Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Temple Date

Growing up in Utah, I made the mistake of taking for grantid the fact that the temples are so close, regardless of where you lived.  Within the amount of time it takes to drive to the Cardston temple(the closest one until the Calgary temple opened), I could go to 15 temples in Utah.  Throughout the month of October, Shane and I were able to serve a fair amount of hours doing security, ushering, landscaping, and cleaning in preparation for the temple to be dedicated.  We were so excited to be able to go to our first session, a day we had been anticipating for literally years.

We coordinated with the B's who I babysit for, and dropped Samuel off "dark" and early.  It was really foggy and I was nervous for our drive into Calgary.  We made it there fine, parked, and headed for the doors.  As we were approaching the temple I saw a man bundled up head to toe, with a tripod taking pictures of this beautiful building.  Most would think it's strange for someone to be there on such a foggy day snapping shots, but I was pretty sure I knew who he was...

Me: "are you the photographer shooting the Barbeau wedding later today?"
Scott: stunned and a bit hesitant, "yes... how did you know?"

I gave him the run down that the brides sister had told me he was coming up from Utah to do wedding pictures, and that he was contrated by Deseret Book to take temple pictures for them, so I figured given the snow, fog, and freezing temperature, he must be the guy.  I jokingly asked if he wanted to take our picture, completely kidding on my part.  We finished up our short conversation, I wished him luck at the wedding, and we headed for the doors. 

Just as we were getting ready to go in, we were asked to "wait right there."  Was this really happening?  Was he really positioning us and taking our picture?  I was flattered, yet didn't think much of it, nor that we'd ever see the picture, or Mr. Jarvie again. 

We were delayed as we held the doors for some other temple patrons to head in, when we were approached by our still slightly hesitant new friend, who held out his camera, and asked if we wanted to see the shots he had got.  It was gorgeous!  We went in, did our session, and carried on with our day.

That afternoon, I decided I needed to have a copy of that picture.  How amazing and coincidental that this photo genius was there taking pictures of the temple on our very first trip into the temple, and that we got our picture taken.  I looked all over his website intending to contact him, only to realize that he'd be at the reception that night.

We walked into the reception and before greeting the bride and groom, I b-lined it to find the man behind the camera.  I told him how I needed that picture, and asked how I could get a copy.  He told me that it's not very often he gets stand ins, and that it was a good "Sunday picture" to post via social media.  I was elated, and stalked facebook all Sunday for that picture to show up.  Just before going to bed, I got the email that I had been "tagged" in a photo.  It was up, and just as gorgeous as I had remembered.  I am thrilled to now be a "digital owner" of this photo, and very soon will have a print of it hanging on my wall.

What do you think?


Tracy Lynn said...

The picture looks great Mindy!

Melinda said...

absolutely beautiful! so awesome!!!

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Such a great picture. Even cooler that it was taken on your first session day.

Katie A. said...

That is really neat mindy!