Friday, June 29, 2012

In The Mail...

My mister returned safely home to Canada, and with him took his laptop, which happens to have an SD card reader in it, and I am left in Utah with NO way to upload our photos of our fun times here.  SO... I went onto trusty Amazon and ordered my family an SD card reader, and maybe a book and cake pan for Samuels Birthday.  Can I say that I love the good old U.S.A. for their FAST shipping.  Seriously, I am debating what else to order online, because it will be here so fast

Speaking of Sams birthday, it is coming SO fast!  My brain is just spinning with ideas for this grand celebration.  Along with Birthday plans, my mind is also taken back to just after he was born.  This warm weather is such a fun reminder.  I am loving every minute of it.  Oh my sweet, tiny, little baby, who is not so tiny any more.  LOVE him... SO much.

Therefore, the moral of this story post is, lots more blogging with pictures will be coming your way next week.  :)

p.s. I updated our layout.  When I am back home, I am going to have Shane help me make up a pretty header, well that is after we get family pictures.  SO excited! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Growing up in a family of 8 kids you would think that I had a "ton" of cousins.  Well, I don't.  I have 5 cousins on my dads side, and 4 + 2 (1/2 cousins that I have never met from my moms half sister who died while my mom was on her mission).  Any ways, I have only met my uncles 2 girls once when they were little girls, and his wife is now pregnant with another, who I will probably never meet (they live in Tennessee).  My moms brothers kids lived close when we were little, but I haven't seen or had anything to do with them in over a decade.  Candyce and Sabrina and I used to go and visit my grandparents together in St. George when we were little.  We saw Candyce fairly often, and I would consider her my closest cousin, although close is not something I would use to describe our relationship.  I have a dysfunction family, and that's put lightly.  I look forward to Samuel having cousins and getting to know them and spend time together.

One of the goals for this trip was to get a photo of all my grandmas great grandchildren together. My cousin Candyce and I are the only grandchildren with kids, so it wasn't too complicated. My grandparents came into town for Sabrinas homecoming and we figured now was the best time to get everyone together. My grandma and I have been planning this for a while and she said that since it's the summer and Old Navy has their patriotic shirts out, that she would get Candyces kids in an American flag shirt, and Samuel in a Canadian flag shirt. I got Samuels shirt and I think it ended up being a really cute picture. My only problem is that there were 4 different people with cameras going at the same time. It is my biggest pet peeve. You never know where to look and I dare say I don't think we got a single picture of everyone looking at the same camera. Here is a run down of our evening. It was lots of fun.
Samuel and daddy enjoying some little caesars pizza

Samuel doesn't like the feel of grass or hard ground on his knees, so he pulls this "elephant crawl."  We sure love it.  He is getting closer and closer to walking.

First taste of a Laffy Taffy.  he was diggin' it.

Candyce and her 4 kids; Skyler, Erika, Gracie, and Gavin (twins).  See what I mean about everyone looking every which direction?  Samuel was not impressed by this point.  I want some MIIIIILLLLKKK mom!!!!!!!!

He likes to pull hair.  Strangely enough, I like this picture of us, so candid.
Samuel learned to clap a couple of weeks ago, but wouldn't clap for us.  When Sabrina got home, he started clapping.  He now claps the majority of the time when you clap for something.  Here he was swinging.  He'd work up the courage to let go and clap one clap before grabbing onto the swing again.  I love it.
More clapping on daddys shoulders
This was hilarious.  I unfortunately didn't have the camera, my little brother did, so it's not the best photo, but I am glad this moment was captured.  There were seagulls everywhere.  Shane put Sam on his shoulders to "chase" the seagulls.  It was hilarious and Sam enjoyed himself with his hands flailing in the air.

Feeding the ducks.  This goose had no fear and got so close.  Samuel didn't seem to care one way or another about these ducks.

Cute candid

Lovin' the KoolAid Jammer (no, he wasn't allowed to drink very much).

Aunts Eliza & Sabrina, and Uncle Stephen

This night was one of those nights where it feels like time stands still.  A night where every moment is breathed in, and memories are so carefully etched in your mind.  I love Layton park, and I loved this evening spent there.  I look forward to many "cousin" pictures to come in the future.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This week has been a bit, ok, a lot of an "off the wagon week."  I have been doing my best at eating bfl style, but I've fallen hard on a daily basis, usually dinner time.  This program is for me, no one else.  It only hurts me (oh the stomach aches) when I don't stick to my guns.  I am working on getting my meals, etc figured out while I am here with my family, but I do call this week my "adjustment" week and forgive the slips and major spills as they come.

Monday:  I did well with my eating today... well, until I was home from the gym, and the double stuffed oreos called my name.  Darn those things and Shane being gone to help me feel conscious about eating them. 
I made it to the gym.  Lower body weights were the call today.  I put my pride in my back pocket and asked Anna (the receptionist) to watch my leg extension lift to see that I was doing it properly.  She said it looked great.  I have been having this pain along the inside on my right knee when I do that lift specifically, and then when I run, etc.  It's not injured, but doesn't feel good.  She explained that lifting your legs up like that is one of the hardest lifts for everyone.  She recommended doing squats instead for my thighs.  I have dreaded the idea of doing squats.  Why?  I don't know, but they are my call for lower body weights for the mean time.  I did the ball over my head oblique crunches again today.  OUCH!  I am working on trimming my core and sides.  I think toning these will help, but it won't come without pain.  Bill says to stick to only the amount of reps/time recommended in the bfl book.  I think I want to add more abs... we'll see.

Tuesday:  I gave today a half effort.  It was a BUSY day.  VTers coming, me going VTing, packing, cleaning, etc.  What about eating???  Yeah, half effort is the best way to put it.  Shane got home from work and I wanted to go go go (although I wasn't even fully packed yet).  He needed to run some errands and hadn't packed a darn thing, sigh.  I chose not to be upset, started making parmesean chicken and did the dishes.  Yes, cheese on the chicken, and WHITE spaghetti noodles.  I really wanted to eat away my stress.  I put RANCH dressing on my salad (guilty look), but kept my portions in control (although I didn't want to).  We got on the road.  I don't know what it is about driving, but my mouth thinks it needs food in it the entire time.  I munched on trail mix, apple chips, and avoided the fast food.  Shane and I have found that staying up the majority of the night traveling + MSG loaded or fatty foods are a recipe for DISASTER.  We're talking it takes us DAYS to recover (we avoid MSG as much as possible).  This is the part of the post where I don't know whether to report my food for Tuesday or Wednesday since it technically was Wednesday morning.  I passed out for a bit, and then we stopped for gas.  I picked up some MSG/ other garbage FREE beef jerky (protein anyone)? and some tropical (fruit and nut) trail mix, since the stuff from costco, as good as it tastes, has chocolate in it, and yeah... it's out.

In other news, I didn't make it to the gym.  I should have, the cardio would have done me some good, but I was too stressed, sue me!

Wednesday:  Yep, still driving.  I made some chocolate protein muffins found on pinterest.  I munched and munched on those, as well as tropical, and regular trail mix (chocolate omitted).  I am working to perfect the recipe on the muffins, and will post once I have it done.  I ate so much of the batter, it was DELICIOUS.  The muffins were just ok.  Like I said, working on it. 

We made it into Utah and well, food tastes different.  I know it sounds weird, but it's true, and doesn't have to do with just being in Utah.  Have you ever had that happen when you travel??  I was doing well with bfl eating (my mom had taken me shopping), and made a taco salad instead of a sloppy joe.  Fruit on the side, etc.  Well, I sampled the fruit dip my mom made.  Dun dun dun!  Yeah, overdose.  It was SO yummy!

As we were pulling into town this morning, I saw Lady Fitness.  I had been looking for the past 2 weeks at where I would go, and had completely forgot LF.  Well, it so happens they had called my mom this morning and offered her a free 2 week membership.  I called and set up an appointment to figure out membership,etc.  I was so tired and was really battling with the idea of exercising.  I paid my dues for my one month membership, and went to the rack of weights.  I was exhausted and had nothing to give.  I did it.  I DID IT!!!!!  I did the bicep curls on the machine, let me tell you... I am so weak... it was so hard.

Thursday:  Up to make eggs for breakfast.  They ended up being a frustration.  We were busy today getting ready for Sabrina to come home.  I kept busy and ate well.  I was proud of myself.  My mom tried to give me some lunch meat and an apple in the van.  I denied them both and figured I'd eat when I was home.  I hadn't figured out anything to eat, and the "food rage" got the best of me.  I ate white noodle lasagna, and again salad with ranch dressing.  Better yet, iceberg salad with dressing... NO nutrition.  Yeah, playdough icecream, and candy.  I was out f bfl for the night.  DUMB!

I ran today.  I ran hard and fast!  It felt sooooooooo good.  My form felt awesome.  I gave myself a 10 on my intervals today!  YES!!!!!!

Weekending:  What is a diet and exercise?!?!?!?  Yeah, it didn't happen, not any of it.  It is really hard to stay motivated while I am trying to adjust to a new environment.  Not to mention, I'm supposed to be on vacation.  Yeah, I can't say I'm happy about it, but it's happening, and this is about my journey, not perfection. 

I have LOVED the feedback and support you readers have shown.  PLEASE send me some more encouragement, or tips that you have done while on vacation.  Thanks!


The whole purpose of our trip to Utah was for Sabrinas homecoming.  Sabrina and I are 17 months apart and have shared a room her entire life (until I left for University).  We are great friends.  She was sent home for medical reasons in November.  I wanted SO bad to make it down to see her.  She was home for exactly 1 month, and we didn't get to see her.  Since the rest of my family had seen her 6 months ago, I was especially excited to see her since I haven't since November 2010.
Here we are all waiting for for our missionary.  The baggage claim was filled with families waiting for their missionaries.  It was a neat thing.

Samuel, Mommy, Grandma-great with the new phone grandma-great got for Samuel.  He loved it.

Balloons, posters, and anticipation

Brotherly love (missing brother Matthew who is faithfully serving in Melbourne Austrailia).

Grandma and Grandpa great waiting for Sabrina

Happy sisters Lucy and Eliza


HERE SHE COMES!!!!  Front and center!
Sabrinas only request was to have our reactions of seeing her recorded. Shane was put incharge with the video camera.

Almost here...


Hugs all around

First time meeting Samuel


Silly boys

Proud parents

More time with Samuel.  Samuel started clapping before Sabrina came.  The sweetest thing was when Shane had the camera and asked Samuel how he felt about Aunt Sabrina being home.  He promptly put his hand together and clapped.  It was priceless!  Generally you have to clap and prompt him to clap.  Sweet boy.

All together

Our neighbours made this sign for her.  Such a sweet welcome.

It was wonderful to pick her up.  Fortunately we checked her flight status and found out that they were going to be landing 30 minutes early.  Her MTC companions family didn't check and weren't there waiting for her arrival.  SO sad!! 

Her request for dinner was that we have lasagna, she didn't want to go out to eat anywhere.  With the lasagna waiting at home, we were out.  My parents camera bag was left behind.  Fortunatly we remembered before we left.  Shane and I went to retrieve the bag, and as we came down the escalators, walked into the baggage check filled with new people waiting for their missionaries.  Such a fun sight to see.

Sabrinas release was a neat experience.  She served faithfully and had a really hard time being released.  Her beloved stake president (my former seminary teacher) shared how hard it is to come home from a mission, that it hurts more coming home than leaving.  She bore her testimony in Spanish.  It was amazing!  The spirit was so stong.  We are very happy to have her home.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hips Don't Lie!

We decided months ago that we would leave for Utah after Shane got off work and drive through the night.  As our trip got closer, I was really dreading this drive through the night.  We knew for Samuel it would be the easiest way to go.  We sacrificed one bad night for us, to not have a trip that took hours longer to meet Samuels needs. 

We had inteneded to drive the corolla since Shane would be driving home solo, and the van takes more gas, etc.  When it got down to the wire, we opted the van the best option (particularly for sleeping), and took off.  We leave our back seat empty so that it can be used for sleeping.  Shane "rested" a while during my drive through southern Alberta, and then it was my turn.  When we were getting ready to stop for gas, I woke up and crawled into the front seat.  It is not the most comfortable sleeping situation.  I was tired, didn't want Samuel to wake up, and really wished we didn't have to stop.  I told Shane "that bench isn't very comfortable.  My hips don't lie."  Lol... hips don't lie!  They were hurting, that's not a lie.  I grabbed some beef jerky and some fruit and nut trail mix.  I went back to sleep for a bit. 

We got to Idaho Falls and Samuel woke up.  We stopped for breakfast and gas.  I changed Samuel out of his pajamas and prepped him to see grandma (a baby who smells good is a must for my mom).  We continued on about another hour and Sam had enough.  Here we are just south of Malad, almost to exit 1, where we did a mini pit stop, and let Sam stretch out a bit.  There was a semi truck who had the same idea off this exit ramp.  Good old Digby (written on the back).  We both had a potty break, Shane threw little rocks at Digby, and I sang Oklahoma (since that plates on the truck were from OK) at the top of my lungs while laughing and nursing Samuel. I was a bit dilusional.  I must admit, I couldn't remember all the words from Oklahoma, and it dawned on me the part where they sing Oklahoma, OK that they are referring to the states abbreviation, not that it is OK.  Lol.

Stretch... walk...


I was anxious and excited to get home!  Once we hit Idaho Falls on the way down, the last 3 hours feel soooooo long.  Happily, we made it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Semana Siete

Monday:  100% this week on my food is my goal.  Today I started off with my meals WRITTEN out, and packed for my day with the B boys.  I hit my 100% goal today.  I have come to the realization that my emotional status is reflected in my house.  I am a planner, and an organizer.  If I am planned out and organized, things go smoothly.  I truly believe that not planning out my meals the last 2 weeks have been my downfall.  Everything else followed like an avalanche.  Yesterday  morning before church I had time and decided to put all the clothes on my floor away.  It felt so good and got the ball rolling.  By the end of this week, my house will be spotless :)  Lists are my friend.  I will never shy away from them again.

All I can say about my workout today was "ouch."  My upper body is still fatigued and it's been nearly an hour since I finished.  On the way home from the gym, I stopped at the store to pick up a few things.  I had 2 gallons of milk and got to the long line at the check out.  Yeah, after just lifting weights, it was not very fun standing there holding a gallon in each hand.  I am very critical of myself.  There are mirrors all over the gym and I found my minute in between reps today, that I looked myself over and picked myself apart.
Rome wasn't built in a day, I didn't gain all this weight in a matter of 6 weeks, I can't plan to lose it all that quickly either.  I am feeling motivated and ready to give these next 6 weeks my all.

Tuesday:  Another successful day on my bfl plan.  It's crazy to me how sticking to what I am supposed to eat helps me to be more motivated and feel better about myself all the way around.  I didn't even sneak the watermelon lemonade at our RS activity tonight.

Speaking of RS activity, I was getting ready to leave to put Sameul to bed when Suzy mentioned I should come back for zumba if I can.  I have been seeing the email announcements for the past few days about it, but pushed it out of my mind.  Today was intervals, right?  I decided to take Suzy up on her offer.  I got Samuel home to bed, changed my clothes, and headed back up to the church.  We started to zumba, and I forgot just how much of a workout it really is.  60 minutes of Zumba over 20 minutes of intervals... I'll take it!  It felt good to do so much ab work, while getting the cardio time in. 

I felt a bit weak and had a headache after zumba.  It continued to get worse as I drove home.  I drank all my water out of my water bottle, and had a banana as soon as I walked in the door.  I still needed something since my stomach was feeling queezy.  I grabbed some saltine-ish crackers.  Remember how I am supposed to be gluten free?  Well, I figured some crackers over barfing was a better option.  I rubbed some peppermint essential oils on my temples and stomach.  Within 10 seconds my head started feeling better.  Those oils are like magic.  I love them!

Wednesday:  I wanted to eat my emotions  I really held off and was proud of myself.  There was nothing yummy that I ate today, just the typical stuff.  I asked myself why the heck am I cutting gluten out of my diet.  Ok, it doesn't do well with my body, but having wheat maybe once a day isn't going to kill me.  What will... SUGAR.  I went to a modest is hottest party and had 1 brownie.  Yeah, I'm still paying for it 2 hours later.  I slipped off the wagon, but I'm over it.  I have to forgive and move on (those sweet potato chips and mango salsa with guacamole was SO worth it).

I got on the scale this morning.  It is finally going down again!  My persistence and hard work is paying off.  I made it just in time to get my lower body weights finished.  I used 25lb weights in each hand to do my straight leg dead lifts (hamstrings).  I also was blown away by how much weight I was able to do on my calves.  Like seriously double from last week.  Heck yeah!  I jammed out to the radio blasted the entire way home.  I made most of the lights (a miracle, I tell you) on the way home and love every song during my 10 minute drive.  I think I'll keep doing this ;)

Thursday:  I forgot my food on the counter as Samuel and I headed into Calgary.  I am grateful to have the flexibility in what I eat to be able to grab something while I am out.  None the less, a quick stop at the food court and my first ever pita from Extreme Pita.  It was sooooo much better than subway.  I came home to a protein bar, and some marinate chicken for dinner. So good!

I got on the elliptical today to change things up a bit.  It was hard.  The resistance wasn't very high at all and it was kicking my butt.  Nearly half way through my workour a woman came and got on the elliptical next to me.  She asked if they had fixed the resistance on the machine yet.  I said "that's why it's so hard?!"  I thought it was from my race (even though I haven't been sore the last couple of days), or from my weights yesterday.  Yeah, the resistance is screwed up and I busted my butt for 20 minutes instead of doing intervals.  I was dripping a lot more sweat than usual.  You may be wondering why I didn't switch machines... well, I go to a small gym and there are only 2 of the same ellipticals and the other one was being used.  Go me!

As I was walking out to my car I was thinking about all of the hard work that has gone into getting me to where I am, and the continuation of this hard work to get me to my goal.  It took my mind back to the first time I met Ashley.  We were talking about weight, etc (we both had babies a month apart).  I told her that she looked great.  She replied that she had worked her butt off.  I now understand exactly what that comment meant.  Thank you Ashley, for your example, and for lighting the fire in me to do this.

Friday:  I didn't want to go to the gym.  Ok, it's not a matter of not wanting to go, but Shane won tickets to the Stampeders (football) game and by the time he was home, getting out the door on time was going to be hard enough.  None the less, Shane encouraged, and I decided to switch my weights for cardio and just get it over with.  I thought I'd do the elliptical, why I think it's the easy way out in my mind, I'll never know, because IT ISN'T!  I ended up running on the treadmill.  That was my first run since my race.  It was fine, but still isn't easy.  I suppose that's the point of intensity training, it will always be just as hard... you'll just be going faster/ harder as you improve.

P.S.  The Stamps game had an AWESOME finish!  Glad we stuck it out.

Saturday:  I slept in.  Sleeping is like a drug to me, however, I o.d. too often and feel like garbage.  THERE, I said it!  Anyways, once I got up and rolling on my day, my metabolism was all screwed up, and the food rage came out with a vengence.  My poor husband, oh man is he wonderful!  The afternoon came and Shane laid down for a rest himself.  I read a bit of BFL for women and found the motivation to get my butt out.the.door.  I did it!  I went to the gym and did my full upper body weights.  Let me tell you, the last lift, my biceps, I really dread.  I don't like it, but do it none the less.  We finished our night with popcorn and edamame beans.  Thank you Netflix for Cindrella Man, it was a good one!

Sunday:  Happy Fathers Day!  Happy FREE day Mindy!!!!!!  French toast for breakfast, cafe rio pork nachos for lunch (SO good, seriously)!, a pretty BFL friendly dinner, steak, salad, and asparagus (I guess this is becoming a lifestyle, hmmm...), and then, Bryers heavenly hash.  SO yummy.  Thank you free day for once again being so kind to me.  I have figured out my portions and limits and pulled off the day without feeling sick :)  See you next week at SABRINA'S HOMECOMING!!!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust

pants size that is....

Today consisted of buying a new bra because the band size of all of my nursing bras are too big.  It's a good feeling folks.  The inches aren't just coming off my waist, but my whole body.  Look how much thinner my face is looking... Ok, like you really remember.  Let me just spark your memory. 

(February 2012)

I battle daily wanting these changes to come quicker.  Isn't that the way of the world?  Instant gratification?  Today was particularly a tough day with me not wanting to feel restricted in what I eat.  The truth of the matter is that sugar makes me sick, like really sick now that my body is used to not eating it.  This is a lifestyle change, and I am still learning to accept that they way I used to eat needs to be just that, something I used to do.  The reminders when I actually do eat them aren't very plesant.

I broke down today.  I told Shane that I want a Wendys combo 7 with french fries, a frosty, everything.  I continued on about how I wanted to eat what I want and not exercise every dang day.  Shane reminded me that I am looking and feeling much better.  He's right.  I continued and dug down to the actual root of the problem.  I am tired of trying to figure out what to eat, and then preparing it.  Eating processed foods all of the time is easy, but not healthy. 

People THE HARDEST PART OF ALL OF THIS IS MY  MIND.  Seriously.  I eat well, I feel well.  I go to the gym, I feel good about myself.  Why do I forget this so easily?  Regardless, my hardwork is paying off. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer River Walk

It hasn't been all that long, like not even 2 weeks ago that I truly discovered the paths by the river here in Cochrane.  When we were living in our MacKay house, we were just 2 blocks from the amazing river pathways and an incredible park.  I was a bit sad to be leaving the paths that were so close, since I hadn't used them as often as I would like.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago when I decided to go for my 4 mile "training" run and I discovered these fabulous paths.  Today as I was gazing at the beautiful weather, I decided Samuel and I needed to go out and enjoy it, the chores could wait.  I ripped through my closet trying to find something that will fit.  I know, what a burden to have all of my clothes getting too loose, but seriously, it's just as annoying as having them get too tight and not having anything to wear.  I threw a skirt on and a comfy shirt and we were off.  I am very glad that we just didit.  What a lift to my day.  Samuel LOVED it, and I really had a nice time myself.  Here's what it looked like:

Sam just chillin in his stroller.  He has NEVER been in it that long without throwing a fit.

My cute boy with his crossed ankles.  This is his signature move.

This is the tunnel/ bridge that we ran over in my race over the weekend.  Oh the memories. 

Cute red bench along the way

He held onto his cup and toy the entire time.  Funny boy.

Mom and Sam near the end

Spring may come much later than I am used to here in Canada, but I am sure enjoying the delicious smells of the blossoms, trees, etc.  I have a feeling we'll be going on many more river walks.  Next time, we'll take daddy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bradley Birthday Party

While I was pregnant with Samuel, we took a prenatal class. The class we decided to take was the Bradley method for a natural birth. Our class was much bigger than your typical Bradley class. Generally there are 3 or so couples, our class there were 9. We met weekly, sad cross legged on the floor for an hour and a half, talked about birth, and practiced labour positions/ etc. The practice contractions were awesome. Shane and I, being the youngest in the class had a really hard time being serious when Amy, our instructor, would say, "ok, contraction starting now." Oh, we SO had no idea what we were in for.

That being said, the group has gotten together since. We had a reunion in October, and decided to have a "Birthday Party" for all our babes. Unfortunately, only 4 of the 9 couples and babes were able to make it. That didn't stop us from enjoying yummy food, and each others company.

Samuel sitting up to the counter while we prepped the food

The hosts of the party ran last minute to pick up this swimming pool for the balls.  It was totally a hit among the babies

Atticus kept giving Scarlett kisses.  A ladies man at 11 months.  Seriously SO cute!

Samuel enjoyed playing with the toys.  He is significantly bigger than all the other babies.  I've been asked several times how much he weighs, etc lately.  I have no clue.  The day before he turned 9 months he was 23lbs.  My guess is he is 25 or 26.  His feet , head size, and height far outdid the other babes.

We were the only couple who brought their swimming suits.  When the party started to die down, we decided to hit up their indoor pool.  

I am really grateful to have met Colleen (girl with me in the last picture) from our prenatal class.  She is a great friend to have, and is so knowledgeable (you would hope so, since she is a doctor).  I would never have imagined myself being friends with someone like her, but I am truly grateful.  Before we all left, we decided another "play date" was in order.  I look forward to seeing these kids in a few months when they are all WALKING.  AAAAHHHHH!!!!!  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Half Way Week

Monday:  Today wasn't too bad.  I planned my eating out today, which I haven't done in a long time.  I didn't stick to what I had planned, because today was grocery day, and I got some new yummies.  When you have been eating pretty much the same stuff for 6 weeks, you get a little sick of it.  I got some raspberries, blueberries, and some greek yogurt.  What do you get when you put those things together?  A yummy treat!  For dinner we went to a salad masters presentation.  You, like I was, are probably wondering what the heck that is.  It's actually a cook wear company that makes pots and pans out of surgical steel.  It was pretty impressive, and as much as I would like a set, I'm not willing for fork over, cough, $6000 to get one.  The dinner was good, not 100% bfl, but really close.

My workout went well.  I switched back to weights MWF like the program is set up.  I am no longer a paper carrier to the gym.  It makes the workouts go by SO much faster.  I am enjoying them more.  I think I have hurt the ligament that goes around my knee.  It's a bit sore and hurts when I do my leg extensions.  The seated calf raises still get my.  I suppose since I have only been doing them for 2 weeks, instead of 6, that's the reason.  I need to up my weights on my straight leg dead lift.  I really enjoy this, and am grateful to have a good way to strengthen my lower back.  Before I knew it, the workout was over, and I was on my way home.

Tuesday:  Some days I wake up and don't exactly feel like eating breakfast.  For most of my life, I skipped breakfast, because sleep took precedence.  Silly, stupid, silly me.  This morning I made myself a shake.  Lets be honest, who doesn't want a chocolate milk shake for breakfast?  I had some cottage cheese, and cherries for my mid morning snack.  I sure love summertime and ALL the fruit that comes with it.  Lunch was a turkey, avocado sandwich (man, I am a sucker for those).  BTW, did you know that if you buy avocados when they are hard, and put them in the fridge, they will last a long time.  You may wonder why I say that.  I generally buy them in a bag of 5, and have to hurry to eat them.  Now, I just pull one out of the fridge every couple of days.  Genius!  Protein bar for my afternoon snack, and taco salad for dinner.

I got some gut wrenching news during dinner.  I was so distraught.  It's not something that can be shared at this time, so please don't ask.  I didn't want to go to the gym.  Shane said I needed to go and burn it out to feel better.  I told him I wanted to buy a carton of Heavenly Hash ice cream, and go to a girl friends house and sulk, while I ate the entire thing of ice cream.  Today was intervals, which means 20 minutes.  I convinced myself that I could run for 20 minutes.  I didn't end up making it to level 10 today.  My mind just couldn't run any longer.  Yes, my mind.  My knee hurt a bit.  I need to look into strengthening it.  I came home, had a shake, and now need to work on my bedtime routine.

Wednesday:  I woke up sore from my intervals yesterday.  I did great with my meals.  I did great until I went to the epicure party tonight.  All of the dips and chips were delicious.  I figured I'd give the stuff a shot.  Last night I got on the scale.  My weight hasn't changed in 2 weeks.  I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven't been sticking to my meal plans.  Darn it!

The gym was good.  I felt sick for a good part of it, from all the fatty, rich dips.  I decided it isn't even worth trying to eat that kind of stuff.  It makes me sick, and fat, so I'll continue to let it go.  My upper body weights go in this order:  chest, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps.  I was hitting the half way point and decided to ask for a bit of assistance/direction with how to do my back weights.  I always ended up feeling them in my triceps and never in my back.  Anna, the girl at the frost desk, came and showed me how to do that lift.  I got my weights and gave it a whirl.  On my next set, she came back over to me, to assist me.  She told me the weight I was using was too light, that I was stronger than that.  It's crazy how simple words like that can change everything.  Not only did I learn how to properly do the lift, but did it with 25lbs in each hand.  I was super impressed with myself.  It occurred to me why I haven't really lost any lbs.  I am continuing to lose inches, so the fat loss/ muscle gain could be balancing out, but I truly think it's because I am not pushing myself enough when it comes to my weights.  Ok, heavier weights, gotcha!

If I can trim the same amount off my body in the next 6 weeks, that I have the first 6 weeks, I will be one hot mama!  Just sayin'.

Thursday: Today was my day with the R boys this week.  I woke up and made some oatmeal for breakfast.  I put hemp hearts (for my protein), cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little bit of milk.  It was pretty good.  Before we left for the afternoon, I had 2 a protein bar and wondered if I should just throw the diet out for today.  I chose not to pack food for Samuel or I, just grabbed another protein bar, and off we went.  After a while, I got hungry, so I went to the fridge, to see what I could make for myself.  Greek yogurt and berries.  This time round was sooooooo good.  I am really grateful mama R  is healthy, and keeps her fridge well stocked with protein rich foods.  We had salmon and asparagus for dinner.  It was yummy.

I found myself at the hospital tonight, visiting a sick friend, instead of at the gym.  I told myself I would go for a run when I got home.  Well, when it was 9:30pm, the sun was setting, and I was pulling in my driveway, I decided it wasn't going to happen.  I swear, all this blog is about is confessions.  If only I could just stick to the program, and not have to confess my shortfalls.  Well, thank you dear blog readers for keeping me honest.  Love you.

Friday:  This morning I was perusing through the ads (as the sales start today), and was hit in my weak spot "Today Only."  Samuel and I ended up buying berries... LOTS of berries!  Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.  SO yummy!  Breakfast today was oatmeal, with blueberries, and hemp hearts.  A protein bar for a snack, and a turkey, avocado wrap for lunch. I waited too long to eat, and paid for it.  I suffer from "hunger rage," and was freaking out waiting for dinner to be finished.  We had yummy beef kabobs and perfectly cooked corn on the cob (ok, only I had corn on the cob).

I picked up my race package down at Spray Lakes.  The gym was closed, and I really wasn't wanting to work out.  I was glad Shane and Kailey convinced me that doing lower body weights 12 hours before a race wasn't a very good idea.  Shane really encouraged me to hit the track upstairs and run.  I drug my feet, changed my clothes, and walked up to the track.  Not a soul was there.  I had the track to myself, and it was SO boring.  My knees started to hurt and I was nervous that they would hurt in the morning.  I did a few sprint laps, and a short 2 miles later, I was stretching.  Grateful I did in fact do some exercise, regardless of how short my shorts were (since my gym clothes were still wet in the wash).  Success!

Saturday:  Free day Saturday!  Oatmeal with 2% milk and brown sugar, burgers, brie cheese melt on baguettes, burger, cupcakes, and so many other yummy things.  We had a prenatal class reunion and gorged ourselves on yummy food. 

Check out this post for my awesome workout today. :)

Sunday:  I am planning my meals next week.  For real!  This morning was greek yogurt and berries.  I love the thickness of the yogurt, I don't so much care for the sourness.  Thankfully the berries added the sweetness it needed.  I decided to try some gluten free bread.  My body really doesn't break down wheat and so I feel better when I don't have it.  The Udi's bread that I got was actually pretty good.  I had a toasted avocado, turkey sandwich on it.  I am planning to be gluten free (or as close as I can get).  I know my body will thank me for it, and I feel that I have learned enough about nutrition at this point to be able to do it.  I made some garlic shrimp for dinner.  Tonight was the first time I have peeled and cooked raw prawns.  They looked exactly like the pre cooked shrimp I generally buy.  I had some spinach salad to go with it, and called it a meal.  We had some friends over for games, and all was well, until the sourdough bread, and spinach dip from yesterday came out.  I am weak peeps.

No exercise for this girl on the Holy Sabbath.  Onto meal planning and lower body weights tomorrow.  Day  42 complete.  I'm half way done :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Footstock 2012

Yesterday was race package pickup. I was still a bit frazzled and nervous/ excited for the race. We made it to the Expo and I wandered around to find the registration. I knew this was where I needed to switch my bib from the half marathon to the 10k. It was sure a bitter sweet feeling. I was handed a half marathon shirt, and directed where to go to change races. The woman doing the changes wasn't very friendly, and it made my feeling of switching even worse. I activated my chip (that ties onto my shoe to show my actual race start/finish time), to which no name showed up. Wow, I was really feeling good about myself now, NOT. I sheepishly walked over to the 10k station and asked if there was anyway I might be able to switch my shirt the following day. The sweet volunteer replied "Absolutely, I'll switch it now." She will never know what a kind notion that was. I felt a bit better and found my way to the track to do a bit of a "pre-race" warm up.

Then today finally came... RACE DAY!!!!!!! Last night my nerves set in, and I had some awesome dreams regarding racing. I surprisingly slept awesome and felt great waking up. Lucky for me, Bad Bad Leroy Brown was the song that woke me up. I listened to it at least 3 times this morning while I was getting ready and pumped for the race. A bowl of oatmeal, and 2 eggs for breakfast. I rushed around getting ready and waiting for my mother-in-law to show up to watch Samuel so we could leave.
Posing with Samuel

"good luck mom, I know you'll do great!"

Shot pre-race.  I really wanted to sport my lime green shirt I got last week, but it was cold, and I'll take comfort over looks today. 

On another note, I am loving that my face is continuing to "shrink."

After this picture, I continued to run around getting ready like I had ants in my pants.  I was really grateful for the buff (orange thing on my head) to keep my ears warm.  I wasn't sure I was going to wear it, but am sure glad I had it.  My m.i.l. showed up in just the nic of time.  I was getting nervous. 

Shane and I got down to Spray Lakes, and wandered/ I stretched.  I wondered why there weren't very many people.  I decided to take one last potty stop at the indoor toilets, and found all the people.  I walked out the door to hear the 10k runners called to line up.  Aaaaaahhhh!!!!  I pulled off my sweats and jacket and walked to the start point.  
The race started and we were like a bunch of cattle being hurded.  I was stunned how long it took to get across the starting line, and how congested it was for about 1.5k.  It was a bit frustrating to have to dodge people.  Remember driving, slowlane on the right, correct?  Am I crazy for thinking this?  My hands were cold so I had pulled my shirt down over them.  I had clenched fists, and it took me about 2 mintues before I realized that cold hands were better than the waste of energy going into clenched fists.  

This was about 2.5k into the race.  Dynastream, the company Shane works for is the main sponsor for this race.  They have a water/support booth that was just before this shot.  Shane had signed up to volunteer for the race at this booth.  I was surprised as I ran past and he wasn't there.  I passed on the water and gatorade, and ran on, to find my man standing with his umbrella, snapping my pictures.  You can tell by my face that I hadn't ran too far yet.

I continued racing and headed to the turn around.  We passed through a bridge under the road beside a creek.  With all the single file racers, it sounded like a train chugging along.  How fun!  It honestly was so beautiful, and I was grateful I was warm, regardless of the fact that I was wet.  I dodged a lot of puddles and had wet feet from the start.  SO many puddles.

I was ever so grateful for the volunteers along the way directing and cheering us on.  After I hit the turn around point, I grabbed a swig of water from the booth 10 meters down the course.  I spilled a bit, but it didn't even phase me.  I was wet enough already.  I had the though It's a good thing I "planned" to get wet today running in the rain, because suddenly being wet when I am not planning on it is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.

Here I am 9k into the race.  I am clearly not as chipper as I was as the shot 7k before. 

Not long before this picture, I passed the Dynastream water stop on the way back.  My eyes quickly scanned back and forth.  Where is Shane?!  I wondered why he wasn't there.  No time to ask questions, just keep running. 
Just before I hit this point there was a parking lot with some bagpipes playing.  They got to me, I nearly started tearing up.  It was such a cool thing.  As I passed through the parking lot, I saw our corolla parked there.  A bit confused, I kept on.  To my great surprise, there was Shane snapping some more pictures.  He reminded me less than 1k to go, and I kicked things into gear.

I could hear the announcer and new the end was close.  I turned onto the grass, through the gravel, picking my pace up a bit.  As I was getting ready to round the corner to the last stretch, I heard a dad tell his son, "as soon as we get to that corner, we are going to run all the way to the end."  I was grateful for the thought planted into my head.  I turned the corner and really picked things up.  I started to think about how fast I was running/ how much farther I had to go.  I quickly pushed those thoughts out of my head and frantically looked for Shane, his mom, and Samuel.  The only person I successfully saw was my visiting teacher, cheering me on.  I really love that woman.

BAM, finished!  Check out that focused face.

As I crossed the finish line, there was such a euphoric feeling.  I nearly started crying, ok, I shed a tear or two.  I had no idea what an emotional thing it would be to finish this race.  I had heard about the feeling marathon runners get, but didn't know I'd get it.  Such a rush of emotions.


My watch time:  57:57
Chip time (this was definitely off):  55:52
Standing in the race:  123/300
Finish for my age division (Women 20-29):  11/35

At this point, obviously, Shane and I were together, and asked if I wanted water or breakfast.  I turned down both, and asked where his mom was.  We proceeded to look for Donna and Samuel for 20 minutes.  I was frustrated and short.  I was still surging with emotions.  I stretched and finally, we found them in the parking lot.  I really wanted my little man in his snowsuit on his daddys shoulders as I finished the race.  Shane reminded me that Samuel wouldn't have remembered it anyways. 
Regardless of the disappointment of missing my little man, I was really pleased with myself.  I had secretly set a goal to finish in under an hour.  I hadn't said anything to anyone, because I wasn't sure if I could actually do it.  To my great surprise, I did!  Oh the motivation that comes with such a finish. Yes, a half marathon is going to happen in the next couple of months.  I really do enjoy the push that a race gives me. 
Thank you Footstock 2012.  I will see you again next year, in your HALF MARATHON, and my better half, in your duathalon.  Oh yeah!

Next 10k goal, under 55 minutes