Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love Pudge

Hello lovely blog readers.  I've had a pretty miserable 2ish months off from watching what I eat and going to the gym.  Do you know what this has done to me?  Made me fat and ornery, seriously.  So, since I want to continue to shrink and reach my ultimate goal (to walk into the delivery room with baby 2 weighing the same as I did when I found out I was pregnant with Samuel).  It's definitely something that I can accomplish, and still probably won't be a size 0 or 2 for that matter when I reach my weight goal.  So, thanks to the inspiration of a fun, whitty friend, I am one of the writers on love pudge 2.0.  Check it out ;)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nursed Back To Health

1 week ago we were spending a lovely fall day out at the farm.  Samuel enjoyed being around his grandparents, and particularly enjoyed this wagon ride.

Ffwd 5 days and my poor little man isn't himself and progressively gets worse.  We put him to bed for the night to have him wake up screaming not much later.  I went in to find he had lost his lunch/dinner/snacks, and everything in between all over his bed.  This is the first time he has had a stomach bug.  It broke my heart.

The next morning he continued to throw up, and continued to get worse.  5 pairs of pajamas, 2 sets of sheets, numerous diapers, and everyone smelling like vomit.  I decided to call Health Link and see at what point I needed to worry about dehydration since sweet Samuel couldn't even keep in a tsp of water.  The only thing he could keep down was my breast milk.  I was applauded by the nurse on the other end of the phone and assured I had all the nutrients he needed.  I got off the phone and scoffed to Shane (in a good way) that if only the woman on the other end of the line knew how passionate I was about breast feeding, it wouldn't have come as such a surprise to her.  

Over the course of almost 24 hours, all that Samuel wanted and would keep down was my milk.  I felt helpless as my limp boy laid on my chest and didn't want to do anything.  As his eyes would flutter trying to fight the exhaustion that had taken over him.  I literally NURSED MY BABY BACK TO HEALTH.

For the months we had problems, the numerous times I've defended why we are breastfeeding, I am one very grateful mama to have stuck it out and to have been able to give my child what he needed.  Our bodies are incredible things and I'm happy to know that I was pumping Samuel full of antibodies and all he needed over the last 2 days.  Here's to many more months of nursing my little man!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sunday Walk

Samuel has loved the independence that walking has given him.  He loves to toddle around everywhere we go (especially the grocery store).  He squeals out of excitement and always has a giant smile on his face.  In the mornings he comes in to get me.  We have handles instead of door knobs, so he wriggles our bedroom handle and comes in "ma ma ma ma ma." 

I am loving this stage that he's in.  He is getting so much better each day at communicating what he wants, which makes both of our lives easier.  He is pretty good to answer questions if he knows the answer.  We have been asking him what sounds different animals make.  This mornings conversation between Shane and Sam went like this:

Shane:  Sam, what does a sheep say?
Sam:  Baaaaaaa
Shane:  What does a cow say?
Sam:  Moooooooo
Shane:  What does mom say?
Sam:  Na na na na na (no no no no no)

Out of the mouth of babes.  I'm not sure whether that's what he feels like I'm always telling him, or he was saying no because he couldn't answer the question.  Regardless, it made for a good laugh.

We sure love our toddling toddler.



Monday, October 8, 2012

Best Playplace EVER!!!!

There have been a lot of evenings that we have been without Shane due to various other commitments he has. One particular Friday evening, after having daddy away for 2 nights already that week, and a temple shift scheduled for him the next morning, we decided to follow him into Calgary to spend the drive time with him. After Samuel and I dropped Shane off to do Stampeder(Calgary football team)parking, we headed to the mall. My intentions were to shop for me, but as we passed the playplace, that we'd passed MANY times, I decided we should go and check it out. After a quick sock purchase, we were in. Oh my heck, Samuel was in his heaven! Seriously, this kid giggled the majority of the time we were in there. It's all padded and there is lots to do. Seriously, the best playplace I've been to.
Riding the motorcycle

laying on the trampoline mat
and my favourite, this video of the bridge.  That was his all time favourite thing to do.

After playtime, we did do a bit of shopping for me, but the trip just to the playplace would have been enough for this mama.  It brings me so much joy to see my little man happy.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Calgary Temple Usher

5 months after Shane and I were married, I found myself down in Utah, attending general conference. It was a pretty special occasion, since I was in the conference centre when President Monson announced the Calgary, Alberta temple. I honestly felt like I could run down and hug president Monson (except for the fact that security would stop me long before I got to him). The estimated time for the temple to be completed was fall 2011. I watched, waited, and wished. The temple slowly rose from the ground in all its beauty.

Several weeks ago I received a phone call asking if I could volunteer a shift at the temple. My first thought was negative, I have a 1 year old, how can they expect me to be away from him for 9ish hours? and I already have 2 callings, now they expect me to do this too?  I was given a different perspective from a friend who has grown up here and due to the fact she just had a baby isn't eligible to voluteer.  I, growing up in Utah, have taken the temple for grantid.  This is such a monumental thing to the faithful members here in the Calgary area.  I changed my attitude, and when I received an additional phone call, asking to change my shift and add an additional shift, I gladly accepted.

The day came for me to usher temple tours.  The tours that I would be ushering were the very first through the temple, the "pre-tours" for contractors, and neighbours.  That morning Samuel woke up with a fever.  I was worried he may have hand foot and mouth disease since a friend who we had recently played with let me know she thought her son had it.  I text her, only to find out that her little one didn't have it.  It was a sigh of relief, but didn't make it any easier to leave once my mother-in-law came to take care of Samuel and I went to the temple. 

There was a total change in my attitude as I put a church c/d in the player, drove, and prayed.  I arrived as I had been instructed, for the training an hour prior to my shift.  What was failed to be mentioned to me was that they included in the training time in the shift, and that I didn't need to arrive an hour early.  Well, I had time to sit and reflect, and take a peek around the grounds, etc.

Volunteer Entrance

This picture cracks me up.  I can't see my cell phone screen while I'm outside, so I was trying to turn the camera to take a picture of the temple, and this is what I got instead. lol.

We had our training meetings and when I wasn't on the list, I thought I may be able to go home.  They did in fact need me.  There was such an excitement when the first people came for their tours.  I was stationed outside to usher the tours back into the gym for refreshments.  It was a rainy, cold day, but with a borrowed oversized overcoat, I was warm.  After about an hour or so outside, I was rotated back inside.  I took my lunch break, relieved myself (hello MILK) and then was stationed to take tours into their video viewing rooms. 
As I was walking down the hall, I saw a familiar face.  I have take the opportunity to invite as many of my non-member friends/acquantances as I can.  I saw a girl from my prenatal class with her husband and little girl.  I felt so happy inside to see her, and after our conversation, I felt happy to have sent out the invite to her (even though she got one for being a neighbour), because I knew if she had any questions about the temple, she knew someone she could ask.  Me being there was just the icing on the cake. 
When we were nearing the end of our shift, I was asked to be a sweeper for a tour.  The sweeper is the tour guide who is at the back of the tour group and moves them along.  I was giddy at the chance to go in and see this beautiful building.  It is indeed gorgeous!  I look forward to my next shift.  I've got some stories about missionary work through temple invitations I will share.  I look forward to the end of this month, and the beginning of November when we can go and do temple work ourselves.
I love the temple! (check out this beautiful piano arrangement I came across today)!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby To Toddler

It seems the last 2 weeks we've gone from having a baby who would take 2-3 steps at a time to a full blown walker, and everything that comes with a new toddler (including the tantrums).  With all of the changes going on, there has come its fair share of frustration on both Samuel and I.  Here are some of my favourite moments from this past week:

  • The last week Samuel has decided he has a favourite book, "Goodnight Moon."  I would pull up different books and read them, and Samuel would push them away and point at his books until I picked up "Goodnight Moon."
  • Uncle Travis came to babysit while Shane and I went on a date.  Samuel is good when it comes to going to bed.  When we called at intermission, Travis said that they were playing when Samuel pointed to his room.  They went in there, and Samuel pointed to his crib.  Travis put him in and Sam pointed to the books on his dresser.  Travis brought several books over to Sam, and Samuel picked his favourite "Goodnight Moon."  After the book was finished, Samuel went to sleep.
  • I was hosting an oils class when Shane went to put Samuel to sleep.  Samuel kept trying to go downstairs and signing milk.  Shane said no, and started to rock him when he started pointing to something on his dresser and signing please.  Shane proceeded to pick up different items to which Samuel would shake his hand saying no.  Shane picked up the nursing cover (which we rarely use because he just rips it off and causes more of a scene) when Samuel signed please, followed by milk.  Needless to say, Shane came to "borrow" me for a couple of minutes because Samuel was so adament.
  • Sameul has figured out what please means and uses it all of the time for everything.  Sometimes it's hard to understand and takes a bit of guessing to figure out what he wants.  It's darling to watch him sign, and he generally gets what he wants because it's so cute.
  • Today my mom was on speaker phone and told Samuel if she was here she would rub his feet.  Samuel grabbed his foot and started rubbing it.  I was blown away that he knew what she was talking about.
  • Shane and Samuels new favourite game is hide and go seek.  Shane counts to 3 and then goes and hides.  Once he's in his "hiding spot," he starts calling Samuels name and calling Sam.  Samuel can always find Samuel, even when he's not in an obvious spot.
  • Our little guy is quite polite.  He has started to say "thank you."  Between signing please, and saying thank you, this mama is proud!
  • He's a waver and will wave hi and bye to everyone (sometimes it needs to be prompted.  I always know when he's ready to leave someplace because he's start waving goodbye.
  • "wow, wow, wow." Is always followed when you say, "wow."
  • Other words that have been said for a while now "yeah, no, mom, dad, kitty/lily
Through all of the frustration of the "toddler learning curve," he makes us smile on a daily basis.  We sure love our little Nook.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sensational September

One of my favourite blogs gives out superlatives at the end of each month to things that happened around their casa that month. I've decided there was a bunch in September that wasn't mentioned here on this little ol' blog, so I want to give a shout out to a few things, since September was BUSY, but oh so sensational!
  • I started visiting a chiropractor (end of August actually), and have gotten relief
  • One of my favourite people had a birthday, and I got to not only visit her, but bake her cinnamon buns as well ;)
  • Shane and I attended a ball room dance lesson
  • My father-in-law had a birthday, and received a quilted flannel coat, and a hatchet from us
  • Our family got massages
  • We attended the adult session, and Sunday session of stake conference
  • Had a babysitter (twice) put Samuel to bed while we were at stake meetings
  • Calgary temple open house training
  • Shane & Mindy's 1st shifts at the temple (different days)
  • $1.99 shorts from the childrens place for next summer
  • I gave 2 beautiful highlights
  • Shane voluteered doing landscaping on the temple grounds twice
  • We cleaned the church
  • My monthly friend decided to come and visit after a 2 year sabbatical
  • Dynastream had their annual ANT symposium, which left me husbandless for a night
  • We discovered the market mall playplace. Samuel couldn't stop giggling the entire time!
  • I went to the TTMAC sale and scored a sweet wooden puzzle
  • Shane and I attended the opera
It honestly was a crazy month, but October is here now, and the first snow of the season has fallen. Am I crazy to admit that I am looking forward to the cooler weather to wear fall clothes, and LAYER. Not to mention the sweet coat I got last year that's begging to be used (and all of Samuels cute size 24 months fall clothes).

Am I even crazier to admit that I bought a candy thermometer and mini christmas cookie cutters in preparation for the holidays?! (ok, and I had intentions on making candy for the essential oils class I hosted tonight).

Welcome October We are looking forward to Thanksgiving, more temple shifts and tours through the temple with friends, me posting on another blog, playing hockey(Shane), date to the blood bank, a photography class, and Halloween.

and... I may or may not have scored Samuels Halloween costume at a kids consignment store for $12. It's AWESOME!

Also, my closest sister to me (in age) turns 23 today...

Happy Birthday Sabrina!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lethbridge Weekend

After a quick trip home to pack our stuff into the van, we were off to Lethbridge for a family weekend.

Our first stop was Mary Browns in pOkotoks(yes, we renamed it).  The Big Mary sandwich was free, so Shane wanted to check it out.  I ended up ordering a grilled chicken sandwich, and some coleslaw.  Lets just say that the manager was psycho, like split personality and looked like she hadn't bathed and wore the same clothes for a week.  My sandwich was disgusting.  I was scared to eat it.  The coleslaw was gross, and Shane said the Big Mary wasn't great either.  Their fries were ok, we just chalk it up as a "bad experience" and someplace we'll never step foot in again.
We continued on our way, and Samuel fell asleep.  We enjoyed our drive, and only had to stop once between lunch and L-bridge to nurse/ diaper change.
When we arrived at the hotel, Donna greeted us at the front desk.  We had just been in the car for 3.5 hours and I needed a bit of space, so the mauled greeting didn't go over so well with me.  We got to our room, and I was delighted to find that there was a closet as you walked in, and then you turned the corner into our room.  I knew that was where the playpen would go. 
After we put our stuff down, we met up with everyone and decided what pizza to order.  We all went and changed into our swimming suits and had a blast in the pool.  Now, here's the part where I have to admit that I was ready to strangle someone, because I had heard about 25 times (literally) "there's a pool and a waterslide."  The idea of a hotel pool isn't a novelty to me.  Anyways, the pool and slide exceeded my expectations.

Samuel loved splashing, practiced some back floats, and ended up enjoying sliding the last part of the water slide.  Baby Jaida (the reason for the weekend) went for her first dip in the pool.  It was a bit too cold for her.  Samuel enjoyed kickin it in the hot tub with daddy.
We took a break to eat lots of pizza, and then back in the pool.  Samuel started to get tired, so I took him to get him ready for bed.  I tried to lay with him in the big bed, but as tired as he was, he couldn't fall asleep.  I decided to put him in the play pen, shut the door, and leave my phone in there with an open google chat to Shane's phone.  It was a genius baby monitor and Samuel went to sleep quite quickly with no tears.
I had brought some of our games down, and we ended up playing ticket to ride with Travis, Breanne, and Heidi.  It was a lot of fun.  I really enjoy games, and it's hard to play with just Shane and I.  Thanks for enjoying games as much as I do Breanne :)
We went to bed and slept well.  I was stunned at how well Samuel slep, and extremely grateful.  The morning came early, and we enjoyed the waffles that the hotel provided.  There was a man who served the food.  BEST WAFFLES EVER!!!!! 

It was nice to have grandma and grandpa there to take Samuel while we went back to sleep.  Ok, I went back to sleep.  It was nice!  Samuel came in after a while and went down for a nap. 
We got up for church and made it just in the knick of time.  Travis (Leah, Shane's cousins husband, not Shane's brother) blessed their sweet baby Jaida.  He did a wonderful job.  It's exciting to have another "great grandchild" on Shane's moms side. 

After sacrament meeting, we all met at Travis and Leahs and enjoyed a delicious bbq.  It was a lot of fun to be together as a family.  I was happy to get the chance to hold sweet Jaida

Samuel really enjoyed being free to roam, but was ready for a nap.

We said our goodbyes and headed home.  Samuel slept for a long time.  It was a great family filled weekend!  Thanks Leah and Travis for having Jaida!

Monday, October 1, 2012

4 On The Floor Diaper Derby

Several weeks ago my MIL mentioned the 4 on the floor derby that Grand Avenue Pharmacy was hosting.  Samuel often crawls like a monkey, on hands and feet, and she thought he'd be darling in the crawling contest.  I didn't think much of it, and thought I had missed it until we were at the labour day parade. 
After seeing this, I was sold.  Samuel would be in this crawling contest.  I stopped by after our dr.'s appointment, and registered him.  He was in the 12-24 month race category.  Shane scoffed at it.  He said "yeah right, the kids will just run."  I reminded him that this was a CRAWLING contest, that they'd have to crawl. 
The day before the race I received a phone call from a friendly lady at the pharmacy asking if Samuel was ready for the big race.  This made me super pumped!
Saturday morning rolled around and we did our regular routine + packed to be out of town for the weekend.  Theh original plan was to leave straight from the race to Lethbridge, but there wasn't time to get everything together, so we left to the races.  We arrived just in time...

We unfortunately didn't have much pre-race conditioning, and were planning to win it on pure talent alone.  This is the part of the post that gets a wop-wop, because I was at one end helping Samuel start, and Shane cheering at the other... No pictures were taken of the actual race :(  Samuel took his sweet time crawling down his row.  The girl he was in direct competition with cried and wouldn't move, although she could walk.  Samuel got to the end and froze.  He wouldn't cross the finish line.  The girl started to come.  I thought she was going to win it and was yelling to get Samuel to cross the finish line.  As the girl got close to the finish, everyone started cheering.  She started crying and ran back to her mom.  Sam won his heat, but was far behind the leader.
Unfortunately, Shane was right, and the walkers were allowed to walk.  The boy who won the upper age bracket ran.  I was bummed, every parent wants their kid to win whether or not they know what's going on, right?  Once Sam was done and I knew it was over, I wanted to leave.  Shane convinced me to stick around for a bit.  I'm glad a did.
Sams victory sucker.  Race bracket.  Sam and daddy watching other races.
Unknown to me, the owner of the pharmacy, and the man in charge of this was Shanes high school curling coach.  We ended up winning one of the door prizes, and got first pick (one of those not what you know, but who situations). 
Included in our Madela prize pack:  breast pads, nipple cream, 3 pump storage bottles, and a Calma bottle.  We won't be using any of our winnings any time soon, but in the future, it'll come in handy (anyone need some nipple cream?!?!)
I left a happy camper, this door prize was way better than some tiny trophy that Sam could care less about.  This story gets better.  Remember how I said I didn't have any pictures of the actual race?  Well, the paper did.  I walked into my chiropractic appointment the following Wednesday having completely forgot about the paper taking our name.  I was greeted and informed that Sam made the front cover of the paper.  Sam got the fame of the race from our comminuty, and didn't even win. 

Yeah, our kid is a local celebrity!  We've got more copies of the paper than I'd like to admit.  We received a glossy 11x14 from the paper that's all framed, ready for the wall.  
Thanks Grand Ave Pharmacy, and Cochrane Eagle, you made me one happy mama!