Friday, March 30, 2012

My Daddy Is My Favourite Pal

... and I help him everyday

This was in the midst of hanging our blinds a couple of weeks ago. I love looking through these pictures and thought I'd share.
In other news, I'm nursing my penicilling reaction back to health... yeah, I've only had a rash for 10 days, and it's taking it's sweet time to heal. If we run into one another, please don't stare at my neck and arms and run in fright because I look like I have leprosy. thanks!
I'll do better at blogging next week, promise.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Week In Review

Last week was BUSY!!!!! I was helping with the RS anniversary party, which meant Monday and Tuesday were completely consumed decorating, picking up food, serving food, cleaning up, etc.

I ended up throwing my back out Monday-ish, and had a bit of a sore throat. My back was my biggest complaint, but not being able to swallow wasn't all that fun either. I figured out a way to "self adjust" my back. It hurt. a lot. Wednesday I spent working on getting my busy bag project together (post coming on the busy bag swap). I nearly had blisters on my fingers from so much cutting, and was more than frustrated at how much the copy shop wanted to print/laminate my project. Our good old Epson did the job just fine.

Our blinds came as well this week (another post), and Shane and I were eager to get them up. I was so lethargic, yawning constantly, and had no energy. We managed to hang a few each day.

Thursday was the busy bag swap morning. I had been nursing my body/back with tlenol, and my throat with cepacol throat drops. I took some tylenol, and headed out the door. I felt like I was getting better possibly. The swap went well, and Samuel and I found ourselves over at Kailey and Lucas' visiting. We rushed out of our visit, to make it to the piano practice we had that afternoon. I got home and was exhausted, and grouchy. Shane came home and I decided I should go to Zumba. I did. I could hardly move, it didn't help my mood, and I couldn't drink my water either (dumb throat). I got home and was freezing. I realized I was still sick and trying to burn the sickness out with exercise wasn't the best idea.

Thursday night to Friday morning was bad. My throat really hurt, I could hardly sleep, and the pain from my throat went into my ears. I called health link when I woke up and had an assessment. I had never felt my glands swollen, but as soon as I touched my throat, I knew it was bad. She told me I needed to go into my doctor within the next couple of hours. Dr. F got me in and said it looks like strep. Because it was Friday, the results don't come in until today (Monday). He prescribed me some Penicillin, encouraged me to take it, and sent me on my way.

My thoughts as I was precribed an antibiotic. Oh no, I don't want to get yeast again! I need to make sure I get some probiotics for Samuel. I'm glad I have the good probiotics for myself from my naturopath. Wow, I'm glad we have 100% prescription drug coverage. We stopped and picked up Sams probiotic, and my penicillin, on our way home. A few hours after my first dose, I started to feel a bit better.

I am continuing to feel better, but still don't have much energy. I'm crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs, guts, EVERYTHING that we don't end up with thrush again. I know that strep is not something to mess with, and can lead to much worse, hence why I'm actually taking the antibiotic.

In other news... Samuel is mobile. Not quite crawling, but can get himself wherever he wants to now...

Wow, I'm exhausted!

and a cute picture, to finish off the post...
Love that little man!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tag Obsession!

Samuel has an obsession with tags, ANY tags. The tag on his carseat, the ones on his toys, and today found the tag on his jolly jumper. He is growing and learning so much every day. I pulled out his 12 month clothes to wash. I can't believe it! It's all happening too fast! WAAAAYYY too fast! I love him to the moon and back.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So there are a few crafty ladies in my ward. One of these such craft ladies found an idea on pinterest, and invited a few of us, just as a casual thing. Well, this turned into a regular activity. One of the "crafty" ladies finds an idea on pinterest, and then organizes the night for everyone to come and do the craft. I was feeling up to the challenge, so I found something for St. Patty's Day, and sent out the invite to see what kind of a response I'd get.

There were about 10 ladies who ended up coming. We had a good time. I had my handy camera down for the event, and ended up with these as people were headed out the door...

Me displaying the craft.
... and how most of them went home.

Embroidering is mindless, but oh so time consuming!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


As I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm going through a bit of a rough time. I know no one really wants to read a blog where someone focus' on being a downer. I do my best not to, but this is a public journal of mine, so why lie about life, right?

There have been a few moments in the dark days this past week that have been nothing short of the Lords grace.

  • Thursday: I was itching to go and exercise. I find it really helps me to recharge and refocus. Shane works in the young mens and their activity night is on Thursdays. I asked if he wouldn't mind taking Samuel to the first few minutes as my class ended, and mutual began at 7. I walked into the church as they were starting opening exercises. Sweet Samuel was the star of the show. He was smiling and chatty to everyone. One of the fellow young moms, who serves in YW's came over and talked with me for a bit. I totally didn't expect her to even notice me, let alone take the time to reach out and be a friend. She will never know how much that meant to me.
  • Saturday: I received an email from my sister who is on her mission. She herself has had a hard time with her back for the last several months, and has pleaded with the Lord for strength and understanding. In her learning, and growth, she listened, and told me of my Saviors love for me. That He knows me, etc. She shared some other personal things. The tears flowed, more like poured as I finished reading. She listened to the spirit, and was able to be the "big" sister to me.
  • Sunday: I had been asked to fill in as the pianist in primary last minute. I was happy for the chance, and loved the sweet spirits of the children. As I got back into RS our new RS President was giving the lesson on testimonies. I only caught the last 10 minutes of her lesson, but the spirit of the meeting couldn't be missed. She left the last part of class open for testimonies, saying how it was a safe place to share. She had us all hold hands as each sister bore her testimony. I couldn't help but get up. Fight as I did, the spirit won, and I was tears and all when I made it to the front of the room. I shared what I needed to, and felt pretty vulnerable. Samuel fell asleep the last couple of minutes and so as class was over, I found my way out of the room. Not one person talked to me. I suppose I had hoped for a smile, or an "I enjoyed your testimony." Something to shake the insecurity I felt. Nothing. This evening, as I sit here on my computer, I received a text message. "I enjoyed your testimony today." Yet again, another sister who reached out in a time of darkness, who will never know what she has given me.
I am grateful for the Lord, and His tender mercies, and moments of grace. I beg you, please listen and follow through on those little promptings. They may seem meneal, and so small, but you will never know just how big they are in someone elses life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thought You Should Know

Just wanted to let you know....

That I LOVE being a mom! I need a house full of these little ones! My heart swells at the thought of my baby. He loves watching other kids so much. I know he'll be a great big brother (sorry, that's not an announcement).

Thanks Chloe Taylor for these beautiful photos!