Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Am Slowly Going Crazy.... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, switch!

I am slowly going CRAZY!!!! This is the status of most of my house!

This morning, I can't handle it... I just can't do it!

I spent all yesterday packing and Shane spent all night (until 1:30am) packing. I quickly got Samuel out of bed when he started to rouse and wanted to eat every time last night so we wouldn't disturb Shane. When the 8am feeding came (and I usually beg Shane to take him), I didn't, I got up, fed my baby, and knew there would be a nap time this morning. Oh how I was WRONG! Usually we have our morning smiles and chat time, I feed Sam again, and we both nap for a couple of hours...

This morning, we've both been covered in barf multiple times, he's pretended to go to sleep 3 times. I got a call saying the bank is having computer issues so the lawyers don't have our mortgage documents yet and our possession may be bumped. My time line for this week is so tight it's about to snap and delayed possession will do just that.

As with everything lately, we have a backup plan... Rent a /u-haul Thursday (as the Jayman van has to be back that night), transfer all our stuff. Thank our lucky stars for awesome landlords who will let us stay in our house a couple extra days. My ENTIRE family, sans Hermana Sabrina stay at my in-laws instead of my new house. We still bless Samuel on Sunday.

Needless to say, I have busted out the chocolate chips while typing this one handed. Thankfully this afternoon will look like this

I have the best mother in law!

PRAY for us, please??

Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Uphill Battle

I've been battling breast thrush for the last 6 weeks... yes, you read that right, 6 weeks! It's been a really really hard thing to keep a positive outlook on. I'm at the end of my second 2 week prescription of anti-fungal and the yeast being gone is looking slim. Here is what things have looked like around here in the last month and a half:

During labour I was given 7 doses of penicillin... HELLO yeast infection!!!!!!

The next 2 weeks I stayed away from everything white and containing sugar, while slamming acidophilus and plain yogurt

SERIOUS pain, my diagnosis, and starting my first round of dyflucan

Beginning of week 2 on dyflucan... mastitis! antibiotics+anti fungal= neutralization!

Finished antibiotics and anti fungal, saw a lactation consultant for my "cracked nipples" to work on latch

Week 3... the yeast grew and grew!

Week 4... SO MUCH PAIN!!!! I called back to the breastfeeding clinic and insisted they get me in... thank heavens they did!

Start dyflucan that night, along with 4 times a day mouthwash for Samuel and gentian violet for myself

Bleach and boil my breastpads and bra

Boil the soothers, bottles, etc for 5 minutes daily

EVERYTHING was stained purple... sheets, towels, Samuel's mouth, my body, bra, counter, floor, you get the picture

2 weeks of dyflucan prescription finished... pain and red back again

HORRIFIC experience back at the bf clinic as the original doctor I saw is out of town for the next 2 weeks

Went in and saw my family doctor

NEW anti fungal Ketoconazole and a steroid cream

Day 2 of my new prescription...

I'm still in a lot of pain :(

I'll keep you posted on this one... I'm hoping this is the LAST prescription I have to take for thrush!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Must Be Your Mother

I must be your mother because...

I wake up with you every time you cry in the night

I have nursed you since the day you were born regardless of the 6+ weeks of thrush I am still battling, and a wicked case of mastitis

I have been pooped on, peed on, and barfed on by you and it doesn't bother me in the slightest

I am starting to like the morning because you want to talk and smile at me, it melts my heart

I don't mind changing your diapers and actually think your poop smells sweet

I love to dress you up and buy you cute clothes

I am conscious about what songs say now that you are riding in the car with me

I let you decide our schedule

I love that you love to cuddle on me

I pull you out of your stroller and carry you when you just want to be held, while still pushing an empty stroller

I now drive a minivan, because it's safer

I am more conscious of what I eat

Our house has been taken over by all of your things and I am ok with it

I love to show you off to everyone

All in all, Sam, I can't get enough of you and love every minute as your mom. I'm looking forward to the rest of forever with you! I love you!