Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Thief

So, it is me, Shane, writing as a guest writer on my own blog. You see I am not really in to this blogging stuff, it kind of drives me crazy to read about other peoples' lives all day rather than paying attention to your own life. Not to mention how emotionally invested people become with people they don't even know...but, I digress...that topic would maybe make a great future blog post. Actually, come to think of it, that wouldn't be a good post, because to write it I would have to blog it myself to our blog and then the bloggers reading the blog would be blogging along and then 'BLOG!' there is this anti-blog blog and since they will be bloggers they will be pro-blog and be blogfended and blog on our blog about how I should stop bloggin' sayin' stuff about blogs, bloggers, and blogging.

Anyways, enough about blogs, on to the real topic: The Thief. The real reason Mindy asked me to write this blog is because she was emotionally torn about writing about The Thief. You see, Mindy has a relationship with The Thief that I will never understand (I guess that is true with most girl relationships as well). Mindy 'loves' The Thief, yet sometimes The Thief makes her 'very disappoint'. Mindy asked me to write this because for some reason if I write it then if The Thief reads it later, she won't hold it against Mindy. Apparently, cats have feelings. And apparently cats can also use computers and blog. And yes, if you can't tell by now, The Thief is our cat.

You see 'The Thief' is not a name we came up with on a whim. Lily, our cat, is in fact a kleptomaniac. Anytime we are not in the same room, and many times when we are, Lily will snoop around, and try and find the most expensive or messy thing she can take and get it. That thing can be out in the open, or on a shelf, or in a box, or under a pile of clothes. Lily has a great talent at finding things to steal. Her favourite things to do with stolen items are eating/chewing on them or hiding them under the couch or behind the toilet (I have to admit, that is a pretty smart hiding place, who looks for stuff there?). So, Lily, in front of the whole wide internet I am calling you out, you are a thief! There, I said it! Take that you feline rascal! See if the alley cats treat you nice anymore now!

What prompted this whole post was her most recent heist. While we have seen Lily pull off all sorts of cons over her lifetime, requiring all sorts of talents, we could never have been prepared for what awaited us when we returned from church today. Here is the scene of the crime:

So, apparently Lily can open the highest cupboard in our kitchen. You would think she was after the pepperoni, but after gnawing on the ziploc bag for a bit, she found her favourite treat in that cupboard. Goldfish crackers. Yes, our cat loves goldfish crackers (don't be asking me where she gets them from!) To top off her theft, she also knocked the flower over (on the left of the picture), maybe just to add to the picturesque-ness off the crime?

Despite all of her thieving abilities, the cat lacks one crucial talent to be a successful thief. The talent of hiding/escaping. You see on the right side of the picture, Lily is still present at the scene of the crime. Usually she attempts to hide behind objects that are smaller than half the size of her body like a milk jug or clear items like a glass vase. Silly cat. Your love for goldfish crackers and lack of hiding skills means we know it was you. No, the wind was not strong enough through the window to blow the plant over and suck the pepperoni and crackers out of the cupboard. Nice try though. The plant almost had me convinced. Almost.

The moral of the story is... that cats are weird.

For Lily, apparently stealing stuff gives her great pleasure. And from what I hear, apparently 'it is cute'. Well, Thief, it's not! However, all in all I have to admit, as much as I complain, the cat is useful to have around. Lily is a great therapist and an even better spider hunter.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I've had some crazy surges of hormones being pregnant with this little man. I get to the point where I just feel so out of control and truly there is nothing I can do about it. I can't hide the tears or pain or negativity that is going on inside of me.

To those of you who have reached out a hand, extended a listening ear, or offered kind words of encouragement and advice; you have no idea the impact that your kindness and understanding has had and means to me.

To those of you I have offended, I apologize, please take my comment with a grain of salt and understand that more than likely it is these wonderful hormones talking, not me. Honestly and truly.

Shane got released as Elders Quorum President today. I feel apart, I couldn't handle it. We still have 10 weeks before our house is going to be done... what about me? That was my thought, that is my constant battle, woah is me. I am trying really hard, I promise!!!!

Thank you for loving me :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Last Couple of Days...

This song describes pretty well how my days have gone. I have been SICK... like morning sickness all over again and eating generally makes things worse. This little guy is worth it, every bit!!!! So, despite the odds, I decided to play lots of wii with Shane and make ginger snaps to calm things down.

Enjoy and have a good laugh :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Prep Team

Please tell me you've read The Hunger Games series. Wouldn't you love to have this many people on YOUR prep team?

This post is a shout out to sibling #4. Today is the day he graduates from High School! He's a stud. He played on the golf team, varsity basketball, and varsity baseball (as the pitcher). He has a fun personality and sense of humor. He is a wonderful balance to our family and we all just love him up! CONGRATULATIONS and way to go Matt!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Friends

I love having good friends... you know the ones you can call at any time, who will do anything for you, and in turn you would do anything for them. The one's who are like family to you and you can just walk into their houses or drop by unexpected and it's all ok. The one's who look past your messy house and enjoy your company.

When I found out I was pregnant, 2 of these such friends offered that I borrow their maternity clothes since they weren't using them and I could definitely benefit from something that would cover my growing bump. Fortunately for me, one of these friends is having a "fashion crisis" and I was ecstatic to call her and offer my non maternity clothes to drape her shape until we swap clothes back after I'm done being pregnant, and she hopefully is pregnant. Especially since I feel I have some stylish clothes since I bought a new wardrobe to go back to school last fall in... it only lasted a few months until I "outgrew" it, and for a good reason.

I love good friends and I'm sure you have one or two that you love too!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Mom

My mom is one spunky lady... as you can see by these pictures. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I love her so so much. We talk on the phone pretty much everyday and it recharges me for the next adventure life throws at me.

We were on the phone last night and my mom told me this story... She was out running on the track in the park behind our house. It was after dark and she had her hair in a ponytail. As she was making her way around, there was a group of young guys that started whistling and catcalling towards her. My mom, being the woman she is stopped dead in her tracks, put her hands on her hips and yelled:

"I'm FIFTY and have EIGHT kids!"

The guys immediately stopped and quickly left. Yep, that's MY mom! I love her!