes." Yeah, and then the thought comes "I really should go to the gym, and visit______", which thought quickly passes as well. You can call me lazy, I call me pregnant, but I'm just being honest, right?