Monday, May 28, 2012

BFL Day 29, and a Recipe

As I was on my way home from the gym tonight, I made the decision that I wanted to post tonight.  Since I am the CEO of this blog, I so what I want!

Oh today was such a typical Monday!  I didn't want to stick to my meal plan and didn't want to go to the gym.  Fortunately for me, I have a super supportive husband, and my 4 week picture progress to keep me going!  This is how our text conversation went today:

M:  So I want to give up and quit body for life.  Please talk some sense into me?!

S:  Why would you want to quit?  You have been making good progress, look at your pictures!  Just ignore the scale and all the glamour shots of other people months and months into it.  You are doing it for yourself, remember?

That was all it took.  Someone supporting me.  I often find that is what I need.  When it came to breastfeeding, running, university, anything really, I just need support.

My meals today were on the weak side.  Mostly just the fact that I ate breakfast (3 egg whites, and a piece of toast w/ pb) at 8:30, "lunch" at 12:40 (protein bar), another meal at 4:00 (turkey, avocado sandwich), and then dinner at 8:00 (seafood lettuce cups... SO good, recipe below).  I finished off the night with a protein shake at 9:30.  Yeah, crappy as far as keeping my metabolism chugging along.  I may have snuck 4 golden oreos after my sandwich.  It was just one of those days.

Tonight was a battle to get to the gym.  I DID.NOT want to go.  Shane kindly encouraged me out the door.  Last week I switched the days of cardio and weights.  My plan this week was to swap them back, MWF weights, TThS cardio.  Late dinner meant Samuel getting to bed a bit later than normal (he ate earlier than us), and me getting out late.  I hadn't planned my workouts and didn't want to be the last one in the gym and being asked to leave before I was done my weights.  I went and told myself I'd switch back my workouts next week.  I should have ran.  Mentally I SO wasn't there.  I got on the elliptical, and it went by so speedy fast.  I was pleased as punch, and encouraged to keep going.  Oh how I love how the gym makes me feel... ok, not the gym itself, but how the workouts at the gym make me feel.

So here is our delicious dinner recipe:

Crab Lettuce Wraps:
12oz Imitation crab
1 1/2 cups cooked brown rice
1/2 cucumber, peeled and chopped
1/2 avocado, peeled and chopped
1 cup dressing
1 Tbsp toasted sesame seeds
1 head iceberg lettuce

Directions:  Rinse lettuce, and set leaves aside.  Combine crab, cooked rice, cucumber, and acocado in a large bowl.  Add dressing; toss and coat all ingredients (besides sesame seeds).  Place in rice salad on lettuce, sprinkle sesame seeds, and wrap.

Asian Dressing:

  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons powdered ginger (or 3 Tbsp fresh, minced ginger)
  • 3/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/3 cup rice vinegar
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1/4 cup water

   In a 1 pint glass jar or larger, combine the garlic, ginger, olive oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, honey, and water. Cover the jar with a tight fitting lid, and shake well. Remove lid, and heat jar in the microwave for 1 minute just to dissolve the honey. Let cool, and shake well before serving. Store covered in the refrigerator.

We are LOVING the new recipes BFL has inspired me to find.  Not to mention the energy, and things that are getting done around the house.  :) 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

BFL Week 4

Monday:  I had a bit off a rough start.  I was highly discouraged as I shared in this post.  Due to my mood/ attitude, I put myself in "time out."  I read for a bit, and then fell asleep.  When Samuel woke up, I woke up, and realized how long I had been sleeping for.  I wasn't in any better of a mood, but we got all of our ducks in a row, ate lunch, and headed out to the farm.  We branded calves for the afternoon.  It was a blast!  Dinner was my downfall.  Yummy burgers and buns, with fruits, chips, etc.  Meal fail!  AHHHHHHH!!!!!  Just kick me when I'm down.  :(

After getting home, natuarlly I didn't want to do my workout. I planned to do hill intervals, which ended up being a 20 minute loop and!  I often question what I am thinking running a 10k in 19 days.  Flat 6 miles will be nothing compared to all of these crazy hills.  I think my punishment for "cheating" on dinner was an equal thing.  Now for a perfect week.

Tuesday:  Back on track today.  We had a bit of a rough night at our house, and after I woke up from a nap this morning, I was not wanting to be on the body for life diet.  Isn't that the way it works?  When one thing is out in your life (sleep, diet, exercise) everything else wants to be off too?  Well, not today!  I grabbed a portion of cottage cheese and an apple on the way out the door, and stuck to it.  I mentioned how the protein bars that I got on Saturday were disgusting.  I look forward to my protein bar daily, because it is a treat to me.  Since my errands today took me into Calgary, Samuel and I fixed the yummy protein bar epidemic.  After all of our errands, you bet I ate one of my builder bars on the way home!  MMMMM, MMMMMMMMM!!!  For dinner tonight we had this salmon, with asparagus, and brown rice.  It was d.freaking.licious!  It's meals like that where I question of I'm really on a "diet."

The gym tonight was good.  It felt good to be back.  Ok, so on a little side note, many of the people at the gym "look" like people I grew up around, or know, etc.  It's so bizarre.  Maybe it's my fatigue after my workout, or the bad lighting, I don't know, but it's trippy.  Anyways, today was lower body weights.  I loved myself some angled calf raises, and didn't so much love myself the twist crunches (they always hurt my neck).  I will be skinny.  I will be skinny!  Looking foward to some serious cardio tomorrow, and some stretching in the shower tonight.  Yee Haw!

Wednesday:  See this post

Thursday:  I seem to "hit a wall" by this point each week.  After the excitement about my pants, etc yesterday, I'm ready to throw in the towel.  Say what?!  I went to the gym early tonight because Shane had young mens and I wouldn't be able to go later.  Well... after working out with a gym class worth of high school boys, watching skinny girls prance around, and 47 minutes of pumping iron, I was spent.  I had lower self esteem and felt like a slob.  The fact of the matter is that I did it, and it's behind me.  I was super focused.  I found a new back exercise that I really like.  I went to look for it, and I just learned how many more exercises are available to me.  Oh man!  The options.  Ok, I think I am going to take an early free day.  No free weekend for this girl!

Friday:  Today was a strong day for me.  I got to the gym and ran like a mad woman.  So the fact of the matter is, I am running a 10k in 2 weeks... 2 weeks people!  Yeah, I need to get some distance on my runs, and not just intervals.  On the exciting end of things, I can run faster than I even realized.  I am getting faster.  If only I had this knowledge 9 years ago when I was running cross country... sigh.

I also found another YUMMY protein bar.  Ok, it's even better than the ones I have now, PLUS it has one hundred less calories.  I seriously felt like I was eating a candy bar.  That's saying something for a protein bar.  Yeah, I am totally going to get some of them when mine run out.  I am really looking forward to it!

Saturday:  I woke up this morning and decided today was my free day.  I always have such plans for my free day.  To eat so much.  Yeah, it doesn't happen.  By the time breakfast is over, I feel sick.  I weighed myself this morning before my "free" day.  I don't know if this is really a good idea, but whatever.  I had a toasted turkey, avocado sandwich with some honey mustard and cheese for lunch, a shake after the gym, a protein bar a few hours later, and then... McDonalds.  It tasted good, but so wasn't worth it.  Seriously, if I never ate McDonalds again, it wouldn't kill me.  I finished the day off with some creamy heavenly hash ice cream.  It was a splurge day, that's for sure.

I was on a time limit when I headed out the door for the gym, so Shane could leave for his meeting this evening.  I went and was as efficient as possible.  For the first time today, I did the seated calf raises.  My legs were shaking so bad I could hardly push the clutch in to drive home.  I was fatigued and achy for an hour after I got home.  I'd say it was a good workout.

Sunday:  This morning I woke up and wanted another free day.  I was hungry, and just wanted some sugar cereal.  I held myself back, and announced today was a wheat free carb day.  I had 3 egg whites for breakfast, and some watermelon.  I took my vitamins and started getting ready for church.  The food I had eaten, clearly wasn't breaking down quickly enough and the vitamins were making me sick.  I had Shane make me a piece of toast, and I put some natural peanut butter on it.  I realized today wasn't a wheat free day.  Lunch was a ham wrap (not my favourite), snack of a protein bar (can't wait to get my new ones), dinner was chicken, salad, and corn on the cob (YUM), and then a snack of cottage cheese and cantaloupe/ watermelon.  Lots of water today as well.  I'm hoping the scale will be my friend at my weigh in.

I took my 4 week pictures today.  I wanted to cry at first.  I could see very little change.  I put my before and my 4 week picture side by side and slowly went over where things have changed.  It honestly looks like a "layer" of me has shed.  From my head to my toes.  My face is thinner, my shoulders, arms, boobs, core, and legs.  I have been on the BFL website and compared myself to the "winners."  I feel discouraged, like I won't be able to be that thin, or toned.  I suppose I need to focus on myself, not comparing myself, and let the chips fall where they may.  Weigh wise, I am doing well, and if I can keep this up, I'll hit my goal of 30lbs in 12 weeks.  That's huge!  Ok, onto week 5.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Date Night

I woke up yesterday and decided Shane and I needed a night out.  Shane has really wanted to see the Avengers.  It's definitely not my type of show, but I love my man, and wanted to show him how much I appreciate his hard work and dedication for our family.  I started texting/ calling first thing in the morning to find a babysitter.  Naturally, the first people I ask, family!  Unfortunately they were all busy.  Samuel and I went to spend the afternoon with the B boys, and I figured we'd just spend the night at home.

On my way home from the B's house, I decided to try thy a family in my ward one more time to see if one of their daughters would be willing to come over and watch Samuel sit at our house while Samuel slept and we were out.  To my great luck, the oldest was available to come, and could drive herself to our house... SCORE!!!!!!   I called Shane and asked him if he would go out on a date with me.  He was pretty pumped, and so was I. 

Naturally, having someone come to your house, I was paranoid and got everything all cleaned up.  Shane got home and I finished vacuuming.  He watched Samule while I went and ran.  Let me just say this, I always make it in the nick of time on Fridays to do my workouts.  Seriously.  I got my run in, came home to make dinner, and then get ready for the night.  I pulled out all the stops, just like I would if we had just started dating again.  Perfume, jewellery, and wedged heel shoes. 

Us on our way to the theatre.

We live in a small town, and therefore have a small theatre.  Avengers was only showing in 3D, so we took our glasses, and found our theatre.  3D isn't my preference, I tend to get a bit sick, but made do.  With the can of pop (I brought for Shane), and the bag of kettle corn we popped on our way out the door, we watched the movie.  Shane thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was happy to spend the time with him.

After we got home, Shane insisted that we take some pictures of more than just our heads. I agreed. Here's what we came out with thanks to the continuous timer. 

We're a bit silly, eh?  We sure enjoyed out night out.  Here's to many more to come!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BFL Day 24

24 days in already, can you believe it?!?!?!  Ok, so today was an all around good day.  I can't even begin to tell you how delicious dinner was tonight.  You may call me the marinade queen!  Chicken marinated (in the recipe at the bottom of the post) and bbq'd, SO good!  The bike tonight almost killed me.  I've come to accept the fact that for the next 8 and a little bit weeks, I will be sore.
BUT...  It's paying off!  See...

Still a ways to go, but I'm not even a 1/3 through my program, so I'm excited! 

Chicken Marinade:
1/4 cup and 2 tablespoons olive oil
 3 tablespoons soy sauce
 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon lemon juice
 1-1/2 teaspoons dry mustard
 1/4 teaspoon salt
 3/4 teaspoon black pepper
 1/4 teaspoon finely minced fresh parsley 

Add 4 chicken breasts, marinade for at least an hour, bbq, and enjoy! 

I promise, you'll thank me for this one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Greatest Mail Day EVER!

When you get a "mother load" from Utah, the game you've been anticipating for an entire year comes, and the maxi skirt you ordered all show up on the same day...

You call it the GREATEST MAIL DAY EVER!!!!!!

Oh how I love getting mail.  Even if it's just a letter, and it's not just a letter, they're a big deal. 
I love it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yo Yo

I am discouraged this morning. I weighed myself no Friday morning. I be lost a total of 9 pounds. I was shocked and delighted. Oh the sable and I... Very love/ hate. So being so confident, I had a bit of a downfall this weekend. I indulged in an entire popped bag of kettle corn on Friday night all to myself. I opened the bag of lifesaver winter green mints my mother in law gave me, and couldn't stop myself.  Then Saturday came along.  I did well on my diet and exercise, apart from a couple of mints.  I made diet friendly pizza, and then proceeded to eat too much of it.  Then ladies night hit.  I ate cabobs with bbq sauce, veggies with dip, and strawberry shortcake cabobs.  Then I finished off the night with a dilly bar.  Oh man!  I rationalized that it was ok, since it was meat, veggies, and strawberries.  Then my entire free day of indulgence.  Yeah, I'm really discouraged, upset even.  I don't want to be around myself, and I'm really sad my gym is closed today for the holiday (Victoria Day). 
I know that weight fluxuates so easily, but I am determined.  Even though I didn't want to even touch food today, I forced myself, and had a protein shake with strawberries, and ice in it.  It was delicious.  Now to get out of my "poor me" attitude, and take control.

New Rules For Free Days:
  • eat 6 times
  • think portion friendly
  • ABSOLUTELY must drink 10 cups of water
  • no night before sneaking
  • eat more protein
The upside is, the amount of fat I can grab on my love handles is half as much as when I started 3 weeks ago, and my stomach is getting flatter and firmer. 

Since the gym is closed today, this week my weights and cardio days are switched.  I don't have weights at home, but I can run up and down the big hill by my house.  Bill says it's good to change it up.

4 week weigh in and pictures at the end of this week.  I'm gonna rock it.  Thank you for reading, and virtually supporting me.  Ok, please give me some words of encouragement????  Please?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Biggest Move of My Life

4 years ago today, May 20, I moved to Canada.  I remember all of the hours of meticulous packing to make sure our entire lives fit into the back of Shanes parents camper truck that we borrowed.  I remember the drive that felt like forever, the sleeping, the nerves, and the tears... oh the tears!  This was my new life, our new life.  Here is what 4 years ago looked like as we pulled up to our first (and thankfully only) basement suite apartment.

In 4 years we have:

Moved 3 times
Bought our first home
Had a baby
Replaced the engine in our Corolla... twice
Bought a truck
Inherited a mini-van
Got a degree (Shane)
Got a cat

I'd say we've covered a fair bit of ground in the past 4 years.  Happy moving to Canada anniversary to me.

My First Mothers Day

This year was my first "official" mothers day. I have come to the realization that mothers day is all about what mother is the "oldest;" therefore, we went to Shanes grandmas to celebrate. It was another beautiful, sunny day. Since my Birthday was the day before, I didn't get much acknowledgement from Shane. I was a bit bummed, ok, I was really bummed. He figured the KitchenAid the day before was good enough. I just wanted some acknowledgement, not to have to ask if he remembered whether or not it was mothers day. Regardless, I love him the same.  He's a good man.  Samuel and I will show Shane how to celebrate when Fathers day rolls around. :)

Here is what our day looked like:

Leah blowing out her candles

Auntie Marcy and Samuel

Samuel and Great Grandpa

"who me?!?!  Why yes, I did enjoy some Birthday cake."

Samuels 2nd cousins LOVED playing with him.  Christopher(right) especially loves no longer being the youngest.

All of the ladies on Mothers Day

Each day I am grateful for the priviledge it is to be a mother.  It is truly my divine calling in life.  BEST JOB EVER!!!!!!!

BFL Week 3

Monday:  Who would have guessed taking the weekend off would make such a difference.  Ok, the only real difference it made was that it felt like I hadn't been to the gym in forever.  Today my eating felt great, it is such a habit now.  I realized over the weekend that I like how my body is used to smaller, frequent meals.  That eating a lot at once only makes me feel sluggish, and really messes with my metabolism.  Thank you BFL for teaching me this concept!
Today was upper body weights.  I tried some new lifts.  I am still weak, but working on gaining strength.  I realized that my back is very weak.  I need to find the most effective workout to strengthen it.  I've always had big boobs, and as much as I hope that I won't have them after I'm done my BFL experience, I know they'll come back when I get pregnant again.  They sure take a toll on my back.  With my lower body weights I am working on strengthening my lower back, upper body weights, I need to do the same with my upper back.  My triceps are still a bit shaky (nearly an hour later).  I don't know where I found the strength to finish them, but I did.  GO ME!

Tuesday:  My eating is truly a habit.  I no longer just wing my day when I'm going out, rather it is carefully planned as far as what and when I will eat goes.  After breakfast, I packed my cottage cheese and appple, turkey wrap, and protein bar.  Samuel and I were headed into Calgary to spend the day shopping with Kailey and Lucas (yes, shopping is a frequent occurance with these two).  I find the best trick to make it through the grocery store without a shopping cart full of junk food is to be full before I go in.  Aside from locking my keys in my van, AMA coming to the wrong Super Store, and Samuel freaking out for the last half hour of the trip, I'd say it was a success (and forever a memory).

For my workout, I decided to ride the bike.  I would always ride the recumbent bike when I went to OWF.  I have started riding the regular bike and am enjoying it (well, as much as riding an exercise bike can be enjoyed).  My goal for riding the bike... to grow a butt.  I'm serious.  Anyways, I enjoyed my ride and got up to 15 resistance for the last 10 seconds of my 10 intensity index.  It's awesome to see just how hard I can push my body.  One day closer to my goal. :)

Wednesday:  I feel like I fell short on my workout tonight.  It's tricky at my gym, because there is only one "machine" that coordinates with my BFL weight training.  Well... some chubby buddy was using that machine and I didn't want to be patient and wait for him (that or I was on a time restraint because Shane had YMs).  Regardless, my quads didn't get the workout that they needed.  I am still (broken record here) learning how to properly do some of the lifts, to maximize the muscle usage.  Regardless, I got to the gym, lifted the weights I was supposed to, and still love the angled calf raises the best. :)

As far as my food, I'm finding it hard to want to eat 6 meals, even the shakes.  I am also finding that late at night (like now for instance 10:45PM) I get the munchies.  My brain gets hungry, not so much my stomach.  I need to start going to bed earlier, and avoiding this time of the night.  I know my body will thank me for not only the extra sleep.

Thursday:  I can't believe how quickly this week has gone by.  Anyways, I didn't plan my meals, and I ran today.  Yes people, I ran intervals and they!  I fully believe that running is the best cardio workout you can do.  It is such a mental thing that requires physical strength... wait, reverse that.  A PHYSICAL thing that requires lots of MENTAL strength.  I did it though, and ran all 20 minutes! (you don't think that's very long?  YOU try running Bills intervals for 20 minutes, and then talk to me). 

Today was a grouchy dance day.  Let me give you a bit of background on the grouchy dance I am referring to.  Last spring, when I was getting really pregnant, I would often be really grouchy, for no explanable reason.  Shane came home from work one night and started to sing a song and danced with his hands on his hips swinging side to side, and then in a circle for the last two words.  I'm gonna be grouchy, grouchy, all night long.  GROOOOOOUUUCHY, GROOOOOOOUUUCHY.  It always put a smile on my face.  So as far as today went, Samuels morning nap was only 20 minutes since I was getting my teeth cleaned (thanks Holly).  He slept in the car on the way home, and I figured I could "transfer" him to his crib for a long nap.  No dice.  As soon as I turned the van off, his eyes opened.  The hours before he went back for a nap were trying hours.  Generally food can fix my grouchy fixes (see below), but today, sleep was what I needed, and sleep is what I got.

I am a food driven person, meaning that when I'm not hungry, or satisfied with what I ate, I get grouchy.  It's not a conscious thing, but Shane knows he can often fix my problem with some food.  Well... sleep won today.  I stuck to my diet, but it wasn't a very balanced day.  Here is the rundown of what I ate:

8:38:  1 1/2 egg whites (Sam ate the other half of my egg, he LOVES them), and some watermelon.
12:11:  Peanut butter protein bar
2:46:  Prawn, cucumber mexican salad, and an apple
4:03:  Cottage cheese and strawberries
5:54:  Chocolate protein bar
10:01:  Protein shake

Yeah... my typical day is something like this

9:30:  2 egg whites, toast with natural PB
11:30:  Cottage cheese, fruit
1:30:  Turkey wrap with lettuce, onions, and avacado
3:30:  Protein bar
6:00:  Chicken, potato, spinach salad
9:30:  Protein shake

On ward and upward tomorrow, right?  I'm going to look into some new recipes and getting a bit more of a variety in my diet.  I pretty much eat the "typical day" food, everyday (dinner varies).  I am going to do it.  I'm almost done 3 weeks!

Friday:  Today was much better on the eating front.  Pretty much to a T of what the meals above were.  I picked up a roast chicken from the grocery store on the way home (as well as The Vow to enjoy all by myself tonight).  Shane made roast potatoes, and the whole meal was delicious!  I give it 2 thumbs up.  My favourite meal of the day by far. 

My workout was upper body weights.  As I was on my way out the door, I felt like I was forgetting something... Yep, my watch and shoes didn't make the trip.  I didn't let that stop me.  I pressed forward and lifted weights in my crocs.  I finished with 2 minutes to spare before the gym closed. 

Now to decide, free day tomorrow, or Sunday?  Hmmm.....

Saturday:  Shane is wonderful and does the early shift with Samuel.  This morning was no different.  I slept in until 9:30.  It felt great!  I wasn't very hungry, and Samuel was ready to go down for his morning nap (it was an early morning for him).  I decided it was best for me to get to they gym, and get my workout done and out of the way.

My plan for today was to run again.  When I got to the gym, to my dismay, all of the treadmills were full.  I had never seen that many people on machines at one time (I have also never been to the gym that early).  I got my shoes on, and started on the bike.  Not even 30 seconds into it, I decided the bike wasn't going to happen today.  I got off and got onto the eliptical.  I am super sore from running on Thursday.  I made it through my 20 minutes, and then back home.

When I got home, I still wasn't hungry, but wanted to feed my muscles, so I made myself a shake.  Within an hour, my body was ready to eat.  Shane, Samuel, and I went out shopping today.  It was fun to be with both my boys.  I packed my meals and was prepared, not even the costco food court could tempt me.  We bought me a different kind of protein bar (because they were cheaper).  Well... I think they're sick!  At least the peanut butter one I had.  We'll see how the chocolate ones are on Monday.  Yeah, they may get tossed.  No point suffering (literally) through something, when I know I can have the kind I had before and enjoy and look forward to it. 

P.S.  Whoever invented the protein bars and shakes with chocolate flavouring... you are genius, and I love you.  Seriously!

Sunday:  On a FREE day...  Waffles for breakfast, Peanut butter & nutella sandwich for lunch, watermelon, cookies, and cafe rio.  Oh free day, we have such a love/ hate relationship!  Too bad you are necessary to my success.  Now... time to meal plan!

Friday, May 18, 2012

I Had A Birthday Shout Hooray!

*So I'm pretty annoyed that the pictures I took on my camera, without my SD card in it aren't saved on my camera.... Therefore, the activities we did during the day are just memories, no photos. :(
On Saturday, Samuel woke up, and Shane took care of him while I slept a little longer.  When Samuel was ready to nurse, I got up, and Shane went down to get my present.  He came up with a big wrapped box.  Right before I woke up, I dreamed that I was getting a charcoal KitchenAid (the night before was a disked, hotpink maniquin). 

and the reveal...

My very own KitchenAid.  Shane is the BEST at knowing what to get me.

Then it was downstairs for breakfast, and what did I have?  Chocolate cake... HELLO, it was my FREE day.  Yes, it was super delicious.

So here's the part where we don't have any pictures.  After breakfast and getting Samuel down for a nap, I took a nap myself (a well rested Mindy is a happy Mindy).  When I woke up, we got ready and headed into Calgary.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day (Heavenly Father gave me an awesome Birthday present).  We first went to a local nursery to look at an indiginous grass that they sold, and had displayed to look and and feel.  I'll post all about it when we get to planting it (too bad the weather is supposed to be bad this 3 day weekend.  boo).

After the nursery, we went to Prince's Island park, and walked right through to the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Us, and the couple who walked in right behind us were the only people in the restaurant.  After we were seated and had our drinks, more people trickled in.  The sourdough bread that came to our table was so yummy.  I had salad with thousand island dressing, and lasagna, with lemonade to drink.  Shane had the spaghetti trio with 3 different sauces.  His favourite was the mushroom, which he was hesitant to get in the beginning.  To finish off lunch, spumoni ice cream.  YUM.  I took the most darling picture of Samuel slurping a spaghetti noodle, too bad my camera didn't save it. :( 

We walked around the park for a bit, saw a wedding party, and a crazy costume convention.  We sat in the grass for a bit, and then walked across the peace bridge (in my opinion, not worth 26.5 MILLION dollars.  What a waste).  On our way back to the van, we stopped and looked at the Mustard Seed garage sale.  We ended up scoring a filing cabinet (for one of my pinterest projects), a porch planter, a grass seed spreader, and a sprinkler all for $20.  The best buy of the day was the Greates Love Songs of all times chosen by Manuel for us specifically... $.50.

We went to the mall and got another awesome gift (which I technicall bought for myself), but the fact that my contract was up for renewal on my birthday, and I could upgrade from my 4 year old phone to a smart phone was awesome.  After we got my phone, we went to marble slab and got my favourite ice cream (birthday cake with cookie dough). 

When we got home, we cleaned the house and got ready for the evening.  Jason and Ali came over and played Ticket To Ride, and Wackee 6's with us.  It was a lot of fun.  Of coarse, let us not forget the cake, mixed in my new KitchenAid. 

Confetti cake with vanilla frosting (I wanted Rainbow chunk frosting, but I don't think they sell it in Canada anymore.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  BOO).




I honestly forgot to make a wish :( 

It feels great to be 24.  I told Jason and Ali how I can't wait to turn 30.  Most people think I'm crazy, but I am much looking forward to it.  However, I am going to enjoy these next 6 years, and not wish them away.

Just wait for my 24 things post, coming soon: (Same with Mothers Day).

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy 4th To Us

Shane and I often say how we can't believe it's been 4 years already, and in the same breath, that it has only been 4 years.  We are soul mates, and were made for each other.  Last night as I was lying in bed I started thinking about Shanes mission.  He is a brilliant man and easily could have learned another language.  Then it hit me, something we've known and recognized all along.  The Lord had a plan for Shane and I. He knew that He had to send Shane to serve in the Ogden mission, to lure him into moving back to Utah after his mission with hockey, all which led to me.  Sounds pretty self centered eh?  Honestly, I am grateful every day to be married to Shane.  He is my eternal companion, my equal, and my best friend.
So back to May 9, 2012.  My mother in law was so kind and came in early in the afternoon to watch Samuel, so I could go and get my workout done before Shane came home.  Samuel loves playing with grandma, so it was a win win for both of us.  The other win win, was that since my mother in law was coming, I tackled the mountain of dishes in our sink/ on our counter.  They were overwhelming me, but I couldn't be embarassed by them, not could I let her do them (darn pride, eh?)

When Shane came home from work, he surprised me with a bouquet of flowers.  Orange lillies, and orange roses.  The day we got engaged, he surprised me with a single orange rose at work (I thought he was going to propose to me at work, even though I had told him that was the last place I wanted to get engaged).  Sentimental, and my favourite colour.  My man is awesome!

We went upstairs, and played a bit of old school mario.  As you can tell, both Shane and Samuel were enjoying it. 

After a bit of Mario, we enjoyed a delicious, (mostly BFL friendly) meal.  Shane cooks one mean salmon.  Restaurants don't even hold a candle to his secret recipe.  We had salmon, spinach salad, rice, asparagus, and some bubbly (in fancy glasses, might I add).

Thank you self timer for snapping our 4 year family anniversary shot.

After dinner, we put Samuel to bed, and then did what any other couple would do... played some more Mario. Lol.  It was fun to act like kids again.  Before we went to sleep, we planned out where we wanted to go for our anniversary next year (5 years... woot woot)!  The verdic...


I know you're jealous ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

BFL Birthday/ Mothers Day Weekend

I have a bit of confessing to do.  I won't be posting how this week goes until next Monday (I'll give you a hint... menu planning, workouts, pushing myself, feeling good, got it? lol).  I figure I am being 100% honest, and want to give you what my BFL journey is really like, and not just put my best foot forward.  The girl who inspired me to do BFL would share when she slipped up.  It helped me to feel like she was human, and that I too can be successful, even if a trip a few times along the way. 

That being said...

Confession #1: I switched my free day this week from Saturday to Sunday, which is totally allowed.  I personally don't exercise on Sundays, so the plan was to eat what I wanted Saturday, and exercise as well.  Well... the exercise part didn't happen.  Bill says a missed meal or workout is just that, don't dwell on it, and start again the next day (for workout), or meal (for missed meal).

Confession #2:  We went down to Grandma Pedersens for mothers day.  The entire family was there, and it was a feast.  I had planned my meals, and planned to be good.  I had decided it was ok to not follow the BFL perfectly, but close, and to watch my portions for the one meal.  Well... I did pretty well, until they brought this out. 

It was Shanes cousins Birthday (story of my life next year, mothers day and birthday on the same day), made by her little sister and absolutely delicious! I had 3 pieces more cake than I should have, and ice cream to boot. Orange sherbert and vanilla icecream. Yeah... Not so good.

The best part about confession 2?  I got back on the band wagon the next meal and finished out the day strong. 

Weigh in on Saturday morning, I was down 3 pounds from last week.  Weigh in this morning... down only 2 pounds from last week.  It's the reality of eating too much cake, right?  On ward and upward.  Here we go into week 3! (or as I was told, "the honeymoon is over" week).

Family Date Night

A week ago, Saturday night we decided we were overdue for a date night outside of the house.
We had a lot of fun out as a family. We had gotten a $25 gift certificate from the welcome wagon when we moved in, and it was going to expire in a week. I was a bit nervous if they would have something that was "diet friendly," since they are a fish and chips place. They did have something for me. They pan fried my halibut, and I had a giant salad. I was stunned by how much fish Samuel ate. He loved it. That's my good little eater boy.
I thoroughly enjoyed my night out with my boys! I sure love them.

Loading up in the Corolla to head into town ( 1.yes, Cochrane is a town, not a city.  2. yes, no van, the brakes needed to be replaced).

Samuel and daddy checking out the menu at Schooners... YUM!

The sea crustacean.  Did you know back in the day I used to work at Red Lobster and had to "play" with these things? I can make them fall asleep, stand on their head, and do flips.  Seriously! Don't believe me?  Buy a lobster and invite me over, I'll entertain you. :)

Checking out these gross fascinating things

We figured if we were eating fish, we needed to swim like the fish

The cutest fish of them all (he had his mouth open like this for the first 15 minutes. lol.).

I LOVE date nights out of the house.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 12

Some evenings are hard.  Some evenings I want to "eat my emotions."  Where did I learn to get comfort from food?  It's ridiculous!  I'm breaking the habit, but old habits die hard, and this one definitely wants to hang on (it only took me 24 years to perfect the habit, I don't know why it couldn't be gone in 2 weeks. HA)! 

I did well this morning with my eating.  I bought a cantelope this week, which I find can be hit and miss with me.  This one is delicious!  I'm loving it, and so is Samuel.  Definitely my favourite meal of today was the cottage cheese and cantelope in the car on my way into Calgary (no, I wasn't driving).  I've got one more meal left for today and I'm thinking it'll be a protein shake.  I have a hard time wanting to eat my protein at this point of the day.

The gym was good.  I went right when Shane got home from work.  I am still learning how to properly and effectively do my weight training.  I gain more insight and strength each time I do it.  I'm getting stronger.  The gym closes early on Friday night, so it's a good push to get in and get er' done.

Remember how tomorrow is my Birthday?  I'm switching my free day from Sunday to Saturday this week, yep, totally going to be the best free day ever!
Well...  my home teacher showed up with this tonight.  His wife, whom I am distantly related to (my sister-in-laws sister) made this for me.  Yes it is made out of an entire cake mix, and YES I fully plan to eat til my hearts content of it tomorrow (Shanes was seriously the best cake I've ever had, no exaggeration). 

I've been so excited with my progress, I just really hope my binge Birthday doesn't totally screw things up... According to Bill (Mr. BFL himslef) it wont. 

Happy Friday!

P.S.  Next week I'll be blogging normal things (like our anniversary, my Birthday, my first Mothers Day as a mom, Samuel crawling up the stairs, our date last weekend, etc)  Yeah... I've got a lot of catching up to.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 11

You know what they say, another day, another... WORKOUT!

The other night as Shane and I were getting ready for bed, we were talking about my BFL stuff, and he asked if I was going to blog every single day.  When I originally started, I thought yes.  But after blogging daily and having it be really the same story over and over again, I've decided to post a weekly BFL update (starting Monday).  That is, unless something really cool/ exciting/ amazing happens.

I've found that eating I'm in a bit of a rhythm as far as my meals and when I workout goes.  It's nice to know what to expect daily.  My muscles are starting to feel less sore, like hardly at all.  I know this might be a bit premature, but I feel like I'm already starting to see results in my body.  Like in the way my outfit fit today, and in the definition I was seeing in my arms as I was lifting weights yesterday.  Oh, and not to mention on the scale.  I cheated and stepped on it yesterday, and... still going down.  EXCITING!

I'm looking forward to my Birthday FREE day on Saturday.  FunFetti cake... YUM!

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

I, sir Samuel, the youngest in the Gallup clan will be blogging for you today.  Mom's carrying on about her boring weight loss program, and there's a lot of cool stuff that is happening around here that needs to be documented.  so, without further adieu...

The sun came out today people! The sun!!!!! Here's what my day looked like:

Struttin' my stuff in my sun hat mom bought for me, just after a diaper change

Yummy watermelon and grapes for lunch.  Seriously, I love the stuff

Then I worked in daddys office for a bit.  It's not nearly as productive as my office.  I'll have to give you a tour of it sometime...

Yep, pretty much that was my day.  It took me a couple of days to finish this post because I had to demand dinner from mom in the middle of writing it, sigh.  I hope the sun comes out again soon!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today is our anniversary, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

I did my upper body weights earlier today, while the gym was filled with high school boys.  It felt good, I felt the burn, and it's over and done with.

Tonight we enjoyed a delicious dinner of spinach berry salad, grilled salmon, rice, and asparagus... ALL diet friendly!  It was delicious and no one makes salmon better than Shane himself... no restaurant can compare.

Time for a movie.  I'll be back tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 9

I think my body is starting to go through withdrawals... Maybe I'm getting my monthly visits from my aunt back (it's only been 19 months and counting)... I dunno.  I have been pretty grouchy the last 2 days.  I'm glad that I weighed myself on Monday, because it's truly helped to keep me positive and pushing forward. 

I need to look up some recipes, etc tonight to change up my eating, but today I did well.  I'm grateful for protein bars and protein shakes... life savers!  Today was a busy day and although I planned my food, etc... I ended up having 2 protein bars, where I generally only have 1 a day.

Tonight I had a RS activity and went straight from the church to the gym.  I had packed my stuff, swapped Samuel and the car, and half way to the gym when I realized that my shoes were at home.  I was frustrated from how the day had gone, so what did I do... rode the exercise bike in my socks and rode it hard.  I burned out my stress and was out of there. 

One day closer to my goal... :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 8

Today was a grocery run, and it's a good thing, because I was getting a bit low on foods that I need.  I had a 5 hour span between my first 2 meals today, not because I had to, that's just the way it worked out.  I fit all 6 of my meals in, and even made some chili for dinner.  I made banana bread for our new neighbours and also baked cornbread for Shane and my father in law (who came and replaced the brakes on our van.  He's awesome)!  I was feeling a bit grouchy tonight, and I'm blaming it on the baking that I couldn't eat (even though that wasn't the case).

Tonight at the gym I felt silly.  You rest for one minute between each set of your reps.  I felt like I was sitting around the gym.  The first 2 sets of reps aren't too hard, just warming up.  Like I said, I feel silly.  I know it's effective and will pay off, I just need to get over myself.

In other news, I weighed myself this morning.  My official weigh in was on the fancy scale at Shanes work, but is pretty close to our scale.  According to our scale at home, I'm down 3 pounds. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

FREE Day 7

I see what Bill Philips means when he says cheat days are good and that you'll be ready to jump back on with your program on Monday.  This morning I started out fasting from food for breakfast.  After church, I had a turkey avacado sandwich (typical, can do on BFL), but I used honey mustard instead of regular mustard, had havardi cheese on it, and had it on roasted garlic, cheese bread (YUM, Thanks Colleen).  I gorged myself on the coconut macaroon she brought also.  By the time Shane and I lied down for an afternoon nap, I felt down right gross.  I had eaten too much, and over done it on the macaroons.

After our nap, we woke up and I had a twix bar.  Yum, right?  Not so much.  The chocolate tasted good, but my body was not a big fan of the sugar.  The 2 sticks that come in the package were too much of a portion for me.  We drove into Calgary and had delicious bbq sandwiches with coleslaw with the Lees.  Did you know that you are supposed to put the coleslaw on your sandwich?  I had no idea, but did it, and it was so good.  After dinner we had a yummy coconut frozen pie dessert.  THANK YOU LEES FOR HAVING US FOR DINNER, it was delicious!

I need to drink a bunch more water tonight, and we'll see if I end up eating anything else.  Onto meal planning for tomorrow, and then early to bed for some much needed sleep.  I'm going to try to get my lower body weights done before Shane heads off to work.  We'll see....

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 6

I made it through my first week.  6 workouts, 36 meals, and tomorrow is my FREE day to eat and do whatever I would like.

I didn't plan my meals out for today, so it was pretty repeat of what I ate for a lot of the week.  I'm really glad that I got a protein drink, and protein bars to add into the mix.  They really do help to change things up, and the protein bar feels like I'm eating a chocolate bar, so I'll take it.  It's my treat for the end of the day.

My workout today was the exercise bike again.  It went by really fast, and mentally wasn't as hard as the first time.  I physically pushed myself and I'm looking forward to next week and what it has to bring.  I had signed up for a 1/2 marathon that is coming up in a few weeks.  I was going to sell my bib, but with my interval training, I think I'll just change into the 10k race instead.  I feel like I should be able to do it.

Tomorrow is dinner with friends.  I have been promised a delicious meal and dessert.  I can't wait!  1/12 of the way through this program.

Day 5

I'm playing a bit of catch up today.  Last night I enjoyed a night out going to a modest is hottest/ jewelry/ shoes/ purse party.  It was a lot of fun, I got home late, and needed a hot bath for my sore muscles.  Blogging obviously wasn't a priority at that point. 

I didn't do a very good job a planning my meals yesterday, and planning is the key to success in this program.  I was able to stick to the rules about what I ate, but having a friend for lunch, and  her bringing specialty bread, and coconut macaroons for me made for a great temptation.  I wasn't physically hungry, but mentally I wanted to eat.  For dinner we had steak fajitas.  Please note that cheap steak is GROSS no matter how you cook it.  Needless to say, I wasn't all that pleased with my dinner.

Shane came home from work and our little family loaded up in the car.  I was dropped off at the gym while Sam and Shane did a bit of shopping.  Today was upper body weights.  It was challenging, definitely harder than on Monday.  I got my 45 minutes done and we were headed home. 

I'm looking forward to one last day of cardio and diet for the week.  Then Sunday... FREE day.  Too bad it's fast Sunday.  Oh well.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 4

It's exciting to see what each day brings.  As I sit here and type this, it makes me think of the part in Avatar where Jake is doing his logging.  Anyways, onto the recap of today.  I found today to be a mental day.  No, not like retarded, just in my mind kind of day.  Mentally, I'm feeling awesome!  Having good food continuously in my body and the endorphins pumping through me makes me feel great!

Mentally as far as my workout went today, was hard.  My mind was the hardest part of my workout.  I kept thinking how sore I was, and where I was going to fit it in during my day.  The original plan was to wake up and get it over with first thing in the morning.  Well, I'm not a morning person, and it didn't happen.  My  mother in law was coming over today and I was hoping she would watch Samuel, but no dice, she was on a time restraint.  Shane saved the day and since he went to work an hour early, was able to be home just after 4 for me to get to the gym.

I am really sore today... like as I type this right now I am sitting on a pillow because my butt hurts!  Stairs aren't so much my friend, but I've had a much harder time in my life with stairs and pain from "getting in shape."  I did my cardio on the elliptical today.  I really pushed myself and was super sweaty.  I often feel like people in the gym will think that I only do a half workout, but I really push myself, and am only supposed to do 20 minutes of intervals.  I need to worry less about what people think.

The reasoning behind the "where do I fit my workout in today" was because I had a hair appointment.  HOORAY, it's only been 4 months!  Here's my new do... dew... due????  Anyways.

 I'm in love!  I think Frazer did a great job.  What do you think?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 3

Another end of another day.  Today I made a turkey avacado wrap with lettuce and red onion on a whole wheat tortilla.  Let me just tell you folks, it was yummy!  I was asking myself, can I really eat like this and have the program work?  The answer, yes.  I followed my portions to a T and all those foods are on the approved list.

Today Samuel and I ventured into Calgary for a visit with Kailey and Lucas, and a trip to Costco as well.  I was due for another meal when we were on our way to Costco.  It was hard to walk past all the samples and treats I wanted to buy.  We made it to the aisle where the protein bars were (the main reason for our trip).  I picked out the one I thought was the best fit for me.  It took me about 60 seconds before deciding right then and there that I needed to eat one of those bars.  It was yummy.  A bit chalky, but tasted good.

Tonights workout was lower weights.  It was hard.  I broke a sweat.  I felt I was going to blow my knee out if I continued doing the lunges.  I gave it my best effort and know that's what matters.  I did crunches the proper way for the first time in my life, by pushing my lower spine into the ground and flexing my abs as I pull up for 1 count.  Let me just tell you, TRY IT, do 12 crunches like that.  FEEL THE BURN!  My legs are now rubber. awesome.  I was worried that my upper body weights weren't enough, until last night, when my triceps started to ache.  Yep, they are still achy.  I suppose I'm doing things right.  Sore body now = toned lean body later.  Awesome!

I'm a bit nervous for my cardio tomorrow with how sore I feel.  Onward and upward I go.  I have a hair apt in the evening, so I'll need to get my workout done earlier in the day.  Maybe first thing in the morning?  Oy vey!

The Happiness Project

Who knew my day was going to change so quickly.  An hour ago I was chatting online with my sister in Nicaragua, doing my hair and makeup, and trying to keep Samuel busy and happy while I finished.  I snapped a few pictures of Samuel, sent this one with a goodbye message to my sister, and got dressed.

Samuel was a bit fussy and just wanted me to hold him.  In frustration I picked him up and realized he was tired, and I needed to eat.  I rocked my sweet baby to sleep, laid him in his crib, made myself a turkey wrap, and went to check the mail.  I opened our box across the street from us, and to my surprise there were 2 packages in it.  Shane is a frequent online shopper for little things, so I figured they were for him.  To my surprise, this came for me.

My grandma had told me she had mailed this.  I had completely forgot about it until I saw who it was to/ from.  I opened the book and read her message, tears immediately filled my eyes.  They continue to fill my eyes each time I re-read it.  It's nice to be reminded that you are special and a blessing in someone elses life.

Now excuse me, I'm going to read some of this book while Samuel is napping.

Have you shared with someone recently that they are special and a blessing to you?  If not, you should.  You'll never know what an impact you'll have on their life.  Not to mention, you'll feel good as well. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BFL Day 2

Another end of a successful day.  Honestly, the eating on this is really easy, and a lot less restricted than I expected.  Not to mention yummy.  I have noticed already the difference in eating small meals more frequently makes me feel.  I am enjoying not having my blood sugar peak and valley throughout the day.

Samuel and I went grocery shopping and picked up a few things I needed.  We stopped and picked up some dry shampoo and protein shake as well.  I know dry shampoo has nothing to do with BFL, but seriously, WHY haven't I used it before?  It's brilliant!

This afternoon I was browsing  It is inspiring to read the success stories, see the total lbs shed, and the before/after pictures.  I reviewed the food list and some recipes online, which was good to see because it is longer than the list from the book (I'm not sure the publication date of the copy I have).  The good old internet saves the day again.  

Tonight at the gym was tough.  All day I have thought; 20 minutes cardio, no big deal.  HA was I wrong.  It is interval training, so it's quick and painful, but then you're done.  I rode the stationary bike today and was so sore during.  I know walking up and down my stairs tomorrow is going to be a bit of a challenge, not to mention lower body weights.  It's all about straining the muscles, and then rebuilding them.

My  meals are planned for tomorrow.  I see how planning is the key, honestly, there's no going to the fridge and trying to figure out to eat.  It's all laid out for you.  Love it.