Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your First Week

Dear Samuel,

Your first week has been quite the adventure! I think mom has cried more tears than you, but she's getting a hold of herself and you are just darling! This week you had 6 visits from the midwives. Your heart is happy and beating right along. You had some high bilirubin levels which made for 3 pokes more than your initial blood work. You are such a good boy, you screamed for one of them, but pretty much slept through the other 2. Monday your levels were 7 points away from having to go under the lights at the hospital. We all prayed really hard you wouldn't have to go in and the next day you dropped your levels, and continued to get even better!

You are a super "rooter" (sucker) and really would love if I would give you a soother (binki). We are working on nursing and so it'll still be a few more weeks, but that doesn't stop you from sucking on your hands. You even found your thumb this week! You are so strong, your arms, head, and legs. You are one tough little man.

You have had lots of visitors including: Grandma Donna, Grandpa Garry, Uncles Jake, Michael, and Travis, Aunts Tasha, Breanne, Lucy, and Eliza, Grandma Dana, and some of mom and dads friends.

You don't like to let mommy sleep with daddy, every time I put you in your bassinet at night and crawl into bed, you start to cry. It's ok, I love to hold you, but at some point you'll need to not sleep on mommy (sleeping in a recliner is KILLING mommys back)!

You are such a delight and we love you so much! We are all so grateful to your grandma Dana and aunts Eliza and Lucy for helping us out. We can't believe how quickly this week has gone!

p.s. daddy and all his brothers are going paintballing tonight, and grandma Donna is going with them! Crazy lady! Mommy thinks it's too scary and painful!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Midwife Admiration

I can't begin to say enough about my wonderful midwives! Remember the call I got back in April? I had no idea just how perfect their care would be. I was so comfortable every appointment going into their office. Their gentle care was more than wonderful and tailored to my specific needs.

Not only did they take fabulous care of us during the labour process at home, and when we got to the hospital, they also have come daily (all but Sunday) for checkups on me and Samuel.

I have continued to tell Shane from our first appointment back in April that I have felt so loved by these ladies. Carol, Wendy, and Luba, I tip my hat... and thank you more than you can ever imagine! There is no way with an OBGYN I could have had the labour/birth that I did due to my individual circumstance.

I am in awe that 7 days ago we were home from the hospital and sleeping.

We are planning on doing a little project like this... Wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Week Ago...

I must be a new mom, because every time I sit down to write a post, the tears come. There are so many emotions that happen with bringing a child into this world. The one word I can sum it all up with is overwhelming.

One week ago today I was in labour. It looked a bit like this:

I find blogging to be very therapeutic. I am basically on house arrest with very few visitors. It gets lonely, but is the very best thing for me.

Last night as Shane and I were saying our prayers, we couldn't believe how quickly this week has gone by. He was such a champ through the whole process; holding me, loving me, reassuring me, squeezing, more reassuring. Last week I went through the hardest thing I have ever done, and sit here typing this thinking to myself I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! It's crazy how my mind can go back 7 days to exactly what I was doing at this very moment. Incredible!

Now don't mind me, I'm going to let out a few more "new mommy" tears... and continue to put into words this experience.

**my mom and sisters are coming in tonight... HOORAY!!!**

Sunday, July 24, 2011

To Birth A Soul

Samuel's Birth Story:

Monday I woke up, showered, had breakfast, and went back to bed. I was feeling tired and figured why not nap? I woke up and went to pick up a few more newborn sleepers and just run a few errands. I came home, did the last load of newborn wash and was settling down for the evening. Shane and I were working to finish building the computers that he is working on selling. Around 11 I was tired and was headed for bed because as you would know it, I had a hair appointment at 8:15 the next morning and needed to have some sleep.

I didn't really fall asleep, just relaxed, dozing in and out waiting for Shane to come to bed. The next thing I know it's 1:30AM and I'm feeling a strange pain and I quickly sit up, and run to the bathroom exclaiming "Shane, we're having a baby!" My water had broke. I wasn't having any contractions and was quite shocked. Shane went to googling what to do/not to do and all I could think of was I've got to get a hold of the salon and let them know I'm not going to make it to my appointment. I know, really important, but I was in stress mode... cancel ALL appointments for tomorrow, oh my word I'm going to be having this baby.

I called the midwives and asked what I should do. I was told to call in the morning when I woke up and to SLEEP. I tried to sleep, yet the excitement/anticipation kept me up, and then the contractions started around 3:30. I dozed in and out between contractions and finally morning came and Shane woke up. We let Jenny (my doula) know my water had broke, canceled Shane's massage, and made sure Hed Kandi had got the message that I was not going to be making it to have my hair done that morning. I called the midwives and was told I would hear back soon as they were headed into a c-section.

A couple hours later, Luba (midwife) called and reported that I was GSB positive and needed to be started on an antibiotic. She asked us to meet her at the hospital since she was there taking care of other moms (generally they would just come to our house and get me started on an IV). Jenny was on her way to my house when I called with the news that we were headed to the hospital. She stopped by and gave me a hug, and naturally another dear friend, Lise-Anne happened to be dropping something by. They were the 2 people I was most pleased to be sharing the news with.

We made the 3 minute drive to the hospital, found a parking place, and headed inside. I had been contracting all morning, they were getting closer together, it hurt, not like a period cramp, like really hurt. We got in the elevator and headed up to the 5th floor. We met Luba and she took us to a room, checked to be 100% sure my water had broken (I was 100% sure it had), that was confirmed, and she started me on the antibiotic, and gave me some saline. I hadn't been able to keep anything down and was getting dehydrated. After about an hour and a half, 1:30pm, we were on our way out of the hospital to the car, with contractions getting stronger, and closer together, having to stop and "breathe" through a contraction on the way to our car.

I had strict instructions to go home and sleep, so I did, well, tried. I dozed off and my contractions spaced out, but still woke me up each time one came (every 15 minutes or so). I woke up in pain and frustration. The contractions every 5 minutes were spaced out a lot more, and it hurt, a lot! It was now 3:30pm, I called Jenny and asked her to come and be with me. I was SO happy to have another support coming. She helped Shane and I breathe through the contractions, keep a positive outlook, and keep pressing forward. Shane turned on How To Train Your Dragons and I dozed in and out. Things were getting more painful, and sleep wasn't something that happened too well.

At 6pm the midwives (Carol this time) showed up to give me another bag of antibiotics via IV. She sat with me through the IV, checked my progress and then took off, telling me to call when things progressed, etc. I was dialated to a 3, 100% effaced, and baby was low. Jenny suggested we go for a walk, get things moving, and change things up a bit. It was a dang hard walk, let me tell you. We walked around the block and came home to keep working through things.

Around 8:30 when I was feeling more and more we called the midwives, Luba and Wendy were at the hospital at a birth, so Carol came and was with me. The contractions were hard, Carol helped me breathe through them. I started to doze off again, and then a contraction would come. My body would wake up and start to shake uncontrollably. I was getting frustrated.

10pm rolled around and midwife Wendy came to relieve Carol and give me my next IV bag of penicillin. Wendy was settling in to be here for the birth. I kept working through contractions, and it was suggested we get the pool set up and I get in it.

It felt great, was hot, and so I was in and out. Honestly time started to become a blur, things hurt worse, and I kept breathing. I know somewhere in here I was started on another bag of saline to keep my hydrated because as you guessed, I still couldn't keep anything down. Shane was so wonderful and would hold my hand and be there as I was working so hard. I was SO tired, now having not exactly slept or ate in over a day, trying to get my body to cooperate and get this baby here!

I know there was another IV bag of antibiotics at 2am, I was checked again at 4am, and wanted to die between 4 and 6. When 6 rolled around and I was checked I was a 7, I then made my decision that we needed to go in and get me some help because I physically couldn't do it anymore. It was 28+ hours of labour since my water had broke, and 10ish hours of "active(hard) labour." I was told the drive would be the worst of my life. I had another bag of antibiotics and we were off to the hospital.

Carol met Shane and I as we came into labour and delivery, and relieved Wendy (who had been up for way too long). She told me to not for one second think I was a failure for not having a natural labour, and that we had talked about sometimes bodies get worn out and need some rest to have a baby. We got to my room, 524 around 6:30am and an anesthesiologist was paged to come. They had gas there and taught me how to use it to "dull" the pain of the contractions. The gas was tricky to use and breaths that were too deep were painful during the contractions. I would start to cry and Carol and Jenny would insist I breathe in the gas, every breath until the contraction was over.

8:15 came with the anesthesiologist.... HALLELUJAH!!!! I was jumpy with the numbing shots and honestly getting that thing in was nothing. After about 20 minutes I was out, and slept for a blissful 3 hours. I woke up to Carol recommending that Shane went and get some food. I was told it wasn't a good idea at this point for me to eat anything. My contractions had been 10 minutes apart during my nap, I had no idea I was still having contractions :). I needed to go to the bathroom, so Jenny and Carol helped me, what a doozy! My legs were awesome! I sat on the toilet and Jenny sat with me. I started to have a bit of the "pushy feeling."

After a while, I was back in bed contracting. I was starting to feel contractions again, and pushy. Time again was a blur, I had help going to the bathroom again, had some crazy numbing on the right side of my body, and then decided I would rest for a bit. Maybe an hour went by and I had kept feeling pushy, even more so. Carol decided why not check me, and to my surprise she stood up and said, "ok, lets have a baby!"

I couldn't believe I was finally at that point! It had been over 36 hours since my water had broke and those were welcomed words. I was helped get into the pushing position and we went to work. Carol called Wendy to come and assist with the birth (there are always 2 midwives at every birth). Wendy got there and went into catching position. I was told I pushed for 42 minutes. It felt good to push, then it hurt, then it burned, and comments like "can't you just pull him out of me," were coming out.

My Hero, so proud!

Before I knew it, Samuel Oliver was out and placed on my chest. The BEST feeling in the world, to look at my baby, and know that I had done it! I remember during this looking up at Shane and seeing the tears in his eyes. I held Samuel for a bit until they clamped his cord, fed him for a minute, and then they did all his measurements, etc. Weighing in at 8lbs 6oz, 21 inches long, he was perfect, and he was ours!

Samuel and I had a bath, and got ready to go. We got a few surprised looks/comments when Carol was wheeling me out and people heard he was only 2 hrs old. We came home to Shane parents bringing us dinner. Shane, Samuel, and I went to sleep and Shane's mom cleaned our house (since we had left it in delivery mode... pool in the living room, bed set for birth, etc). I was beyond grateful to everyone who had helped us all 3 midwives on our team, Jenny, and Shane's mom.

Birthing a soul was the most rewarding thing I have ever done!... posts to come on adjusting to being home, gratitude to my midwives, and why everyone needs a doula

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Tried

I tried to blog tonight...

I failed epically!

I think I blame it on my HUGE swollen, hot feet... yep, they're the culprit (not really)

Maybe I'll try to blog again tomorrow...

But then again, it may just be too much