Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Candy Buy Back

I have an Evans family here in Calgary who has taken me in and loved me as one of their own.  Dr. Evans every year does a Halloween Candy Buy Back where he buys kids candy back $1 per pound.  You are likely thinking "Why would anyone sell their candy back?" or "What does he do with it." or "Why does he want it?"  Well, watch this and you will know why (not to mention awy is AMAZINGLY talented).


I remember getting to know this family and learning about their health and eating styles.  I thought they were crazy, yet as I have been learning about health and feeling out for myself what feels best for my body, I am turning into one of them.

Samuel was sick , but I'm selfish, and wasn't going to miss this even for anything (not to mention, our massage therapist and miracle worker was going to be there).

Samuel freshly costumed in the lobby

Riding the elevator up to see Uncle Thom
Auntie Chloe greeting us

Uncle/ Grandpa Thom

1 whole pound

Aunt/ Grandma Cheryl giving Samuel his loonie

Our sick boy holding his money and saying/signing "Thank You" (look at those sad eyes)
I'm learning and looking forward to a better healthy life for my family.  Dr. Evans is a wonderful man, I'm grateful to know and love him.
After a green smoothie, money earned, yummy food ate (the perk of being considered family), Samuel was treated by Joan.  I was blown away how much better he was doing the next morning!  Energy healing is where it's at.  Yeah, I like being crunchy.
Looking forward to next year :)


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