Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey Zumba!

Zumba is something I have loved from the moment I stepped onto the aerobics class floor. It moves you. It tones you. I love it! I have recently started attending Zumba classes again. Today I took the plunge and bought a membership. I plan to attend class at least twice a week. My spot on the floor today was not in front of the mirror. It's a good thing, and this picture explains it all:
Oh yeah, I wish I was a latin dancing princess. I feel like I am when I'm shakin' it, but then I catch a glimps in the mirror... le sigh! I've got serious white girl moves. I suppose I'll continue to dream of being a latin princess, and in the mean time, hide from the mirror in my Zumba class while I work to shrink my waist... yeah, the spare tire needs to go... oh, and it'll be nice when I no longer wear a double F cup bra! One of these days I'm going to knock myself out...literally. Just sayin'.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Up Swing

Clearly from my last post, I have been a little off. I from time to time get to the point where I feel like the world is against me. Where I make up every reason in my mind why each person hates me, is mad at me, etc. She didn't say hi to me, I must have done something really wrong. Yeah, it's not fun, so, I must press out, and dig myself out of my hole.
For years I lived this way. It was awful! The winter time was always the hardest. This time of winter, when it's not yet spring, and feels like it may never come. I am forever grateful for my Savior, and for this man. He taught me so much, and helped me to find the truly happy Mindy.
I am working to be confident in who I am, and what I stand for. I continue to feel hurt, I continue to feel sad/bad, etc. I have decided to meditate an hour each morning, meaning to read my scriptures, self help books, to think, to pray, etc. I am the only one who can change how I feel. I am in charge of my own life, and no one else. I am going to dig out my Dr. Mac notes and get back to my whole self again.
And, since I am completely confident in the fact that I breastfeed, and plan to nurse my baby for a long time, (which is a whole nother post in itself), here is my proud picture. I'm pretty discrete, eh?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally Friday!

We've had a busy week filled with interrupted naps, frequent awakenings at night, early mornings, friends, Cafe Rio, meetings, work, play, and so much more. We're a bit exhausted around these parts today, and are looking forward to a day at home, with NO interruptions.

This weekend is looking mostly uneventful... just what we need. I'm helping my vt companion, who is moving, clean her house Saturday. Shane has hockey late Saturday night, and church is all that's on the schedule for Sunday.

I'm working on this today. I'm hosting a craft evening at my home Wednesday and want to have mine finished to have a time estimate/ check that I have enough material, etc. I think it's DARLING!

Anyways, because it's Friday, here's a oldy, but goody


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just moments after their mom left today, I found K & M like this. I couldn't help but snap a few photos, and text a picture of it to their mom. You bet I didn't want to disturb their sleep, and left them there.
A little background on these little guys. They are identical twin boys. How do I tell them apart? Fortunately one has a shorter haircut. Since I've gotten to know them, I can pretty much tell them apart by their signiture looks, expressions, and actions. One of my roommates has twins, and I have learned so much from her through her blog. They definitely have a twin thing going on. They don't talk yet, but completely understand each other. They do things like poop, sleep, etc at the same time... still. It never ceases to amaze me that when one wakes up from their nap, it's only minutes before the other one does.
Luckily today I got some alone twin time. Both Samuel and D were sleeping, and the twins were up. We read a story together. They loved it. We also vacuumed, which was their choice. They found the vacuum and love it. They are buddies. I love them a lot, just like I love this picture.

... and I've read just how crazy it is to have twins, and after spending time with these guys, I see it's BUSY... When people say they wish they had twins, I tell them to talk to a mother of twins, that they might change their mind...
I would love having a set of twins myself! YEP, call me crazy, but it's true.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day

Today is a holiday deemed "family day." It is a statutory holiday, so Shane had the day off. It also happened to be Samuels 7 month Birthday. So, what did we do on this day? Well, spend time as a family, of coarse. Here is how our day went down.

Daddy and Samuel played, while mommy slept in

Breakfast, french toast with celestial syrup (SO yummy). Samuel decided to grab one of my Valentine tulips, and snapped it right off.

Diaper change, Samuel just couldn't part with the rice mum mum cracker

Shane was installing Sams new carseat so we could go ice skating. Samuel couldn't stand the excitement, and once I put him in his magic sleep suit, I mean snow suit, and he was out.

When Samuel woke up, we played some piano, and sang for a bit

and... finally got to the skating rink for free public skate. Samuel didn't seem to mind. His cheeks did get a bit rosy from the cold.

Since I didn't want to lug around my new camera (it's a bit big, and expensive), I grabbed our digital camera... yeah, the quality sucks, and this picture is super blurry, but it died when I tried to get another one. It's just about documenting the event, right?

We came home, had hot chocolate, dinner, played some Yahtzee, and I was out the door to Zumba (which was also free today). It was a lot of fun. I am sore already... and I made a new friend, who happens to have a 9 month old little boy, and happens to live just down the street from me... we're talking maybe half a block. It's so much fun to live in a small town.

We finished off the evening with another round of Yahtzee (yes, I'm addicted), and FHE on missionary work. It was a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sabbath Baby

Today was a wonderful sabbath. Church was filled with a sweet spirit. I realized today, yes, 7 months into being a mother, that it is appropriate to nurse in Relief Society. There are only women, I sit in the back, and I use a cover. HELLO, why have I been missing out on RS all of this time to feed Samuel.

After church, Shane and I headed home, picked up some ingredients for dinner, and headed to the farm. Donna (my mother-in-law) and I worked on prepping the food. She headed out to feed cows (they are cattle ranchers), and I continued prepping. When she walked in the door, she announced that in the 45 minutes she was out, 2 calves were born in the "maternity ward," and she saved one of their lives. What had happened was as the mom cow was finishing delivering, she stood up, and the calf fell into the feeding trough. The mom wasn't able to get to her calf to help it, and it would have suffocated in the position it was in, had my mother in law not noticed it when she did.

Here is the little sabbath miracle at the farm:

It is truly amazing when a new life comes into this world... Even if it's a baby calf. You may call me Mindy, the cow doula. "I'm there for you Betsy! Just lye down in the hay, chew your cud, and push!"

...ok, ok, enough already!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

We had a wonderful Valentines day here at casa Gallup. Samuel was up before 6, but because I was in bed by 10 last night, it wasn't too bad. As Sam and I were playing this morning, I thought it might be fun to do a little breakfast for Shane. Samuel and I took to the kitchen to make waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

Here is Mr. Samuel helping me whip things up

When the table was set, and the waffles were headed into the waffle iron, I took Samuel in to get Shane up.

Here's how it looked

Samuel enjoying his waffle. He's almost too big for his bouncy chair. Sad :(

The gift that was on the table was for Shane. Since Shane is starting to learn how to play the guitar (he is so talented already) I decided I would get him something guitarish. I stopped in the guitar store here in town and got him some pics and a capo. I'm excited for him to learn more... Maybe even take some lessons???

After Shane was off at work, Samuel and I went to work getting the treats ready. Don't you wish you lived close by and got some of our treats?

These are my favourite! Mini brownies with cream cheese frosting, and a cherry kiss. My intentions were good to get these to our friends, but our day ended up being so busy that I shared with the ladies at the public health clinic where Samuel had an appointment, and dropped something off to one of the ladies I visit teach. Yeah, fail at sharing, but I'll get better!

Shane was home early and we were off to dinner in Banff. It was a beautiful drive! Can you see the rainbow glimmering through the clouds?

We decided to go to our favourite restaurant... The Keg. They are the only place I'll eat steak now, no where else compares!

Samuel had some carrots I brought him from home, and munched on the bread crust. I thought he looked so cute with the napkin tied around his neck.

A passing waiter took this photo for us. It's not the best of Shane (who had bread in his mouth), or Samuel who was clearly distracted, but I love it none the less.

After dinner we went to the Banff Centre and went swimming. Samuel was tired and ended up crying and being ready to go after about 10 minutes in the kiddie pool. He was asleep before we even got to the van. Shane and I enjoyed chatting on the hour drive home. I'm glad we went all the way to Banff, drive time is so perfect for talking. We did a little recap on all of our valentines together:

2008 (engaged)- Chili's

2009- The Keg (both of our first experiences)

2010- The Calgary Tower

2011- Pizza Hut by candle light

2012- The Keg (with Samuel)

Oh, and what did Shane get me you might ask? Tulips, Lindt chocolates, and a Canon bag for my new camera (it won't be here for a few more weeks). Yep, I am one spoiled girl!

Hope you and yours enjoyed your lovers holiday as much as we did!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bare Bum

He's 100% boy! Shane and I have been playing around with my new camera, and this picture just cracks me up ever time I open it.

He couldn't be happier!

I sure love my little buddy... and his big smile... and even his 2 little teeth... and yep, he's bit me already.

I'll sure miss those rolls when they're gone.

He's growing up waaaaaayy too fast!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mom of 4

I have mentioned before that I watch my friends little boys one day a week while she keeps people alive (literally). Today was the day this week that I went from a mom of 1 to a mom of 4 for 6 hours. My back aches in pain, yet my heart aches with joy. I can't help but feel so grateful for the privilege of being a mother, and the chance to spend time with the sweet spirits of D, K, & M. It has taken a while for these boys to warm up to someone else being on their turf. They are true mamas boys, and have a wonderful mother who is so gentle and cuddles them all they want. It melts my heart when one of the crying twins reaches for me to hold him, and snuggles me as the tears stop. It makes me chuckle when the oldest wants to make cookies, or wants to read the same book over and over again, repeating the words after me.

There are days as a mother that I often think how will I be able to be the mom of more than 1 child? The days when it feels like the crying never ends, the nose never stops running, Mr. Samuel wants to be held all day long, I'm up ever 2 hours at night to nurse, naps are pushed, or skipped completely, food is spit in my face, and I'm covered in barf. I feel defeated and can't even think about another little in our family. Then I find myself in a day like today. Loving watching these boys learn, play, and live. I love it. Samuel loves it. I look forward to Samuel having a playmate and best friend. I think of what a fun future those little guys have so close in age as brothers.

I know the Lord makes up for all of the times I feel like I can't take one more minute of it. Today was a blessing to me. I needed it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Youtube Taught Me To Crochet

My friend Jenny is an avid crochet/knitter. Lately as I have been at her house I have wanted to learn to make hats. Back in the day (like 5th grade) one of my friends taught me how to basic crochet. I had made some mis-shapen hot pads, and attempted a scarf, but aside from that, nothing ever came of my crocheting.

Last week I got my needle out, pulled up the pattern Jenny has so kindly posted, and went online to figure out how the heck I was to make this hat. After figuring out exactly what stitch to use, I was on my way. I used a needle that was a big bigger than called for, and ended up with a bigger than I wanted hat. So I downsized, and came up with this.

My model is even posing for the shot. I'm pretty proud of myself! It's not that hard to teach yourself how to crochet when you have the internet on your side. Now go and get yourself a hook!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tell a Friend Friday

Holy smokes, it's already Friday?!?!?!?! Here is what our day has looked like up to this point:
Nanny cat has followed me around all day (as per usual). She snuck a taste of the sweet potatos Samuel wouldn't eat, knocked over the garbage rushing to the door when the doorbell rang... she freaked herself right out. She has followed me down to the basement while we've been working on the diapers, attacked my feet, locked herself in Sams nursery, and now is giving herself a bath. Yeah, it's been a busy day for Lily.

I've decided to take part in False Lash February, and my Red Lipstick showed up today. I feel like a million bucks walking around my house. I'm going to need to find myself an additional pair of falsies for later this month.

We're stripping the cloths down today. A squirt of original Dawn dishsoap inside the washer... BAM!

Mr. Samuel Sir has had a cold this week. He's down for his afternoon nap right now. Poor buddy keeps coughing. I sure love him and am praying he starts feeling better soon.
Shane forgot his phone at home for the second time this week... I think he's more productive when I'm not texting him. ;) We were looking forward to going swimming tonight at twoonie swim, but Shane's feeling under the weather too and has requested we stay home. Oh well. I'll take Sam to my Bowen Appointment when he wakes up and enjoy a cozy night at home.
**I'm crossing my fingers this weekend is the one I get to order my Rebel T3... we'll see**

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Door

Nearly a month ago I got the crafting bug and decided to make a heart wreath. Here is what came to be with the supplies I had on had and a few hours of work.

Happy Heart Month!